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  1. Could you put the ?meteorite? outside in the sun and take some pics? see which angle shows patterns best. Can you see "thumbprints" (regmaglypts) anywhere around the whole meteorite?
  2. You'd send a sample to a scientist at a lab and they'd give classification info to the Meteoritical Society for publication. AFAIK You may want to contact Marvin Kilgore at ASU. He was/is a meteorite dealer who now works with Arizona State University in their meteorite center.
  3. Garimpo, This may help. Was posted on this board a couple months ago. http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index...?showtopic=7933
  4. I think I can vaguely see some large shallow regmaglypts (thumbprints) in the first pic. If you have a 1/2 ton + meteorite just be cautious about sharing information. There may be other large chunks buried. Some large meteorites may not penetrate the ground though most probably will up to several feet deep. Iron & stone meteorites are likely to fragment as they are passing through the atmosphere at high speed. Where they eventually land is called a strewnfield. Stone meteorites are more likely to "splatter" when they impact the ground. You may want to swing your detector around the area. Record GPS coordinates & take pics of all finds (even before removing from the ground). You can research the Gibeon, Brenham, Campo del Cielo iron meteorites for more info.
  5. We never enter the asteroid belt. Asteroids smash into each other sending them sometimes our way. Most strewnfields overlap (my opinion). I assume chain craters are caused by A fragmented asteroid which has held some of it's many pieces close in a common orbit. Here is a strewnfield map of the Dar al Gani Plateau in Libya. Not sure what you're saying about chondrules.
  6. I don't want to see you get banned ASTROBLEME. I enjoy your contributions. I think you're being too sure of your train theory though. You said many people are jealous of your accomplishments (I assume you are referring to accomplishments relating to meteorites). I was curious which accomplishments people were jealous of.
  7. ASTROBLEME What accomplishments are you referring to?
  8. John, According to Sonny C. in this thread: http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index...?showtopic=8138 He thinks they were offered $2,000 or less. I'm not personally sure of any details. I do remember reading that the hunters felt they could get $1,000,000 for the OWM if they sold it themselves.
  9. I accused the finders of the Old Woman Meteorite of being greedy for not accepting the offer and wanting more. Then I learned they were only offered $2000. I understand their rejection of that offer.
  10. Johnny loves to stir sh*t up. http://www.bautforum.com/showthread.php?t=45726
  11. I wrote what I thought in your other thread. Are you claiming conspiracy?
  12. AFAIK the tracks are at the lowest altitude between 2 washes. I think you were talking about water possibly haven transported some iron earlier. You should find a higher concentration near the tracks then. And where are all the larger twisted iron train fragments? Or did the train shatter like safety glass? I think Occam's razor does not favor your theory but favors others floating around (i.e. many ARE meteorites).