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  1. Happy Birthday Red_desert, I hope you had a great day!
  2. Crikey Doc , I'll never be able to remember all the things you talked about that I need to remember to be able to remember things!!!
  3. Happy Birthday Renegademiner, I hope you had a great day!
  4. Happy Birthday Johnno, I hope you have a great day!
  5. Goldrat, welcome to the forum!! This outing was a weekend outing, Friday through Sunday, it wasn't a GPAA outing, but instead a Nuggetshooter forum members outing, Bill the owner of this forum does a spring outing and fall outing, this was of course the spring outing, the fall outing is usually in November.
  6. Great photos Tom, thanks for posting them, I was wondering if anyone was going to post some from the outing!!
  7. Al while I agree there isn't a 1854 with rays, BUT according to PCGS there are an Est. 10 to 15 - 1854 no mint mark proofs out there. 1854 Est. 10-15 known PR Here's photos of a couple them from the PCGS website... A PCGS PR64 Another PCGS PR64
  8. Dang I didn't know you were building a flight simulator, all this time I thought you were building an aIrplane!!!
  9. Cool a nuggget plucker!!
  10. Happy Birthday T-Bone, I hope you have a great day!
  11. Interesting, it's been 42 years since you discovered this, I would go back and see if it's still there intact, a lot of people could of made the same discovery in the years that have passed if so I hope they left it as you did, but you know how some people are.
  12. I certainly hope it will be, that rock could do a lot of good in a war torn country!!
  13. Adam first and foremost you need to learn to count, we don't have 19 Moderators here at Nuggetshooters. second you need to learn to read and not only look for the pictures/videos. The staff of Nuggetshooters and not you will determine which topics/posts will or will not be allowed and or removed! Not that I need to explain to you why, I will, this topic hasn't been deleted because even though the video is about flooding and the actual story (if you even read it) at the link/title posted does indeed talk about gold being exposed/washout because of the flooding so the video is sorta a percusor to the gold being exposed. Also the story as you pointed out doesn't seem to have anything to do with detecting......unless someone would later go out and detect the areas that were flooded and happened to find the exposed/washout gold from the floods, so it would seem that this topic is worhty of being in this forum section. If the fact that the video doesn't exactly match the written/reported story and troubles you so greatly maybe you should contact Fox News and straighten them out!!!
  14. Adam please explain why this thread shouln't be here!
  15. My count was off by 2, so my above post should of been 19. Now the count is up a bit more to 24.