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  2. New to the forum, just finished reading this exchange.........I have a question; and please......I don't want to waste anyone's time. After the snow melted this year, a odd rock was in the ice where all the driveway and barn lane snow had been pushed and piled all winter. It was on the top of the leaves from last fall and looked brand new sitting there. I forgot about it after putting it in my pocket in the spring and re-discovered it last week. Looking at it further, the object passes all of the tests out on the web ( Crust, tile test, chondrites and density ).............could it be a meteorite? There was a fall near here in February of 2017, I don't believe any were recovered from it. Here are the pictures I took last night after windowing the rock/ is nearly all iron.
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  4. Would it be illegal to bring a rock saw and small jackhammer to create your own riffles in the bedrock to make a more efficient gold trap?
  5. I never thought I would be so excited to see someone pull an anchor out of the ocean. But I can feel their passion!! Awesome! It's like finding that patch that others went right over. Priceless!!
  6. "mmm, yes, the force is strong in that one ... it is " Nice gold Gary.
  7. Gee whiz Gary that is some good looking stuff! I think you are pulling me to the dark side.
  8. You'll be "sorry" for not going,...the coooool pines of Prescott, and the Lynx are calling to you,..."come-hether",..come-seek-out my Gold,...I'ts here for the taking, but only "the Shadow" knows where. Gary
  9. Yep, sure have done it. Yes, absolutely it will replenish if the conditions upstream are capable of providing enough gold. We have worked spots and found gold in the same spot, as little as a year in between.
  10. My local Walmart carries Whink. They had it on the BOTTOM shelf until I told them how dangerous it was and that it DID NOT have any seal on it. Any little kid could open it up. They moved it up higher. And, it does work good on quartz samples.
  11. Well do. Thanks Andy!
  12. Have fun there Justin!!
  13. Thanks Tom I didn't think about box canyon. I think we will go there. That area is really nice. Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for the reply Chris you are right about the local lashes they will be hot! Prescott is way nicer than the valley.
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  15. Can't help you about water flowing in the creek, but I've never been there and not found enough water to pan. I've only seen running water after the snow melts. At Bannie Mine road, I've seen it where there's enough puddles to pan about anywhere, or may have to walk a couple hundred yards to find water. As far as water, Lynx Lake the reservoir will have it. I've been able to rent a canoe on the lake anytime I went up there. Weather will definitely be more comfortable there than Lake pleasant or any of the local lakes. The Prescott National Forest Website will have phone numbers for the local ranger stations.
  16. Yo All...I need to bring in some quick bucks for a medical situation so for 24 hours starting now, you can pick up any $99.00 map package for $66.00 through PayPal ... Just go to PayPal and send $66 to my PP account between now and 4PM saturday, 5/27... You can create your own 10 map package or go with those on my website...In the message part of "send money" on PayPal just indicate what regular or custom package you need...Thanks much...Cheers, Unc
  17. Hey Justin, I don't know if Lynx is running or not but it will be awful crowded with people this weekend. The last time we went we were run out by unruly campers. Just a thought consider Eugene Gulch, it has a creek and a waterfall there. Box Canyon above Wickenburg is a good place for kids also, and the water runs late into the summer. Try calling the ranger station for the area to see if water is running in the creeks. Old Tom
  18. 302 buckets is about 8.5 cubic yards. That's a lot of work guys. I moved a couple cubic yards of dirt doing some landscaping work and it took me forever. Moving a yard of dirt down in a gully is twice as hard. Kudos.
  19. Hey guys I was wondering if lynx is running above the lake? The family wants to go pay in water and whats better than water and gold? Thanks guys.
  20. That depends on which detector you use. Some detectors can pick up sulfide minerals, others can't. The size of the specimens makes a difference also.
  21. Nicely done! Good head phones are a must!!! Dean
  22. Will do. Couple of weeks and I should be good.
  23. Mike I do but I just bought a 2300... Thanks articdave! I needed a good machine for my bike. Tearing down the 7k to put it in a backpack is hard on the wires. And I'm not the best rider so I worry about cashing and really messing my machine up.
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  25. 302 buckets is amazing! 18 grams in a weekend drywashimg is even more amazing! You guys continue to kill it, way to go!
  26. Happy Birthday Safari. I hope you had a great day!
  27. Nice gold Cow killer I thought you had a 7000 ? Mike C...
  28. Hey thanks for the info Luke. I will check them out. There should be more coming from the SDC and my bw350. Time to get off the road...
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