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  1. I have read a few reports in the past of people finding a fired cartridge that was crimped/bent shut and upon uncrimping it they found small nuggets inside, a oldtimer needed something to put his poke in and used the empty cartridge, so keep this in mind if you ever find one crimped, you never know if it was just smashed or closed up on purpose and then misplaced/lost.
  2. Cool, that's like finding a big nugget!!
  3. Good job Al, too bad you didn't see the Mazda owner wandering around!
  4. GKL, Now that you have commited and ordered the detector, the first thing you need to do is to learn your detector inside and out, most people that have never operate a metal detector don't realize when they get a detector and thinks there's something wrong with it is that 90% of the time it's operator error or simply not knowing what they're doing, or what the detector is trying to tell them about a target. Read the owners manual over and over multiple times and try to memorize the manual as much as you can before you even pickup the detector and then with the detector start at the begining of the manual and do everthing suggested in the manual numerous times until you learn the different setups/settings, and after to have gotten to know the detector somewhat take it out in your yard and try it out, after a wihle you pick a spot that you have "cleaned" with your detector in your yard to create a "Test Bed" bury numerous different metal objects about 3 feet apart down to around 8", you want these items to be at different depths so you can learn how the signal varies according to depth, so you will want to segregate the different items into thier own area, i.e. 4 dimes at different depths, you will also want to bury some trash targets as well so you can use the discrimination mode which I believe the Tracker has to help you later to know when you may not wnat to dig a target, but I suggest that you dig all targets for the first year or so until you become one with your detector, pay attention to the sounds and how the detector react to different types of targets. The one thing I do know about your new detector is that it is a "Motion" detector, meaning that the coil needs to keep moving and not be stationary while detecting, so when you hit a target do not stop the coil over it, keep the coil moving, this is explained in the manual Also there will be times that you get a signal and not find anything once you dig for it, this will most likely be from mineralization in the soil, usually iron particules in the soil and or where a iron object has rusted away to nothing but a red stain in the soil, or a "hot rock" i.e. usaully iron ore of several different types. That being said here's a link to the owner's manual in a PDF file so you can get a head start on reading while you're waiting for your detector to arrive. 4) REV 3 12.04.12 - Reader.pdf Edit: It will be very important that you refill all holes dug to retrieve targets so you don't have someone hurting themselves stepping into the hole, also very important so as to not put detectorists in a bad light within your community and I think it was Al that mentioned that you should learn how to dig a target in such a way that when your done there should be very little sign you dug at the spot, this is very inportant when digging in a grassy area, you don't want to kill or have the grass die later when you dig a target, there are a few ways to do this, as suggested you can find videos on Youtube to help you and also start another topic on the forum here for input and advice so you can learn the different ways forum members do this.
  5. I agree with Al that you're much better off trying to recover any raw gold in your area with shovel, pans, sluices,etc. in streams, and unfortunately don't expect to make a lot of money doing so, as Al mentioned most of the gold you're likely to find will be very small particules, but on the good side these small pieces will add up over time, and if you can barely see the piece of gold it is worth money, albeit maybe only a few cents, but if you find and hit a good spot you could find $20 to $50 (or more) worth of these small pieces in a few hours, but be aware that this will not happen that often unless you get access to areas that hasn't been cleaned out by others! That being said there's is a learning curve to panning, sluicing, and most importantly know how to find locations that may have gold, not to mention knowing that it is indeed gold you're finding, I know of many newbies that found many 1 ounce vials of "gold" that unfortunately wasn't gold, but instead one of many other minerals that resembles gold. As far as the Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 goes it is a good starter detector to see if you enjoy detecting and it will find metal items, even a gold nugget if it's of suffencient size and not more than 6" deep or less, it's not what I would consider a "kid's detector" that a parent would buy for their kid to give him or her something to do other than sitting in front of a computer or video game, but first and foremost you must enjoy detecting or you will be wasting your money because you may very well even before learning how to operate the detector properly get discouraged after your first few trips of digging 50,100, 200 or possibly even more pieces of trash metal before you find your first find of some real value even if it is modern coinage, and that fact will not change, you will always dig many many pieces of trash for every find of some value. I don't want to discourage you before you even start detecting or prospecting for gold, I just want you to approach it with your eyes wide open and knowing what to expect!
  6. Where are you located in general? You will most likely be fooled many times by any "gold" found at first as there're many things/other minerals that are much more common that can look like gold to a first time fiinder, knowing a few simple tests will go a long way in helping you determine if it's is indeed gold.
  7. When you know what gold looks like, yes it's easier to know it's gold when you first find it, with meteroties is not as easy for sure, almost impossible for a newbie meteorite hunter and even some who have been hunting them for a while can still have a hard time knowing for sure! You would be surprised how many people that can't tell if it's real gold when finding gold in nature the first few times, but after finding few pieces of real gold on your own it's hard to be fooled again!
  8. I'm only going to say this once to one and all, Stop the name calling, unnessacary vulgar words, and personal attacks, etc., and if you can't discuss this topic from here on out with point and counterpoint the entire topic will be removed from the forum! Also stay on topic, I don't want to hear or read about what someone said or didn't say in another topic that isn't even on topic with this topic other than both topics have the word "meteorite" in them! Skip
  9. Leonard, welcome to the forum. I must ask if you have certification showing that indeed these specimens are what you say they are? If so please include such documentation in this topic for a better outcome of your posting/sale. If not, I must say to all forum members caveat emptor (let the buyer beware), and do your own due diligence before buying. Otherwise good luck.
  10. Al I must say that if your detector won't hit on $21 it needs to be check out , good thing your eyes were working correctly!!
  11. Nice nuggets! What are the weights?
  12. I hope whomever cut the rock used a filter mask while cutting or used plenty of water, because Serpentine contains Asbestos.
  13. Thanks Chris, I have added your phone to the support ticket. Let me know if anyone else is having this issue and give me the info mentioned in my above post for your phone. computer, etc. so I can add the info to the support ticket. The techs have researched this issue since I reported it and confirmed that it's a bug, it may take a take little while for the fix, I'm being told that the fix will have to be included in the next update because a "patch" won't fix the issue and they're working to get that update out as fast as they can.
  14. That an awesome weapon!! From the looks of that piece, it should have a 10 round/bolt magazine, now that would be awesome!! I have used and owned bows, I've always wanted a crossbow, I but never seen one that spoke to me, this one does, I would also like to know what the brand/mode isl!
  15. For anyone having the vertical title issue, Tech support is telling me what they need to know instead of who the Service provider is for mobile phones, they will need to know what kind/brand/model of phone it is, for a PC and Mac, they need to know the operating system and which browser is being used, to be able to find and fix the issue.