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  1. Dude ! Your killin it .....Congrats on the fine patch
  2. Matt, I tried to get a picture/video but I turned the camera on and apparently i forgot to put the memory card back in it..... Then I completely forgot that I had a cell phone Lesson learned......
  3. Hey , that`s exactly what my therapist says.....
  4. Three were gold...... Well, I had the late afternoon free today , so I ran over to a spot 50 minutes from me, to try and get a fix. The hot rocks are absolutely insane here and it takes a serious amount of patience and experience to work this gully. The Gold Bug II rocked it though The bigger piece was a sun baker ... Its still out there folks!
  5. The object looks molten-ish....I suppose thats because it was a blazing inferno as it propelled itself into our atmosphere at such high speeds ?
  6. Why doesent Jennifer Bond post her thoughts on this topic? After all, shes quite familiar with the Gold Bug 2 and the new Lightweight Gold Monster 3500 or whatever it is Maybe the Gold Bug Killer is lighter, than either of the Fisher Gold Bug units......
  7. Hey Rex, good to hear from you !...Im definitely going back , likely this year . Staying for several days seemed to be very beneficial. I may know of that spot with the Trilobites in the red material... Did not make the time to check it out.
  8. Wheres the like 19 moderators ? This thread needs to be moved
  9. Dang dude !!! Very awesome day, congrats !!
  10. I`m confused....I dont recall posting anything on Jennifers previous posts I have been wrong before though.
  11. Alwaysdirty, I will chime in on this a little since its its raining here and id rather be beeping. The idea , in my opinion ( having run thousands of buckets ) is the cloths ability to recover very fine gold, not stretch, and be very breathable at the same time. I have purchased good cloth at Joannes, and some decent cloth at hobby lobby. When I go in those places they think i`m a psyco because i`m blowing through the cloth samples to make sure there is minimal resistance. If you go into stores like this , you will only have a couple options anyway, like literally 2 or 3 rolls that would even resemble a useful cloth in black. Anyone who says an old t-shirt, flannel, pillow case etc will work, does not drywash enough to have an valid opinion, with merit. Please do not use white, yellow or any other color but black. You will regret it, trust me. As for glues, whatever works dude. I used contact cement the last time. It was awesome because it cured fast and I was able to get a good tight fit. However, I may need a solvent to remove it though the next time i replace the cloth.
  12. Man, I swear, if one person says " muslin "
  13. "great machine, was super light, felt good in my hand, nice balance... a Gold Bug 2 killer perhaps" How do you know its a "great machine" ? If "great machine" is judged by weight and nice balance, then perhaps a Bounty Hunter from the local Circle K would be a good choice for you ... Are you proficient and extremely successful with the Gold Bug II enough to make a statement like that ? Why would you want to kill a Gold Bug 2 ?
  14. Im pretty sure you will get over it Jim Guess im not going to be on many peoples Christmas list this year, after this
  15. Thats a swell idea Shay , I`ll bring the beer