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    • In my book, YES!! But it really depends on you and how you detect, the Pro would be "simpler", less learning curve and less frustrating at first. Better suited to someone that doesnt get out much or have the patience. The GB2 is a superior gold detector if you use to its capabilities. Many peeps I have found dont like dealing with all the noise and constant ground balancing required by the GB2 so they turn down the sensitivity, total waste of the machine to me. It really requires taking time to learn the noises and nuances of the machine, you can distinguish tone differences from hotrock and gold or other metals and gold ( lead and gold still sound the same to me though). So if you are dedicated and want the best possibility of finding gold between those two detectors then go GB2.
    • This may be complete hearsay, but I read online somewhere that you can do minor prospecting within 100 feet of any bridge in CA, as no claims are permitted. I'm assuming this is state road bridges over waterways. Anyone heard of this?  I'd just be panning and detecting.   
    • I was asking Bodie the Dog.... I know it's not SUPPOSED to be within the scope of what they are being paid to do...When the Supreme Court starts WRITING law, who in the heck is supposed to rule on the constitutionality??? 
    • The input really helps everyone thanks. I'm starting to see the GB2 is definitely the better overall model, but for me on this trip the GBP seems perfect!  Maybe get a pinpointer in the future. Also I'm definitely going to sign up for the GPAA before leaving. I already found out they have access to 11 claims in the CA mother lode region. 
    • Will drop the price of the GM 2....200.00 need to get money for new glasses now , mine are 10 years's time.
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