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  1. I have the VCR of the 20/20 show from at least 12 years ago when they utilized "colormetric enhanced side scan sonar" and found HUGE masses and dug them out of tunnel walls. Amazing mine with fantastic stewardship of the land-John
  2. Schizophrenia is repeating the same mistake repeatedly that always ends in failure and expecting a positive outcome from the same exact action. That giant sucking sound is over $3 million being sucked down the toilet into Lawyers pockets and court coffers. Onward to San Bernadino so now Judge Ochoa can issue his ruling now that this is out of the way...SOJ hahahahaha flush $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$-John
  3. GREAT lady but would never want her mad at me as you can run but..........................too bad she's overlooked as fantastic feat for sure-John
  4. Just more proof that no matter how great a machine or man is at detecting....nobody gets it all. thanx for pics-John
  5. WOW never seen,will try and find in my new massive coin book as commeratives included-John
  6. Uncut diamonds only I believe-John
  7. Actually on most suits are optional so I'd be falling down a lot myself and the eye strain would be horrendous John
  8. Sounds like a great time anyhow and upn' out sounds mighty fine to me-John
  9. righteous specimens!!!!! John
  10. In 6 Mile Canyon by my house in Nevada adjacent to Virginia City I did that same op. STAY tied in as the floor gave way and another hole opened up in what seemed like a 1/10 of a second. I was walking with my flashlight taking samples and next thing banging my helmet on sidewall and breaking my light off. Always carry a spare and err on the side a caution as you make a practice off from posts. Tons a au 2 u 2 -John
  11. According to science it is 100% impossible for a hummer to fly hahahaha it's called sheer will and tenacity and evolution ....cool critters with MUCH personality to go along with their antics-John
  12. That's NOT a deal, it's a STEAL at that price
  13. 1/3 lb club is where your at at least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!John