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  1. Just don't let moonbeam see something like that or he will make it illegal! They will call it an assault crossbow. You will need a fixed stock and only be able to carry one arrow at a time.
  2. Another fine piece of craftsmanship!
  3. When does the court reconvene in San Bernadino?
  4. Have a great day tomorrow! Wishing you luck out in the fields and hope find a big gold nugget. Happy Birthday!
  5. I will be there on Sunday for a couple hours.
  6. Nice gold Chris!
  7. Hope you have a great Birthday Steve!
  8. That is a really nice looking rock!
  9. That looks great GeoJack! Nice work!
  10. Welcome to the forum. Maybe think about a trip to the Rye Patch area also. There are several members that get out that way frequently. You have a couple of great detectors and you will find a nugget if you keep at it. Good luck and hope to see you posting some finds! Matt
  11. That's what it's all about. Great job and thanks for sharing your experience.
  12. Those are some nice chunks of gold!
  13. Great looking gold nuggets!
  14. Thanks guys! Had a nice day, but could not get out to chase to gold. Hopefully this week for a make up.