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  1. I'm going with Granite with Magnetite Inclusions.
  2. Paper Hangers. Who signs off on the discovery , assessment and improvements not ever being there ? Sound like bad Ju Ju to me. LoL, no money to be made if it was proper. You would have to have other things to do in the area to even consider it. HF
  3. Moved ? Why ? It's within the thread subject of miners rights. It pertains to Miners Rights to Mine and Land Use. HF
  4. Here in New Mexico we would call those Lumpers .. Nice Gold Sir.
  5. Yea, not much left for others to eat when they move on.
  6. Emmmm Now it looks like bubbles in mud that filled with silicates to me. Still Cool.
  7. Again Silver. Galena (Lead Ore ) always has a silver content. Lead oxides are White/Gray . Silver Sulfides, Blue/Cobalt . Expert No but this I know.
  8. Can you see any Scalloping on the white things ?
  9. Blue indicates Silver to me. Emmmmmmm
  10. Yea there out there for sure but far and few. Purcha Dam was going crazy with them one year . All you needed was a shinny hook or bit of white cloth on a hook. Got boring. Your could pull them in as fast as you could chuck out a line. They got behind the dam and clean everything out . Never was the same.
  11. Gotta be better then Warm Camel Wizzzz. Eaaaaa?
  12. Emmmmmm I'm taking a nap and try again.
  13. Life as a Miner is never Gravy. These people took a knock down on someones simple whims.
  14. Yea, Spit Shining New to Me GMT here and can't get out. How Sad. In this photo you will see Two Dolphins Frolicking in the Sea. It's been Purported some people see something different while experiencing cabin fever. I seem to be having Issues.