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  1. Early bird gets the worm! I recently had a couple of samples tested by XRF($10 / crushed sample,.. THankyou San Diego Metal Detector and Gold Prospecting Supply) from the same rock. I had grabbed this sample rock as it was a vein of pyrite/muscovite( and you never learn didly without sampling)... So the mica/pyrite part yielded no gold, via XRF analysis, but the country rock just to the side( a red stained granite http://data.azgs.az.gov/geologic-map-of-arizona/ analyzed @ 3.6 ppm/roughly 3.6 grams/ton. REd dirt is good
  2. Stack of baublite
  3. Glowbull warming
  4. Globull Warming!
  5. I stand corrected.
  6. The first step is admitting that a boat is a hole in the water you throw money into...
  7. He's beepin what yur thinkin
  8. It does look "platey"
  9. CAn you scratch it with a pin? What color mark does it leave when scratched on the bottom of a porcelain toilet tank lid? Will it light on fire with a torch? COal? WHere found( for geologic info)?
  10. Poly/Nylon belted carcass only
  11. That's what I should have said. What about 1/16" thick aluminum? Same build technique...... or, COstco just sold rolls of recycled rubber( it smells like tires) 39" x6' longish@1/4" thick for $20. Marketed as exercise mat... You could probably do 20 pairs of boots using Plumbers Goop to adhere outlines of it to the soles. Or try Swamp's idea of using flexible cutting mat from the kitchen. I think it's HDPE.
  12. It would be flexible if the galvanized sheet were cut into strips( across the width). Said strips could then B duct taped together along the length and/or siliconed/urethaned to the bottom of the insoles..
  13. The only thing, imo, that will make leather/fabric tougher is more leather/thicker fabric. Get better leather boots( injection molded soles around a flimsy upper need not apply) with goodyear welt ,steel shank and thicker midsole, or find a good cobbler to modify existing boots. A one-piece leather upper will cost more than one pieced together, but with fewer seams , it will allow less dirt/water into the boot( got SNOWSEAL?) and have less potential for failure.
  14. I just use water bottles or if I really need to save weight, I bring a few of these
  15. Or DAve could use( besides elbow grease and wire wheel) Prep and Etch( acid phosphating solution)..about $17 a gallon, which should easily do'er if still needed/ or if he ran out of greasy elbows. Prep and Etch wiki: phosphating