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  1. You can believe what you want. I believe otherwise- refugees and illegal aliens( they're not "immigrants") have higher crime rates
  2. Yup, A plethora of petals
  3. I know, but you could do it. It would make it heavier , though, due to flame proofing materials and added stress to the airframe. Here's a RATO RC plane RATO  RC
  4. CAn ultralights have rockets to aid takeoff?
  5. SUgar and stump killer will take you far
  6. I think he's just whining because others have done the same and he feels left out POint taken.
  7. THe article is sort of a ,"no-brainer". GOld always shows it's colors after lots of rain. NO secret there. What's wrong, Adam?
  8. NO doubt. A Santa Ana could be useful...
  9. The "runways" under consideration are at 4800' and shaded in the early morning coolness. Winds are nil then.
  10. Er, i mispoke, the ranch is private, but of course chaperoned guests are welcome. I think it would be the 1st ultralight arrival, though. It would be simple enough for me to mark with ag lime the beginning and end of 11,14,18,22,29 and 36 once I vet them.
  11. Got it.. I was thinkin down the road to the west@ the west end of W. Monte Cristo rd( runway #1 =500' callsign-36/18), before it bends to the NW /intersects with... W. Winchester rd( runway #3 =250' " 11/29) bounds the parcels to the south on the south side.. CAmp Cook Trail ( runway#2=600' " 14/22) bounds the east side of our parcel Note:the mtn top strip is off the table as one owner owns several parcels up there and the viewpoint to the overlook I took you to is the end of their "driveway". To tow, do you hook up a trailerhitch adapter to the tailwheel and tow down the road bassackwards on the DOT APPROVED landing gear( after folding/securing the wings, of course)?
  12. Weavr Pk is 6500'+, roughly ,2 miles distant, and our parcel @ 5000', so density altitude calc's come in to play. Bring freeze dried water. I don't think the cattle or the owner would oblige you, though, Dave, if you picked that spot. Don't forget puncture vine( got a tire plug repair kit?) I have one if this pipe dream ever fruits, should you need one. That's the prime "mover". He would shake if you landed there. THere are some long open stretches of fairly straight road south of the parcel( just south of ours ) that are better suited. Just 100 yards to takeoff? That's amazing, DAve!.. On the appointed day, a notification call prior to takeoff,, and then once you get here, circle overhead, and dip a wing in the direction of your chosen landing area( once you see a confirming weaver wave from the ground) would help us to know where you were thinking of landing. I'll take some measurements of some promising stretches of roadway and get back to you in a few weeks with the results. It should be very doable. Make sure to bring your inflatable rock pick.
  13. I would think cellphone comm would work fine, at altitude, but maybe VHF walkie/talkies are better? as long as agreed upon channel is monitored.
  14. I'm thinkin 24' wingspan, roughly, sound about right? That might be tight depending on the height of the wings above the landing gear. Maybe 4'- 5'? Trees roadside would be a deal breaker, depending on how fast you can slow down, how great your headwind/slow your approach speed. If you can drop it at 15 mph with a 5-10 knot headwind, I would guess that 150' landing space might be doable. Take off another story, of course. YOu know, Dave, the mtn above the DIxie QUeen scar has no trees on top and lots of openspace. THe 'road' up there also is bounded by parcels- it doesn't serve just one So, technically, it's a 'public' road within the ranch... YOu could drop off that mtn in a hang glider easily, let alone a powered ultralight. Always easier to say than do. I will inquire with the movers and shakers to see about any potential CC&R hurdles. If the regs on your end allow you to land on private dirt roads, your golden. edit: the mover and shaker( lives in the house below when your looking north /down from on top of "DIxie QUeen" mtn said," just don't tell me about it". House is for sale on 18 acres... If the regs on your end allow you to land on private dirt roads, your golden.
  15. I would imagine wingspan would play a critical role in( narrow) runway safety. THe road, er runway, is one roadgrader blade wide but there are some open streches with little along the sides to snag. I'll go to the begininning of this thread and find some specs on this mosquito.