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  1. A woman that likes guns and grease! One of a kind!
  2. The American With 6 Gold Medals You'll Never Hear About
  3. This beautiful talented young lady is the daughter of one of our moderators. Her name is Natalie McGiffert, her father is our own moderator David McGiffert. Natalie will be performing in gymnastics on 20th Aug. 2016 in Rio de Janeiro at 10:00 AM Brazil time. Now that is two hours ahead of EDT.
  4. Good morning Dave. I'm about 1200 KM North of you. I've been

    going over a olympic schedule every day to try and find a McGiffert listed and so far haven't been successful. This is day 12 Aug. so now I'm getting worried that I missed the "kid" performing. 

    1. FlakMagnet


      Hey Don, I sent you an email with everything you need.

      Best wishes…!!


  5. Fantastic folks in that story Skip, thanks for the post.
  6. A Colorado woman after my own heart --- FYI in case you have not seen this from a woman who lives on a small horse ranch in Western Colorado & who is married to a former US Marine. Her son was a US Marine who survived Desert Storm & there is another US Marine + one USAF grandson in her family tree, but evidently she is the only singer. The latest Colorado country song. Hope it becomes #1!!!!!
  7. Back at The Doc's Office
    A woman goes to her gynecologist.
    "What seems to be the problem?" asked her doctor.
    "Something is terribly wrong, I keep finding postage stamps from Costa Rica in my Vagina."
    The doctor had a look, then chuckled before she said "Those aren't postage stamps my dear, they're the stickers off the bananas!"
    1. Hoser John

      Hoser John

      OMG sure made a coffee mess but what a hoot-thanx much-John

  8. Study hall is over back to your seats. TEST TIME: 9 out of 12 for me, surprise.
  9. Good post LE. I had my last eye examine in May, don't know the type of Doc the examiner is but the company also makes my eye glasses. About every three years I need them to be a little stronger. For about thirty years I've always worn transition glasses. My near vision is the problem, my far vision is good and at 73 I'm not complaining. The Doc told me in May that I was 5-7 years away from cataracts. Here in Brazil the sun is brutal, especially on skin. When I plan on spending any length of time driving on the highway I do have a pair of slip on dark shades for my transitions. You mentioned bigger glasses which is the style here and very dark. Thanks for your post. garimpo
  10. DANCE.....DANCE.....DANCE
  11. Sorry Mac but what I do with Morenos I certainly don't want recorded!
  12. Yep, just like here folks. 13 years ago I went to the state capitol with a good friend of the top cop to apply for a gun permit. Sure was a short visit..... his reply was "forget it". From what I'm told it takes a citizen about three years to get a permit to have a gun in their house only and the cost is a couple of thousand bucks. So I had a talk with Mr. Glock and he said "lock n load".
  13. WTG R2016, it amazes me how small a nugget a large coil is capable of finding. When I have the room to swing a large coil like the clean area where the water has receded at the lake I use a 19" DD. Glad you rescued that beauty.
  14. Have it stored in OKC if anybody wants to inspect it and make an offer.
  15. Now would be a good time to start reloading, before the equipment and supplies are also regulated.