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  1. Yep, sure have done it. Yes, absolutely it will replenish if the conditions upstream are capable of providing enough gold. We have worked spots and found gold in the same spot, as little as a year in between.
  2. Boulder dash and I got together for some drywashing down in the desert heat last weekend. This spot is difficult as we were camped exactly one half mile (measured not exaggerated like some fools do) from the chosen dig area . This means that all the equipment would have to be hiked up to the location, and we would obviously have to hike to and from daily. Between Boulder dash and I, we hiked the .51 mile distance 24 times from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. We packed Boulder dash`s 151, generator, motor, Shop vac , and all the other items necessary to move some gravels. The gold here is coarse, as we are just down the mountain from one of the sources of the placer. By 12 noon on Sunday we had run 302 buckets, and Boulder dash decides to go get some of the ore laying around the mine up the mountain. All together we wound up with 18 + Grams for the weekend ! Crushed,amalgamated gold from 12 lbs of the ore laying on the surface . .09 grams 14.16 Grams of coarse placer gold... 3.96 grams of the bigger coarse pieces around an old button ..... A small area before being worked. Same area after ... Thanks to boulder dash for doing the clean ups and providing the detailed info regarding the weights.
  3. To bad you didnt clear it off. You likely left ounces in fines behind
  4. Well done !! That Gold Bug II, and the right headphones can sure be deadly
  5. Well done mike ! Im surprised the SDC has that kind of capabilities.....
  6. I called Southwest Airlines, and asked if I could take my Bazooka..... Luckily for me , they have internet here in San Quentin State Pen.......
  7. 2 KG of Non-meteorite
  8. Paranoia is everything!
  9. Dudes ..... The area has been hit pretty hard by detectorists, and there arent that many trash targets. . Also there is a great number of iron stones from a mile upstream, which mask targets well. For the most part , I only hunt the benches as the heavies are thick in the guts....Am I missing gold ? You bet I am oh well.... Im just a "crumb chaser" anyway....
  10. Dude...... Sweet !!
  11. I just dont understand how those dry blower things work.
  12. It beat the skunk ! Got out for a few hours last Sunday to hunt a challenging area, and was rewarded with this nice signal deep in a bedrock crevice. The Gold Bug II new it was there.
  13. Chunky buggers !
  14. A fine batch O nuggets
  15. Sweet finds !!