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    • Thanks John & Clay. Though not the answer I was hoping for;). So I guess there's no harm in smashing it to see if anything sticks? Though it is a pretty specimen. Unless it's beauty was perpetuated by the eyes of this fool as he spent many a minutes captivated by its extrinsic value. Guess I'm susceptible to the fever. Are there any non-destructive test that I could do such as continuity. How reliable are the results from a multimeter in determining gold presence? A small bag of 'gold' flour was amongst the collection of rocks. The flour floated on water until I added a bit of soap then it sank. Neither rock nor flour are magnetic. I was also looking for a local supplier for an acid test kit for gold in the Toronto area if anyone knows of one. Thanks again.  
    • NH Gun Deer Season starts The Wednesday after the outing. I need 3 days to get there so this fall's outing is out for me. Sorry Adam you're going to have to find another outlet for the scraps! LOL! Goin' to miss that end cut of the smoked meat! I'm sure someone will grab it and then find it is the most flavorful piece of the entire roast! ... That will be competition for me getting it next outing in the winter!!! You giys and gals enjoy the outing ... Mike F
    • amethyst--pyrite and quartz. Without hands on, hardness test, gem id equipment testers just a guess with only 1 cup a joe soooo many others here with MUCH more rock knowledge-John
    • those who are perfect do absolutely nothing and you sir are always up to something.....and it's good. To err is human-tons a au 2 u 2-John
    • Hi all. If anyone has any information regarding these samples I would appreciate it if you shared it. Many more photos available.
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