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  1. God bless GOOP products in all it's many forms
  2. A friend of mine has gone to Oregon twice in the past 10 years or so to do the dredging for them to prove out the viability(Prudent Man Rule) and both were issued after many MANY years of waiting and piles of cash$$$$$$$$ sic sic sic as our guberment prefer Chinese metals for our high tech trinkets at ungodly prices instead of home mined---sad sic sic sic situation... John
  3. Dots? what dots?we ain't got no stinkn' dots....
  4. Now ain't that a peach-raise the price on a patent application when they have refused to issue one in over 10 years now??? sic sic sic-John
  5. Just took my crazy Irish friend to Mt. Shasta to O'Sulliven yesterday for die injected cat scan to see whatzup. At 4:30 today at mdi a mri for me,kneck AND lumber as neck fulla broken glass and spine torn discs,stenosis and arthritic claws hahahaha what a ball gettn' this far. Docs all glum but I say my god o what fun gettn' this far. That bs about 2 hours and out is lies as sent them a cd of last mris and they said weeks in the hospital. much pt and almost surely multiple ops both top/bottom- Wish you all the luck in the world Ron....John
  6. 57 buckets quick call a ambulance and flush with tequila to revive...great gold well earned. John
  7. sic sic sic we don't need minerals as china and home depot have them aplenty...
  8. I didn't get this old eating that John
  9. Verizon is great BUT I use a old school flip phone as both digital and analog so where 1 doesn't get a signal the other mode kicks in and like magic connections almost anywhere. Try THAT with these hi falutin smart phones as all digital hahahaha-John
  10. 3rd visit to this thread and the righteous wonders of nature just keep looking better.....amazing species...thanx for great closeup pics-John
  11. nothing like success, great rough and gnarly nuggets for sure John
  12. Here at the Redding Drags Doc(tv show street reacers) and another fellow(senior moment) were here last week and what a show. They were here to hype drags as more than 10% closing each year..their figures...I was raised at Lions Dragstrip(RIP) in Long Beach and Ascot circle(RIP) in Torrance. Many fantastic memories since the early 60s....Still addicted to speed/show cars and a righteous race of monster trucks, here next weekend too. YAHOO party time as nothing like the smell of nitrous intermixed with burnt rubber.....John
  13. Geodes are akin to Christmas presents as no 2 ever alike and that one is indeed a great specimen, good job on cut/polish John
  14. not that's the way it's done. TOUGH slippery looking territory and as you just proved carrying extras of just about everything matters much as we definitely wear out equipment fast. thanks much for the pic tag along-John
  15. Kudos on the gold and a strong back-John