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  1. Arr Arr Good one Adam!!
  2. Thanks Stan, Glad your close by. Herb
  3. Ray Hope you have the best day ever and a boatload more!!! Best Regards Herb
  4. Thanks Guys!! I appreciate the goods thoughts!! Your Old Fart Friend Herb
  5. Hi Jim Great to see you posting, now it's an even better day!!! Best Regards Herb
  6. Hey Fred, that's a great find + Wheaties..way to go!! Herb
  7. WOW! Steve Well deserved congrats to you. Cheers Herb
  8. Hey Ron Count on me to. Get Well! Herb
  9. Hi Chris Sorry for your loss. As Bob says, they will always be with us. Treasure the memories. Herb
  10. Hey Tom Thanks! That guy was having a really good time. Herb
  11. Hey Bill Have yourself a great Birthday! Go dig up some of them there gold rocks or maybe some silver coins. My Best to You Herb
  12. Hey Patrick Got one! It's VHS, PM me your address and it"s yours my friend. Herb
  13. Frank Way to go!! Congrats on a great day. Herb
  14. Hey Tom Worked for me. Nice Nug! Looks like there travelers. Thanks for the video! Herb
  15. Hey Bill Nice Nuggets!! Same here, glad you could get out and onto a good spot. Best Regards Herb