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  1. We carry open on our hip here. No laws against it. It is the western way. We have to have a permit for loaded and concealed but unloaded you can keep it under your coat. No laws against that. Here a man can carry outside his pants and that is the way to do it. Everyone knows the score up front and it makes for a very polite society. Laws aren't going to stop people from carrying here anyway. Or stop them from drinking while driving,, smoking pot or doing anything else for that matter. I throw mine up on the dash so the CBP sees it. It eliminates the problem in case they want to search. Otherwise it is in plain sight. I am permitted for concealed carry but rarely carry concealed unless it is cold and my coat covers my waistline.
  2. Gonna be 85 degrees today. Hadn't seen a freeze in a few weeks. The peaches are in full bloom and have green leaves. The dove here never migrated in the fall. The birds are everywhere already. This is not just a warm is spring already. It started in mid January. The ground temps are a full 20 degrees above normal The mesquites never even lost their leaves this year. Many have been green since last April. Its trout season man! Bugs are everywhere and the flies never went away. I saw a praying mantis last night while I was working in my tee shirt. Heck, it should be the depths of winter right now. If it does not rain (again) this summer we are in for one hell of a rough time. This is as dry as it has been ever. I can count the inches of moisture we have had in the last five years on my fingers. No water for irrigation. No grass. No tank water. Hundreds of semis hauling hay into the desert to feed range cattle. Big time weather problems in all agricultural areas. I for one am glad they are making plans to deal with it. It looks like this is a pattern and will continue for some tiime.
  3. Start with this book. The bibliography will lead you to all associated records. "Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona" by Maureen G. Johnson from Gem Guides. ISBN 0-935182-33-0 I have some good info on the Wilcox area south to Douglass and Bisbee. From Exxon Exploration. They have been EVERYWHEREin the 1980's and 90's. It won't do you much good though....they aren't looking for gold but they often found it.
  4. There are whole trees with branches and thorns petrified all over the northern part of New Mexico. The stone yard in Sants Fe has big logs of agatized wood for landscape stones. Most will show some play of color in places. Much is opalized and soft. The little pieces in tertiary gravel are often filled with colors....all the poor soft material has been weathered away. Just outside of Hatch there arre lots of opalized mesquite bushes. I have one with a fork and a big thorn. It would make a perfect stone slingshot....
  6. There is a fine knob and a coarse knob stacked on each other. Set your threshold to a steady buzz and lower the coil. If the sound increases when you lower it turn the coarse knob CCW. If it decreases turn it CW. When you get it as close as you can do the fine adjustment until the threshold is the same when the coil is lowered. Most of those machines ground balance the same so any GM manual will apply. Your tough job with those are to not use too much sensitivity or it will be wild and noisy. Set it at 6-8 and when you get the hang of it inch it up as you learn how to control it. Caliche Chris has the VSAT book.I bet he would sccan you the text if you PM him. Good luck.
  7. Are those tricocerius blooms in your photo?
  8. Happy birthday Grubby. I hope you have a great year!
  9. Fish, Catch and release is very honorable. Most of us throw the little nuggets back and keep the big ones. I never keep anything below a half gram. I just toss 'em back until they get bigger. I love to eat fish. My son and I spearfish a lot. It is kinda like shooting dove underwater. Here it is legal. I learned the hard way that it is not in Arizona. I shot a 15lb. flathead right below Roosevelt dam one evening. I came out of the water and was looking at the toes of a warden's boots. He was a nice guy but I lost my fish. He was stunned and amazed when I came up. He had no idea I was in the water. When I stood up six feet in front of him holding that big fish and a speargun looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon he almost shat himself. So did I. I just love fishin and fishin stories. darn good times with my family and friends. Looking forward to chatting with you Fish!
  10. Here is what you wrote. This is what I am referring to. It is the statement that I am disagreeing with. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion.
  11. Fish, Nice fish! Betchs use those hybrid sunfish hooked in the back on a jugline? Love to fish for those big flatheads man! And anythingg else that swims. I spear fish for them mostly nowdays. What a hoot! Welcome to the forum and be sure to wipe your hands! BB
  12. No. It is the land YOU were talking about. The land you described as "worthless" and should be sold because it was landlocked.
  13. Not oddball pieces like claims. You guys better take a look at a land ownership map of the west. The idea that there are so few landlocked acres it dosent matter is very naieve. The maps are all on the net. I suggest you scan them and see just how much of the public's resources that you advocate being sold as scrap because YOU don't see any value in it. ....I guarantee that many thousands of westerners DO see value in this land. It produces most of the funds in this state from oil and gas royalties, world class hunting and some of the most remote and beautiful landscape on the planet. Grazing leases alone add $6 Mil alone and all of it goes to our schools. Why just give it up and sell it? What would be the rationale for that? There are lots of opportunity for land deals to grant access. They trade land and get new access rotes every day. Three notable instances here in the past few years. No doubt certain parcels need to be eliminated but not simply sold. They trade this land for access elsewhere. There are many pieces traded for private land as well as nature conservancy. The land is bartered and traded to make larer parcels accessable as opportunity arises. White Mountain, Sabinoso, Conchas, Diamond Bar, Wahoo Peak, El Malpais, La Luz...All are areas that have access or are being worked on. To simply give up on these treasures and sell them to a wealthy man to add to his huge land holdings makes no sense. Working toward access makes good sense. The database is basic management. The accessability to the public is just transparency. I would like to know when someone is getting a sweet deal on BLM land. Maybe I want to make a better offer. Maybe the public should know what the government is doing with their resources and who is benefitting? $11 Million sounds like a lot of money. And it is to us. But our public lands are important resources in the west. The BLM dosent. even know what they own especially in areas like New Mexico and Nevada. So the idea that all this should be accounted for and put on a public database (like mining claims and grazing leases) makes good sense to me. ...I WONDER HOW MUCH LR2000 COST? Was it worth investing in publicly tracking surface use? Do you use the system? I think this is a great analogy because this is a mandate for a system like LR200 to track land sales and trades. At least that is the way I am seeing it.
  14. Millions of acres Slim. Access is a big issue. It would be a huge loss to the people to just give it away or sell it for scrap. BLM is our birthright man! We need MORE public land. NOT LESS. For crying out loud half the SFNF is landlocked behind private land. The Gila too. Why the hell would anyone advocate getting rid of this land? It just does not make sense at all. What would happen if we let some insanely wealthy man buy this like the rest of New Mexico? We would be paying him to hunt on land that was public. Just like another Bell Ranch or Diamond Bar that now makes a fine living charging people for what once belonged to them. Talk about SOCIALISM. The government selling public land rather than working to provide access. Now here is one smart idea! About as smart as a box of rocks if you ask me. ...the landlocked BLM land in the Permian Basin is the richest gas field in the US. How about we make a smoking deal with the Koch brothers because Dakota Slim sees no value in it if he can't get his 35 foot camper in there to pan gold.....
  15. You do know there are vast landlocked pieces throughout the west? Sabinoso wilderness? My God man! You just figure we ought to sell all of that landlocked public land off??