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  1. Talking about mining claim markers, I noticed Gold Rush Expeditions is paying people to stake mining claims, and they use wood Looks like they pay $25-$35 per stake, and up to $50 in fuel reimbursment.. link to site
  2. Nice Nuggs Luke...congrats... keep em coming. Dave.
  3. Very nice finds Dean...congrats..
  4. Very nice ... good score !!!! Dave.
  5. Very cool finds Jason...I think that DCA area will be expanding far out real soon !!! Dave...
  6. Hopen you have a great birthday grub....
  7. Now this would be a great load bearing detector harness Harness video
  8. Nice finds Mike... congrats...Nice crust on the big one.. Heres a video from the 99th Holbrook hunt 99th Holbrook hunt Dave.
  9. Jim, There use to be an old Diamond mine next to the Hacienda Hotel and Casino, near Hoover Dam. It was right across the road from the Hacienda, in a black hill, you could find small miniature diamonds. Dave
  10. Very good finds with the sdc.... way to go. Dave
  11. Here we are buying these expensive metal detectors, and this finds more at 18 meters deep... what's wrong with us??? Geez.. you might as well buy junk bonds .
  12. I came across this ebay ad, a long range gold finder for $200. It's already sold like 17 units, Ebay long range gold finder
  13. Thanks Clay, Great work.... Dave
  14. Very Nice !!!! Looks like a great way to start 2017, hope you get many more throughout the year.. Dave.
  15. Not to long ago I met him, he told me some guy named Mitchel has been in the area. I asked him if there was meteorites ever found... you just have to watch out for all those WW2 .50 shells everywhere :).... Dave