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  1. The 20 " definitely has its place .....Nice piece of gold too !
  2. Nice pieces !! Are those handstacks in the last pic ?
  3. Well done man !! Glad you stuck with it
  4. I like it !! get some nuggets
  5. Well, shoot Mike I thought you had a certificate of meteorite completion Your right though, I should have said : If Mike tells me its not a meteorite, then I would just move on .....your sort of an authority on the subject ..
  6. Your not stepping on toes, however an expert just gave you the information you were seeking. So the discussion should have been over already. You just don`t seem to want to accept that this in definitely not a meteorite, and keep trying to convince yourself and everyone that it may be one. Keep looking, sorry
  7. Dude, Adam ...go kill it given the opportunity..Everyone that knows that spot is more than welcome if it mega floods...It will be like amazing Race ...way to much fun...I know Boulder dash feels the same way ...Lots of gold in Arizona , plenty go around
  8. Like Clay said, its hard to find ones of size that are well terminated and free of damage. little ones are quite common... Yea , "newbie wash " needs a biblical flood event, and you better get there first
  9. Well Clay, the streak is brown...There were all found on one individual boulder amongst other schorls...I collected like 2 excellent specimens, but gave the other one away. The crystal structure would also suggest Dravite type, so that is likely the case ...... the other specimen was nicely terminated as well. Never found any more like them... Good call man....I didnt even notice
  10. Thats true Patrick ...It was a trip running into you out there !
  11. Scored this one and a few others the other day....I didnt think Arizona had such large Schorl Tourmaline ! Nicely terminated too !!
  12. Heres a few pieces of gold from a new area ...Maybe 1.2 grams or so....The darn wash is so big though, i`m not sure I can physically walk it Hope ya`ll are staying cool ! Its been tough at 3700 feet A distant storm... Milky way from the Placeritas
  13. I dont know, sounds pretty sneaky you guys....You may have an edge with the bikes
  14. Well done Mitchel.....Keep it up!