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  1. Possibly a Western Ground Snake, they get to about 15" long, if it's has any orange on it's belly it could be a Southwestern Blackhead Snake, they only get to around 8" long,
  2. Nice bit of color for time invested!!
  3. While visiting/camping or any other recreational activity on Arizona State Trust Lands a Recreational Permit is required, This permit now is available online, here's a link to the permit page.
  4. I have just installed the latest update and my phone now has the tiles showing up horizontally as it should be, let me know if this has solved the issue for those having the issue. Also if anyone is having any other issues please post them here, that is forum issues, I probably can't help with your personal or mental issues, but I am a good listener. so if you need to talk about it feel free to start a new topic with your personal or mental issues and at the very least I or we will listen to them!! Andyy, Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention so it could be resolved!
  5. Al, I'm not sure it was the settings on your detector that got a hit on the bracelet, it must of been the moon phase or more likely blind luck.....eeeer I mean good luck, yeah that's it that's what I mean!! Good to hear you're able to get out!
  6. Yes soak it in fresh Acetone again and repeat if necessary, the Acetone you soaked it in originally has the melted plastic in it and that residue is what you are feeling as "glue" on the coin, to dispose of the Acetone you can set the open container in a safe place outside so kids or animals can't get into it or spill it,and the Acetone will evaporate away and then you can dispose of the container in the trash.
  7. Also if possible post a photos of before and after, second to finding gold we love to look at gold of all types!!
  8. Sylvia please update us as to the results of the removing the plastic!
  9. Welcome to the forum Shirley! Feel free to ask any and all questions you may need an answer too, lots of experience here from many members and we love to help anyone get started looking for gold, not to mention more info than you can shake a stick at already posted about finding gold throughout the forum that is just a search of the forum away, you can find the search box in the upper right of any forum page! Skip
  10. Acetone will melt or at least soften most plastics, so it's worth trying, but some higher grades of plastics may not be affected by acetone, Acetone will not harm the gold at all, a quart of Acetone will cost you around $6 to $8 at most hardware, home improvement or paint stores. Acetone is the active ingredient in some but not all fingernail polish removers, so if you have some look at the active ingredients for Acetone and you can test to see if it soften or melts the plastic before buying a larger container of pure Acetone. Depending on the type of plastic you may need to repeat the soaking process a few times, with wiping the coin in between soakings with a soft cloth, to get all the plastic residue off the coin.
  11. Ron there was a topic discussing Weaver earlier this year, here's a link to the topic, just click on the title below.
  12. Andyy, This specimen you found is way more special than I originally thought from just looking at your photos, IT KEEPS GETTING BIGGER, within the next two weeks it should be over a pound , we all need to find a similar one!!!
  13. Have a great time Steve, hope you get lots of yellar, do some videos or a bunch of photos, since most of us forgot what it looks like to dredge for gold, we would like to see it again!!
  14. Homie, buying all that sugar the local authorities may think you're making moonshine!!
  15. Happy Birthday Chris, I hope you had a great day!