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  1. Sp what is a decent shape GP 3000 going for these days?? base unit Does Minelab still service the 3000. thanks
  2. Parker Schnabel's grandpa John Schnabel 96 passed away today March 18. The show Alaska gold won't be the same without him.
  3. That's what I was thinking, some award or campaign medal poss from back east or south judging from the headress.
  4. A friend of mine found this medal and can't find anything about it. On the back is the company Whittfield and Hoague New Jersey. This company was bought out long ago and the old company records were destroyed. Any help appreciated. thanks
  5. sold
  6. In Idaho
  7. n/t
  8. was looking for a new home as it was waiting in a consignment store and I had made an offer on and didn't hear anything back so I forgot about it till yesterday when I got the call that my offer was accepted. It is a 2009 CZ 550 FS in 6.5x55 still in the box with rings and papers unfired. Still had some of that cosmo grease about it. My 1st full stock My worst fear is that when I die my wife will sell the guns for what I told her I paid for them.
  9. Listing this for Marc out of Helena MT GPX 4500 & the box it was shipped in with all the accesories, koss headphones, battery pack + wall & car chargers, Harness, manuals etc Minelab Commander 15" elliptical Coiltek 14" DD Minelab 11" commander Minelab 8" mono Minelab 18" round from GP Extreme set of Calrad headphones $2500.00 for the package Give Marc a call at 406-465-3813 if you have more questions
  10. Finally got my new scope in for my long range shooting. Actually I had it on my CZ PT 22LR for a couple of weeks to see how that shot with it and now put it on my 6BR (Got another Sightron 6-24x42 comming to put back on the 22). Got out early this morning to get it on paper and sighted in. The scope is a Sightron 10-50x60 with fine crosshair & Dot. The rifle is a savage action with 28" barrel (don't know maker as I bought it used) fitted into a Manners stock. I loaded a number of various loads and found that it seems to prefer Varget the best. The loads are Lapua brass with Remmington 7 1/2 primers and 29 grains of Varget topped with a 105 grain Lapua Scenar bullet. This 100 yard 5 shot group puts the projectile right at the top of the inner diamond at 200 yards. Our range only goes to 300 yards so have to find another place that will give me some long distance shooting Should be a fun shooter with the pasture poodles on the far away knobs. and it's just plain fun to shoot. Still haven't been able to tag this one yet
  11. Bought a CZ 455 PT awhile back and had been looking around for a good scope that would focus down to 25 yards. this morning my Sightron III 10-50x60 come in so got it mounted which looks like a little overkill for a 22 and went to the range. It shoots good and getting better. Got 5 holes touching at 50 yards now just have to tighten them up some. I think something like this would look good my 6BR..
  12. My biggest nugget with GB2 was 5.56 oz. found in the tailing piles in Idaho. The nugget Steve found was laying right on top of the ground and could be seen. Maybe others thought it was a big bolt or flat can as there was lots of those out there. I remember he was all smiles as anybody would be after finding that.
  13. Finally was able to get up to the cabin for a couple days of 4-wheeling and some beeping. Looked around the draw for a new dig spot as the old digs seems to have petered out. Got the ML5000 out to give a go and woooeeep coil overload, even in the air, changed coils and same thing, the detector would shut down. Crap!! put it away and got out the GB2 with 6" coil and found a different out cropping of bed rock. Did a little scrape and in the 1st 5 min got a little beeper, picker, ant fart, as it was tiny. More scraping and another one. Was nice and breezy in the draw and the little dink's kept appearing. Was a fun couple of hours and this little spot produced 14 in all for a total weight of 1.2 grams. Going to have to work all the way around the rock out cropping to see what else it will produce and also try and go down hill a little more.
  14. You mean like this one. It is what he used to contact me