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  1. 8 vetoed and the insane ammo registration bill,scam for a $50 every year for a permit, MUST be voted on in the November election to be law. The fight continues against the city folks and we are definitely the minority-John
  2. Back in the early 90s I found a Lambo key for a Persian fella at Corona Del Mar beach and got a $100 as he refused to NOT give me anything, said he'd lost before and over $500 back in the day, now??? John
  3. I'd KILL FOR SOME COLD-108 YESTERDAY AND 111+ TODAY. thanx much for pics of heaven, party on and hope the gold flows into your poke-John
  4. You might not know it GKL but you just found gold with your el cheapo detector post.....John
  5. Hate rattlers and always carry for that reason. Anti-venon has gotten insanely expensive BUT the other option of a dirtnap is no good either. Amazing Nat. Geo. show had the complete story on venom collecting, processing and startling new info as to exactly where you were and kill that snake and bring it in to the doc. They proved in ARIZONA specifically the difference in venom in rattlers can be different in a few miles now as they also adapt to changing climates. What helped 20 miles away may be useless , amazing and scary. Be careful out there-John
  6. Same idea different coasts---great minds think alike as experience mandates who, what and where-kudos on cash always-John
  7. What a hoot. Can you just imagine diggn' that monster up. Now how do I put it in my finds pouch? hmmm-thanx much for video-John
  8. Sure it is free as I always keep the tires and turn into the Recycle events for FREE and keep my cash in my pocket where it belongs. Jus sayn'....John
  9. When working beaches in kalif I always went , as much as possible anyhow, to the "rich" folks beaches ie; Corona Del Mar,Cabrillo, Palo Verde, Laguna Nigel etc as they always wear that insanely expensive jewelry to show off and lose for us. Jus' sayn' when the going gets tough head for another and smile again. Lots a luck-John
  10. Sure beats finding dirty coins as straight to cash with no cleaning or hock shop involved rocks-great finds-John
  11. GREAT old PCSC always has done a righteous job. Is this Camp Williams on the old Follows camp spot or new area?? Have numerous Gkids in LA and when there I drag out to the boonies and take their electronic garbage away so they don't walk off a cliff or on a snake. Like yesterday up here...idiots(gdaughter boyfriend) plays with the friggn' thing all the time---John
  12. by by by my my my dirty totten (*&^%$# -killing mining is insanity. Fallows Camp(not allowed to rebuild) was a righteous place to train folks, test new equipment designs, great gold shows, good dining and cold beer and plenty of cheer. NOW there will be nowhere to take kids for free so on the street in boredom for crime/drugs to reign supreme. This country is in deep kakaka-John
  13. Mo' faster=Mo' fun 4 m2. I went to Wyoming to a huge 4th miner party and their CHP clocked me at 112. When stopped I was asked "Why so fast"? I respectfully told the officer that's when the governor steps in. He chuckled and let me go BUT said no second chance. Hell in calif I've never even got a first chance so calmed down but that freeway was straight ,flat and open for miles and miles...John-
  14. NEVER go wrong with a Toyota 4 x 4. I'n down to 2 and thinkn' about a 3rd as I need another car. Tires depend on your particular area geology. I've seen some work great in the desert and shred to death instantly in the mountains. Consumers-no ads ever-in their latest tests and over 125,000 comments came up with HankookDynaproAT-M, Goodyear Wrangler Adventure/Kevlar, Michelin LTX AT2 ,Cooper Discoverer AT/W. Falken WildPeak A/To1 were also listed BUT bad rolling resistance,wet/dry/snow/ice performance as a off road tire not meant for a street truck. I'm looking for tires on my 04 taco so info at hand. I buy everything based on these reports annually as concerned consumers in huge quantities relate their experiences honestly. John