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  1. Nice gold.... congrats you guys... Dave
  2. Great finds, nothing beats family, gold, outdoors...congrats.. Dave
  3. Thanks Eric, Very nice to meet you in person, see old faces, and meet new ones. That long thin piece you found is awesome looking, nice crust on it, congrats on good pieces found. Dave
  4. Unfortunately Middleforkminer is right.... I dont work for the California Water Board, but I do work for the water district in Nevada. They legally have to have public meetings/ public input, but fall on deaf ears once decisions are made, which have already been made behind closed doors long before these meetings. Anything to do with environmental cleanup, is quickly adopted especially in California.... A lot of money and time is being spent on fighting to get dredging back, but everyone I talk to believes it will never come back. If you really want to get back into dredging, think of opening a small non profit environmental business " Environmental mercury cleanup" then dredge these locations which are high in mercury.... just remember any gold found, or mercury laden with gold is properly disposed of .... Just like these cement/ sand/ gravel companies that can operate in places where prospecting/ mining is not allowed, they never keep any of the gold they come across but its a little weird they have these huge trommels, and the output of the trommel goes into an enclosed building..... I guess they dont want the wind to blow away their sand/ gravel .... Dave
  5. Haaaaapy Birfday Doc, good seeing you at the GPAA show Sunday... Dave
  6. Swamp, If you see one hit a shopping center or ground, you might also get some good shatter cone also...
  7. I will be there, Sunday, keeping my finger crossed on Alaska expedition :), Dave
  8. Good job Mike, like that shirt !!! P.S. Dont forget to take home a free miniature pet Dinasaur, there all over right now... Dave
  9. Thanks everyone.... Jen, went out half day Sunday Johnnie District , no wind at all. That wind at the Basin area can get screaming, hang on out there.... Dave
  10. Homefire, That explains why he was watching me dig the (w)hole time.....
  11. Got a text yesterday from my buddy Chris, who said dude, get your , and lets get out there !!!! ( Well something like that , hehe !!! ) . I told him I can only hunt a half day, even though today was just a great day for a full day of hunting today, darn it !!!! Ended up finding almost 10 grams today.. . The large piece was a little more than a foot down, and just made a break in the threshold, I kicked some dirt out of the way, and it made the nice mellow weewoo sound, and I was like . Some digging in the side of a wash a little more than a foot down, and got a ..... maybe a foot away I found another small nugget right on top of the ground, and found another small piece in another wash. I also brought home a new pet, and the good ol U.S. deserts give them away for free, as you can see in the picture, he is enjoying his new home.... I have been bringing lizards home in the backyard for years, I have lizards everywhere, but they sure take care of all the spiders and cockroaches, as I havent seen any for a long time.... Dave
  12. Jimale, You will want to look for something that looks like this, if it is a fresh fall.. Dave
  13. You can make a lot of money selling a martian on ebay, take it there....
  14. If you sell a lunar or martian meteorite on ebay, you sure can make some major cashola !!!!