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  1. Happened many times as the Ancient River of Gold clay sure is colorful. John
  2. amazing find-kudos-John
  3. Get the shots every year except one-then flu 3 times from oct 12-march 13, and never before or since. John
  4. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that wire gold species reminds me of our dog creek gold. I have a hunk in the sdbox from the early 90s about 1/2 oz and covet them intricate pieces as rare as hens teeth. Kudos on a righteous day-wish you many MANY more John
  5. Quick where is that butter and garlic wow must have been one heck of a righteous fight for that monster-John
  6. I've revisited this fantastic thread at least 4 times now as this is just a amazing trove. Son just awoke and showed him as his jaw hit the ground I got a good laugh...pushed my rolling chair outta the way and upn' down the thread a few times. NOW this is the way to start the day...poor boy infected with the fever at a early age(first dredge at 5) and best valentine gift ever was his comment. Thank you again as this floats my boat. KUDOS for sharing-John...yes to playing with mercury too as coated the silver coins(beach finds by the 1,000s) and made them look new and shiney. Coated them silver filings and shined for day too hahahahaha....chelation therapy fixed all that heavy metal ignorance back in the early 80s
  7. I know at least a dozen or so who use solar and wind and making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ within 5 years as up here in N Calif rates gone up 2-3-4 times a year. I haven't seen a $100 bill in at least 10 years. My last one was over $340 . GREAT effective units out as technology has advanced to new heights. Get off that burro and buy a truck...Toyota preferably...John
  8. What amazes me is the lousy pay.last time I was called in calif was dozens of years ago( you cannot thread a moving needle 5 times in 3 days and then call it rape) I got like $6 and told to never come back. I got'm goooood with my comment. What is the pay in New Mexico,AZ any others know??John
  9. Absolutely amazing finds. Now that is a real treasure trove of mining history. A simple air press will get the gold from the old mercury. I don't really like retorts that much myself after Butler Labs owner (30+ years experience)died from it FAST. Put in a safer plastic containment, then under water in a sealed bucket to seal in vapor. DOT now mandates glycerine water mix but never ship it as they will come visit you. John
  10. Battery storage capacity is a huge part of the equation as Musk has some amazing technology in the TESLA line of industrial units, home also. They have even installed the massive ones in Kauai to help cut utility costs which are huge there. You sure sound like you have a plethora of power. Color me green with envy as my HOA says no not never John
  11. lots of nice petoskey stone also-John
  12. Their government is copying our insanity and declaring mine mine mine...sic sic sic-John
  13. I have found they last a lot longer than wood as they are stolen for firewood. I punch in a steel fence post then pvc pipe-then cement it and surrounding rocks. I love it when environutz run their vehicles into them as coolant, engine oil, trans fluid marks the spot ....summa beaches-John
  14. Seen something very close to that, at least uncoffeed brain with a fever says so, posted back a few years ago in Africa. AMAZING specimens color me green with envy-John
  15. WOW NICE FINDS. We had 6" of rain in 2 days,lightning,thunder and hail hail rock and roll...drought what drought? we don't got no stinkn' drought....or Oroville dam going away also...scary stuff as will make 1997 massive flood look like a picnic-google and behold the might of mother nature AMAZING-John