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  1. I'm stoked the new campaign is under way. Like I told dodie, its an amazing program with a huge educational impact. I hope it becomes wildly successful.....
  2. 6" coil
  3. While I was in Utah, near Delta , I just had to do a little shale splitting. I visited the famous U Dig Fossils Location late in the afternoon one day. The host Robin was super nice and very helpful. She even gave me a pointy finger to a good producing spot, and loaned me a wide blade chisel. In just 2 hours I had enough material and called it a day at closing time. The trilobites were plentiful, so the fun was in the search for multiples on one slab. Anyway , if you get the chance. Drive over there and dig up some of your own 550 million year old Trilobites. Its way to much fun, way to much ! Hey , did I mention how much fun it was ?!
  4. Hey folks ! So I finally got to the glitter pits. It is located along the Utah / Arizona border. ( good thing there isnt a fence there ) . This location gets alot of attention but few work hard enough for bigger pieces. Small pieces of Selenite litter the ground. Here are a couple samples of what I collected in just 2 hours. Hope you enjoyed!
  5. That's pretty dern good Bill. Well done
  6. Nice pieces. Get the 6 inch coil and really have your mind blown.
  7. Nice pieces dude!
  8. Gold bug II. The big one (1.2 grams) was 5 or 6 inches deep
  9. Oh rye patch ! My apologies, I was thinking gold basin. Gold basin is the one I dont care for. Rye patch is a great place for the gold bug. Those P.I.'s go right over gold bug nuggets all the time. Good luck ! I'm sure it will be a great trip. It seems to me that everyone just hunts everywhere out there. But there are some active mineral leases.
  10. Sweet gold dude ! Some day us younger fellers will be the "old timers"
  11. I spent 4 days hunting there back when it was 100+ degrees. All I got was one piece under a grain, broke my back up headphones, and destroyed a 100 dollar canopy. Sorry, I can't say a nice thing about the place.
  12. Actually that bighorn was likely very sick or something. Very unusual behavior for them.
  13. Take it to burning man festival
  14. Out here in Quartzsite the last two days I have had 11 targets total. Lucky for me, 4 of them were gold So I`m sitting at my camp this morning drinking my coffee and this bighorn just strolls through my camp, literally...How rude ! Enjoy the weekend you peoples....
  15. Well done dude ! That's about the depth I found mine at on a hillside slope.