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  1. Seems to me their moving the pay dirt around too much. Why not detect it as it's exposed then off to the wash plant with it ?
  2. Short Video of a gold operation down under. Their on it. Why are they handling the material so many times ? Digging Over Burden. Hauling Pay Dirt to two locations ? Detecting field , wash plant and back to the hole ?
  3. Little tiny fella.
  4. Wonder if the Mercury Pitted his nice shinny Gold Bar ? LOL Guess I should had Finnish the video before asking.
  5. Dang. I could live off that.
  6. Most of us on the forum are old enough that chances are you have played with Mercury a few or more times. We know that Mercury Vapors are something you DO NOT want to be exposed to but the Metal it's self is cool and Over Rated as a Toxin. We Know that your pressed to find Any Thing that is not Known in the State of California to cause Birth Defects, Cancer or Reproductive issues. I found this video sort of funny imagining some California Legislator viewing it cringing in the corner some place.
  7. I'm still waiting for one of those deals on a Gold BUG.
  8. Ni Cads are my favorite battery if weights not a issue. Treated right they can last years and years. Li Ions seldom make two or three years. Hell, I have some I know are over 7 years old and march on. NiMh batteries SUCK. Thinking they was the greatest new thing I paid $70.00 for a pair for the old Makita Drill. Self Discharge so bad you couldn't depend on them if they wasn't charged that week. I let them Freeze once and they was history. I'm thinking we need some ATOMIC batteries. Yep That's the Ticket. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_battery
  9. Li Ion Batteries Rock for what they can do. There Light. Have Tremendous Amp Hour Ratings for weight and size. This is were the Fire hazard comes from. Unlike Most chargeable Batteries they need to be charged in a special fashion. Battery Protection circuits are needed for charging limiting Charging Currents as well as Charging Voltage. Said circuits also shut down the charging if the battery cells are not balanced or batteries reach a specified Voltage. Charged. This charging circuit is built into most lap top batteries and others there so cheap. I use one Salvaged from a old Lap top battery to charge mine. http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/262511676500?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true
  10. WWII Sub Hunters.
  11. You have a Pile of options on the engine. I've even seen Motor cycle engines cut and cropped. You going to add a Coil ? LOL
  12. They did the same for me. Needed a battery cover for a LS Camo. Got it in two days I did. There just down the road from me in El Paso.
  13. Lithium batteries are the Bomb ! LOL They do NOT like being fully discharged. It will kill them. Shorting them out WILL start fires. They don't like Heat. They begin to Self destruct the day there made. They can show a full charge and the Amp Hour rating on old batteries deteriorate over time. You will find that as the battery ages the run time available from them gets shorter and shorter.
  14. Did you get the engine with that thing ?
  15. Don't be building your self into the corner ! LOL