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  1. That's a nice looking poke! Hard work and a positive attitude pays off again.
  2. Happy Birthday homefire. Hope you had a great day!
  3. Hope you have a grand time Steve. Hope you will post about your adventure if possible while you are there. Good luck!
  4. Hope you have a great Birthday Chris!
  5. And a find like that warrants the purchase of a new scale!
  6. Great find! Along with everybody else, I think there is quite a bit of gold in that rock and would even guess it to be in the 2-3 ounce range of gold content. I have found many specimens and when the gold shows like it does on the outside, usually it is the same on the inside. Congrats!
  7. Just don't let moonbeam see something like that or he will make it illegal! They will call it an assault crossbow. You will need a fixed stock and only be able to carry one arrow at a time.
  8. Another fine piece of craftsmanship!
  9. When does the court reconvene in San Bernadino?
  10. Have a great day tomorrow! Wishing you luck out in the fields and hope find a big gold nugget. Happy Birthday!
  11. I will be there on Sunday for a couple hours.
  12. Nice gold Chris!
  13. Hope you have a great Birthday Steve!
  14. That is a really nice looking rock!
  15. That looks great GeoJack! Nice work!