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  1. Ipanema Beach, Rio, Brazil Here's 37 more of the most crowded in the world https://weather.com/travel/news/crowded-beaches-world
  2. Up HARD ,then they dive fast and chirp at the bottom,repeat, repeat...? Seen that, and also one where they're at max velocity on a less steep dive, from much farther away. They pull out @ the bottom and there's a whistle sound, but I think it's just the fact that they're going so fast. darn if it doens't take a few of those straffing runs to be able to eyeball/pinpoint where the sound is coming from, let alone, be able to spot the streak as it passes.
  3. Quart size feeders?
  4. MMAC/ PLP/local mining district( which district?) able to offer any help/advice?
  5. I'm glad the new owners are keeping with tradition. I think it changed hands a couple years back. First experience , there, was the porkchop bkfst ...DElish!
  6. slag
  7. Very rarely. But it could happen and probably has. Come out to 12 mi NNw of Rich Hill sometime and throw rocks around at night. About every other one will spark in the darkness if thrown at the plethora of boulders about . Never say never
  8. Space rock impacts basalt, tourmaline, granite, quartz, quartzite, iron pyrite, chert, flint, marcasite, spessartine garnet, obsidian, gneiss. ( all sparkable minerals), and ignites dry grass...
  9. what about some general indicators- slickenside( was it in bedrock or near?) or evidence of glacial action( above bedrock in till)?
  10. Ahem, if one entangles one's undergarments, sufficiently, one would be inclined to see things in an odd way... ahem
  11. Ditto, but I just use a PC
  12. When a regulator can chuckle at the law and let you go, well, that just gives me hope in 'Merica again.
  13. I think w/ calcite, crosssections will be squarish/rhombic, ,,quartz is hexagonal. Barite is bladed. COuld be all (and more) minerals in the pics.mineral museum pic-barite calcite quartz ....................... TEst at your peril w/ vinegar and a steel blade, some sample areas that you don't care about damaging. Barite is very weak mineral and should be easily scratched or broken. Vinegar w/ react w/ calcite, but not quartz which is also harder than steel( it won't scratch). Wait!, I think I also see, could it be........... it is baublite!!!!!!!!!!!!! It even looks shinylicious
  14. SO, how did it cut? Tough or like butter? Looks like it took a good polish. Performed a scratch or streak test?
  15. The charts are going sideways fast The jump in prices was rough and will take some time to settleout- weavin a tale, pay no mind