Listing of Lawmakers for and against us

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Discussion and names of Representatives and their stance on land rights and mining issues

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    • They are still processing patent applications John. Some have been issued this year. The BLM can not process a NEW application since 1994 (Congressional moratorium renewed every 2 years). Several of the applications they had in the pipeline in 1993 are still being processed. How's that for speedy service? Yep we'll get that paperwork processed right away sir!! Come back in about 25 years for your mineral examination.
    • I was dragging by the time we got back to the rigs! Just one more step... Bummer on your sample. I would be curious enough to hike back up there one day and sample below that huge dike that cut those washes. The nugget was right below that vein.  I need a couple of those canvas ore sample bags. They would be perfect for bringing back test material from remote areas. 
    • Now ain't that a peach-raise the price on a patent application when they have refused to issue one in over 10 years now??? sic sic sic-John
    • I may have to miss this one, I just realized it's the same weekend were scheduled to get the keys to our new house.  I don't think I'll live it down if I go play in the desert while the family moves haha.  Hopefully the date we get the keys changes and I can do both!
    • Sure beats the heck out of green quarters.. 
      Which, upon reflection, beat the heck out of green dimes.. 

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