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  1. great book for reference: "Rocks from Space" by O. Richard Norton
  2. WHere to get testing? meteorite verification services https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=avg&hsimp=yhs-fh_lsonsw&type=ch.58.w10.dsp.04-03.us.avg.t22.1116avi&param1=NU7LTiMxEPwVLuPbWH6MXwcfkjCsVuKAIMDZz8Ro57G2M8Df4wiQWtXVperqdsnrTli1U4qrg-xHxmk_jPu7Xu7HsWdUMblTgit62wkP3LS2BYwxN1sCjQ2CEkW4Iggh4IvevfwB_8x80mEG09VKRTQMW2OZHISLUinsMY_cOjQ4LvrgHfFOGskZpZIiy5WTlNOIqAlEqoBpxIOk4Hr4vV7AmnXMoDpdQ6mEgE0PkEIOCWPgcMk5zPXBnMLz470-17p21HQktpo-SzDZnaHZTtAtU5PW5iutG1uvONmGv6ayfnQ05q121OOO8GJalPdlbfx_Y1OoYcmpho7YLeQUkzM1LXMbS8hbctdkXl2z_jz61OSQ_97q4570u-N9_3o3IgbSqgWBWAmIBYeYKLAU_Zpmv7yXG4yA1YdzXqYA7KaZhAi4oI_5EsBb-SZf0&param2=browser_search_provider&param3=ch.58.w10.dsp.04-03.us.avg.t22.1116avi&p=meteorite+verification+services
  3. Just curious about the geography of the area found
  4. Don't stick your head in a bucket of water, either. YOu might drown. The bag your sunshade came in is a choking hazard. Do not attempt to breathe while inside it.
  5. YOu're the only one here that seems to want to legislate all the risk and reward out of life.
  6. That's understood in every state. So what? YOu can't fence off the wilderness. And you can't fix stupid.
  7. And that's their right. So , I guess atty's win and we legislate all risk out of life for fear of lawsuit? GOod luck with that reality
  8. NOt a concept. it's the truth.
  9. No one is suggesting that except you.
  10. And the responsibility for their actions rests with them.
  11. That sounds like a dam/reservoir/lake small pond. Outflows from them are usually from deep cold water,( or no outflow at all) Anyone narrowed it down to the SAlt or VErde river basins( I know that's such a small area).... I suppose a cattle "tank"( watering pond) would even suffice. Is there any geographically significant area of the SAlt or VErde basins where the surface flow transitions to subsurface? That would also fit, of course..
  12. Ur crazy!. There's big needles Sudoku is much safer
  13. Peat bog or a dry lake bed?
  14. Oy, now I remember splitting cases for that exact reason... shop wanted megabucks.. Check out the dogs in the trans when you get to that point: the 1-2 shift tends to go first when it ramps/wears enough to slide out of gear. Racers used to reverse ramp the dogs so it would pull the gear in.
  15. The carb( needs rebuild) slide might be gummy from sitting and old gas. Leak an unlit propane torch all around the intake plumbing-away from the airbox.- and it should bump the idle more , if leakin. I think bulk gasket exhaust material could fashion as OEM reed valve gasket, if you tear those down to access intake ports, if needed.