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  1. Happy Birthday Mitchel
  2. Congrats ! Did you eyeball them or do detectors work at Stv ?
  3. Nice geode!
  4. Would of loved to been there, but had other Things planed . Does anyone Know how much the Suzuki Samurai sold for ?
  5. Great Digs !
  6. Nice one, Congrats ! How hot was it while you were there ?
  7. Great nugget ! Good to see you got out before the heat sets in.
  8. It's best to Just send your Finds off to a reliable University to get them classified.
  9. Happy Birthday Bill !
  10. Great picture ! Any luck with the space rocks ?
  11. Great Digs Mitch , Congrats.
  12. Congrats Mike , nice looking Iorn.
  13. WoW ! its a beauty congrats
  14. LoL, Frank, the Iorn's with Marvin were my finds, Mitch added them in his post with my blessings. Mitch congrats again on the 58.5 g chondrite that was a great find and it was a awesome day to hunt that area !