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  1. "Leave them alone and mind your own business" "It's none of your business how another couple wants to live their lives" That would be great if they were not protesting and parading about everything! If "they" didn't push their lifestyle on everybody else, most people probably wouldn't even care. Most of these groups like BLM use some lame excuse to wreak havoc on their own community.
  2. There is a big difference between being off the grid and tied to the grid. Off grid has it's challenges with batteries and DC appliances (but appliances do not need to be DC). Grid tied systems are cost effective. Price for panels has dropped substantially and continues to get cheaper. Micro inverters improve efficiency per panel in lieu of strings of panels. It is basically plug and play these days. There are so many reasons to go solar. I can buy 235 watt panels for $90 each new. 325 watt panels for $135! I can install my own system for way under $10k and produce enough electricity to zero out my energy bill. For me, that means my system is payed for itself in under 7 years. After that, my power is free and the panels should produce at that rate for 25+ years. Read Home Power Magazine and you can learn a lot about the benefits for yourself.
  3. I was being sarcastic because that is her "location" in her avatar profile.
  4. Those are fatty! Nice!
  5. "she is in your dig holes pulling up targets you missed by not using a Minelab"
  6. Happy birthday Gary!
  7. Reminiscing about those good ole' days. Here is a nice specimen I found back in November of 2010. Dang I am glad I took pictures of my finds before I got rid of them. Forgot about this one!
  8. Sweet finds whitebutler! I remember days like that myself. Then I had kids...
  9. A pirate ship out in the desert?
  10. Great finds! My first impression with the SDC is it is a easy to use powerful detector. Just plan to dig a lot of tiny shot (and gold) that all the previous detectors missed.
  11. I too have found the same thing, but never cleaned them up. Found them near Coloma. If I get a chance, I will post a picture as I was planning on posting them to this thread anyway!
  12. Sweet find! Those fat chunky nuggets are my favorite!