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  1. WOW that's a whole lotta work and some really nice looking gold. Thanks for the tagalong-John
  2. Got me hooked as treasure,anchor and draghooks all go together. Hope it's another Atocha-John
  3. Great finds a true 2 fpr 1 deal-John
  4. Like your posting it but hate content....sic dogs want to close close close-regulate-restrict-on and on-John
  5. Ship found and massive anchor and many artifacts galore. NEXT comes the treasures after iron/brass/bronze removed. SOOO cool Wish I wasn't a fog -John
  6. I've seen a lot of ugly things in my long life but never gold of any ilk-thanks much to all for the pics as nothing finer-John
  7. Eyes are great detectors. Best biggest nugget of 90 was found doing my am duty. It was just sitting there on top of a bundle of grape vine roots. Called it the Grunt nugget John
  8. Beautiful finds-John
  9. In 60+ years of gold grubbn' I never threw one back. Great tenacity- John
  10. I'll drink to that one also. Any miner is a brother of the same tribe-John
  11. Amazing species for sure and sounds like that land was a GREAT buy-John
  12. Hope you have a great day as covet them 40s as they move along quick-John
  13. Great looking necklace for sure. Hook, line and sinker not so as we find 1,000s of salmon snag rigs in the trinity and them massive treble hook rigs will ruin your day. I wear very thick dive boots and probe with a screwdriver first. Great find-kudos-John
  14. Mining and treasure hunting require patience and will just wait and see BUT Atocha on his map does prove that at least some are accurate. Could have saved them many years and millions of dollars as admitted by Fisher...jus' sayn' patience is a virtue-John