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  1. We used to have in Kalifornia a very good and expensive dog food #1 ingredient was kangaroo meat for dogs with food allergies. Vet recommended worked great. Kalifornia environmentalists got it taken off the market by calling Kangaroos a endangered species. Bob
  2. Roger you are the best, sorry to hear you are in the hospital. You have our prayers and get well wishes! Bob
  3. Shep close call thank God you are okay!
  4. Hello Reno, That is the best kind of prospecting, exploring old roads and getting in new country is a lot of fun. I think you did well, no skunk. Bob
  5. Hope you are doing well. Happy Birthday Bill!
  6. Thanks for the great pictures! that is some well deserved gold.
  7. For a positive ID call the police and tell them you found it in your backyard ! Bob
  8. Hey Roger, happy birthday hope you are doing good!
  9. The clean shiny surface of the pieces looks like it could be opalized wood. Very nice
  10. Well that is certainly one for the specimen case. Great find Bill!
  11. Happy birthday to you Ron!
  12. Great looking finds, love the whole one with the fusion crust.
  13. Hi Slim, My Guess is Rhyolite containing enough iron to set off your detector. With small black crystals Rhyolite Porphyry. Good Luck to you In Nevada! Bob
  14. We need to fine , jail and then shut them down. the same thing they do to us!
  15. Late again, Happy birthday Dave!