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      Main Forum with subject matter related gold prospecting with a metal detector as the main focus.

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      This forum is dedicated to the hunting of coins and relics with a metal detector.

    3. Gold Prospecting Forum

      For the discussion of all forms of Gold Prospecting and Gold recovery. Panning, Drywashing, Dredgeing, Sluicing, Hardrock Mining and........

    4. Meteorite Hunting and Collecting Forum

      For Discussion related to hunting and collecting of Meteorites With or Without a Metal Detector

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      Rockhounds information pages with subjects related to geology and mineral ID

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      Hi All, As most know I don't like to advertise at the main forums so I have added this forum where you can see updates, sales, specials, etc that are available at my store. So do not enter this forum if ads offend ya...

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      This forum will offer tech help as well as troubleshooting and tips for using all brands of detectors. Need help or advise ask here!

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      This section is a little different and the place to post prospecting questions, birthdays, and talk not directly related to other sections of the forum, but still related to gold prospecting. No Political or religious posts will be allowed please and will be deleted by staff

    9. Miner's Rights and Land Use

      This forum is strictly for the discussion of land usage restriction and Miners rights issues we face and how to deal with them.

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      As the title says this forum is for members to share stuff about Hunting, fishing, guns, etc.

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      Buying and selling of all USED and some approved "HOME MADE" prospecting equipment by forum members.

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      Got a cool project, want to share a project plan? Here is the place to share what you have built.

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      The place to talk about all your off road toys and adventures...

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      Got some cool hobby type stuff to share? Build stuff, got skilz? Share them here....

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    • I've yet to get a smart phone as my home PC serves  my needs  . My ( dumb) flip phone is all I need ( for now)        I ran   across some talk about development of( refuse to say the name) the app causing all this  mindless steering of zombies around the globe.  Supposedly, it's easily hacked by some alphabet agencies...       Need some more surveillance in a given area?  How about a big diversion?  Need to create a traffic jam?  Or hinder access to an area? How about  a bunch of folks, live streaming their zombie travels,while "ALphabet" steers them around, as needed?  NO need to pay these "agents"- they work for free.      REsistance is futile( or is it)
    • There should not be a problem using the word "recreational.." Unfortunately, there very much is.. I really don't want to get into a drawn-out "discussion" about definition, syntax, meaning(s), rights-and-wrongs etc. about that word much less our own multiple org's good points / bad points and/or the disarray of mining districts, mainly since I pretty much agree with you across-the-board.. * The problem is a court of law will not agree, because neither the Mining Act Of 1872 nor any other Federal mining law and/or regulation make mention of, much less note provision(s) for, "recreational mining.." Bottom line.. End of story.. Period.. It doesn't matter that everyone on both sides of the fence knows exactly what is meant by "recreational mining" in the here-and-now; what matters is: according to Federal law there is no such thing as "recreational mining.." If we begin using the term "recreational mining" all we end up doing is undermining ourselves.. It shows we either don't know the law or are scofflaws.. The majority of people who use the phrase are a combination of 'language lazy' and embarassed.. I know you've all heard this reply before, and may have even used it yourself at one time when asked what you'd done today: "Oh, I was out mining.. But I only do it recreationally.. It isn't my real job.." Really..? You work that hard and don't consider it "work..?" Then I suppose you have no problem coming over and recreationally painting my house, do you..? One-hundred-and-fifty years ago, if you were mining being good at it was the difference between eating and starving to death.. It wasn't a choice you had between that or golf.. Just because this is how it is today doesn't automatically make it recreational, at least not as far as the way the laws are currently written.. If you mine on the side, you're small-time, not a recreationist -- North Carolina excepted.. Swamp NOTE: Beyond * , you = you plural..
    • If you don't have a printer you can hit print and then select document image writer as printer and save the image to your desk top.  Then email yourself a copy of that file and you can open it at friends house or library with a printer.  
    • Congratulations! Great finds!  
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