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  1. Good finds congrats..... Do they still have the southern part of the lake off limits? Dave
  2. Hey Frank, Show the rangers your permit you saved for them while camping !!!
  3. Mitchel, Bryce is a beautiful place, has a lot of history also.... with some good relic hunting just on the outskirts of the park, watch out for those hoodoos :)... Dave.
  4. Nice Gold congrats Micro Nugget, I would rather dig those old pieces of wire anyday for some gold n meteorites.... Dave.
  5. Sweet gold find... bummer on the drone... Dave
  6. Yes it has to be completely covered, and the one I have at work is completely RF isolated, I actually wouldnt mind having one at home to sleep in, hehe.... From floor to roof is about 7 or 8 feet, and if the detector is in the middle say 4 feet, It still sounds the minelab off.... now I havent checked it out on the sdc2300, but I dont get much interference on that one.... I got a nice little 6" coil for the 5000 about 6 months ago, maybe I will have to check that out in the cage. P.S. I measured the cage and its actually 12' X 18' , if I test the 6" coil with it, I will let you know.. Dave
  7. Andy, I have a huge 20X20 faraday copper cage at work we use for testing radios. I tried my gpx 5000 in it once long ago, but there was so much metal all around me it sounded off the detector even with the stock 11" coil, you would need a very large cage, as not to detect the cage metal itself. Dave
  8. Shep youll like that 12" EVO, that is my main coil on the 5000 right now, and its sensitive to small targets but also goes deep... the best part its pretty light weight.. Dave.
  9. Tow Targets were used extensively in WW2 training, as shown in picture.
  10. Jason, good finds... you always have had a good eye for finding meteorites... see you in the field sometime. Dave
  11. Those same wires are found all over the Franconia Arizona meteorite strewn field area for many many miles, and drive detectors crazy. They are from WW2 training, usually a long tow target (I believe called a drogue) was flown behind a plane and shot at.
  12. Used, works good Whites TDI SL Pulse Induction Metal Detector For Sale. Comes with rechargeable battery pack, but batteries will need replacing soon, as they dont last as long as they did 2 years ago, and another non rechargeable spare battery pack . $800 , Has 7.5" Coil. Free Shipping within the U.S. Dave.
  13. Here is something I use in the field, soak it with water, and man it sure does help.... Dave
  14. If you look up new patents filed, a lot of times you can see who will be coming out with a new detector...
  15. Great Finds Mitchel... congrats.. Dave