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  1. I was thinking about having spinal surgery even though I don't need it just so I could get in on this deal!!!
  2. Have fun, take some photos if they will let you, and then you can share with us other cheap sobs!!! Edit: I just thought about if they played some good old loud Rock and Roll, they could also bill it as a rock concert, about the same price for a ticket!!
  3. Max I know you haven't visited the forum in a while, but in case you stop by I hope you had a great birthday! Has anyone heard or know of Max's whereabouts, how he and Polly are doing, etc.???
  4. Dave the PDF opened fine on my end no issues. I'm using a Windows 7 computer, Google Chrome browser, I didn't try using my phone.
  5. Rebbok also make a boot RB8896, this boot seems to be discontinued on Reebok website but there seems to be some still at retailers.
  6. Mike this boot maybe sorta what you are looking for?
  7. Ron got my fingers crossed and saying a little prayer for a great outcome!
  8. Thanks Dave, Here's a link to Google maps for those coordinates.°54'07.2"N+112°35'40.9"W/@33.8797656,-112.5963797,13z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d33.901995!4d-112.594706
  9. My bad, I forgot that last November's outing was at Gold Basin. I guess someone need to post directions for anyone that doesn't know how to get to LSD!
  10. Mitch, welcome to the forum! Edit: Sorry for my error, the directions I posted a link too are for Gold Basin, not LSD, can someone more familiar with the area post directions for those that don't know how to get to LSD.
  11. So is this the test to see if you're physiologically fit to work for the DOT? (Dept Of Transportation) If so I failed I can't see any dots unless I close one eye, I guess I need glasses!
  12. I just watched the "new" MacGyver TV show and decided to check in on the forum and MacGyver is on here posting how he fixed his broken detector handle, I didn't know he was a forum member!! The mystery nugget might be Galena.
  13. Steve, thanks for the post! What the story on the 41 oz nugget, was it found metal detecting, dredging, or commercial mining? I didn't think the Gold Fever show was still being filmed/produced or have they started filming/producing the show again, what TV channel will it be aired on, the Outdoor Channel?
  14. Here's a link to the actual auction, all of the gold is up for auction on day 2, Oct 1st., click on Oct 1st link at the top to see all the nuggets up for auction, there are 72 actual "lots" for the gold nuggets, all on page 1 and 2..
  15. Very nice Adam, that some very rough looking gold, the source must be close!!