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  1. Yea we have bone heads that drive 50 miles from Los Cruces and do that crap. They wore out there welcome around there own town. Worst part is there's a Public Range just off I-10 on the way here.
  2. If you just want a photo to talk and text with Trac Phones work any place with Verizon coverage. You can get one for like $5 and $10.00 most times. $15.00 or so other times. Depends on the coodiments.
  3. Easy Peasy Cake Mix and Hot Oil. REAL HOT OIL.
  4. Closest ones here are 50 miles north and 50 miles east. Yea we can get them from time to time at the grocers too if the truck ever shows up. LOL
  5. WoW ! Guess I'm safe. We don't have one in this two horse town. LOL
  6. Don them Pirate Clothes folks. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/nation-now/2016/09/16/arrr-free-doughnuts-talk-like-pirate-day/90511324/
  7. Well here I am debating my life out look. The wife we all know as Wicked Wanda of the West (Nothing Wicked about her) comes home from work at 08:30. Seems her old track phone was on it's last legs after three year so she bought a new one. So I get the Phone from her to load the new number on to my phone. I call up the number on her phone and as big as life the screen shows her new Number. XXX - XXX - 0 6 6 6 !!!! Ah, ya gotta be kidding me ?
  8. Happy Days to you.
  9. Thank You Folks. Appreciated.
  10. Thank you people. " three more for the SS payouts! " LOL I woke up this morning so I might make it. Anything Blow Up today ?
  11. The do the same thing with Lap Top Batteries.
  12. Beef Prices are through the Roof but Common ? That wouldn't even make a good Sammich.
  13. LOL Most of the Reservations are being run like the Mafia ! Those with a handle on the Money Control Life. If your In on the Game you do well. If not your pretty much on your own. You will Get your House. Your bit of land . Your Basic Food Commodities. Your Sorry azz Medical but NOTHING ELSE. The Tribes have a hand at all money adventures. Hunting Permits, Fishing Permits, Hiking and any other Permits. Casino's being run by the big time Mafia folks . Tribal Leaders ever Dictate who they can sell Agricultural Goods too. Yep ! They Learned well from the White man's Ways. This Control of the Water's is tied to Money Some How, Some Place.
  14. Some Day,,,,, Oh Some day ! http://www.cbsnews.com/news/calif-prospector-finds-steak-sized-gold-nugget/
  15. Just for Chits and Grins , It seems like there is a new pole just about every day. I'm 59 this week and Never been called in my life. How many of you have been Polled ?