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  1. Happy Birthday Shep have a great day
  2. Big Happy Birthday Mate
  3. sweet deal
  4. Happy Birthday .......Party hard mate :-)
  5. Happy Birthday Twink. Sorry I'm a little late but I know you made the best of the day
  6. Big Happy Birthday Terry. A little late but it happens. I hope you had a great day
  7. Happy Belated Birthday Greg. Hope you had a good day
  8. Happy Belated Birthday Walt
  9. Happy birthday to all.................Have a great day
  10. Thank you guys! Yes, it was an interesting day. I really wanted to get out into the boondocks but decided to just relax. Slept in, looked at some rocks. Kat cooked me a lovely dinner comprising of lamb, portobellos and asparagus Now I'm relaxing to a very nice bottle of Bookers. Kat buys me one on my birthday, it usually takes a year to get through. This new one, I think it's going to take a lot longer than a year. She is truly a sipper, uncut and unfiltered, small batch bourbon series. Once again, thanks guys for the birthday wishes Cheers Johnno
  11. Big Happy Birthday
  12. Happy Birthday Mike
  13. Big Happy Birthday
  14. Merry Christmas safe and have fun Johnno and Kat