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  1. This one minedat link not this one which also goes by the name of the Dixie Queen but on  USGS TOPO is named MOnte Cristo
  2. It must be dumb luck, but I've seen more rattlers in the "burbs" of Sandy Aygo County, than 12 mi NNW of Rich Hill( none seen in the latter location). However, the following critter, there's no much of a defense for, unless you're quick with a knife( even then, it still might kill you before it dies) or are intently aware of your surroundings- which I think is thebest defense so as toavoid confrontation entirely. Watch your 6! Enjoy just an anaconda
  3. opposite of DASH
  4. So, a little over a dozen of those critters in the world is pretty rare then, compared to the thousands in some of the other groups. Maybe the Peeples Valley Historical Society would have some record of it. I will check when in the area next , and maybe bring my beeper that's gathering dust.
  5. Looking at the Meteoritical Bulletin Database @ the above link , it states, "15 records found for meteorites with types that are exactly "Iron, IVB" " Just a shot in the dark- this type is exceedingly rare? But then I looked at the groups here and noticed if all the metorites were added up, it's not all that many. I would think there have been more than that ,found and cataloged. I did a quick, rough addition and came up with aprox 20000 space rocks in the database. What am I missing ( besides an Iron IVB in my collection)? Oh wait, maybe it's just what the Museum of Nat History (London) has in its collection?
  6. Weaver Mtns description " Weaver Mountains, Arizona, U.S.A. Approximately 34° 15'N, 112° 45'W Nickel-rich ataxite, D. a-spindles 6±3 J1. wide. Rich in phosphides. HV 300±15. Group !VB. 17.72% Ni. 0.82% Co, 0.10% P, 0.21 ppm Ga, 0.05 ppm Ge, 17 ppm Ir. HISTORY A mass of 85.5 pounds (38.8 kg) was found in 1898 in the Weaver Mountains, Maricopa County, according to Ward (1904a: 27). He also stated that the locality was near 1294 Weaver Mountains Wickenburg, but his coordinates and county are in error. Weaver Mountains is a range, 1000-2000 m high, in Yavapai County, about 40 km north of Wickenburg and 40 km southwest of Prescott, with the approximate coordinates given above. The mass was described and analyzed as an ataxite by Klein (1904a),...( big snip)"
  7. ANy jewelers in Wiknbrg area with XRF analyzer? Hoping for platinum
  8. MIx with beer, quesadillas, peanut butter, asparagus and broccoli- you'll have a WMD
  9. Ron, I hope you get a jammer to foil the( potential) hidden tracker on your rig. To be thinking about that spot for so long, it sounds like you have a 6th sense about what it could hold. I seem to recall back ,some time ago, a thread just about this very thing( someone finding a tracker on their vehicle. Was that yours? Good luck w/ the surgery. Much better than mega fusion and Ti implant sounds like.
  10. MIghty comely, they be, but grub from th galley dat's blimey,fried, will just send yer quick to de bottom of DAvey JOnes' locker. Sugar it for a quicker journey.
  11. Matey, me arturees been plundered asunder. I don' be wantin' th' loose th' last'n ey's got.
  12. It's a never ending thread. Good to hear about good luck, and good areas to play around in, but what is "RD&S"?
  13. V'zon is good
  14. Imagine a giant swinging a giant detector.. Or more realistically by GPR , but then again, one of that size and mass( even though at depth) might have been found with a conventional( though very good) beeper. When you go on Goog EAr and loook at the area, there are many pics of similar, smaller space rocks. ''CAmpos" meteroites all over Fleabay.