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  1. And we consider that fun tons a au 2 u 2-John
  2. I like the new pic posted on home web page header as makes'm look all dignified and such.... John
  3. amazing list, but your home also John
  4. KRAZY pics for sure. Lets play with it now with our hands I too want green teeth and no problems EVER as when your Mad as a hatter. I give my mercury ALL the respect in the world and every safety precaution always. In the 90s in the OC old man Butlers lab killed him as fumation hood stopped/slowed(he didn't live so no one really knows)and in the late 70s a fella on the Yuba decided to clean up some gold in his camper next door at Union Flats with wife/2 kids whilst they slept...ALL GONE. Had-past tense-a friend who went nutzo on that stuff fingernails etc etc..Err on the side of caution always as used over 60 years and still going strong-John
  5. Great nuggets for sure. We'd have to wear wetsuits here to detect WITH weights as winds gust from 56-75 mph and over 6" of rain in spots. NOW here comes 2 days of the BIG ONE. Color me green with envy as running all over helping out folks now. Thanx much for the gold fix-John
  6. tried/looked again ,even typed in comment section on search function-I do not sign in to anything anymore so that must be a prerequisite?John
  7. YAHOO FOR UTAH... Fantastic Sheriff and dollars to donuts a elected one. Him and Sheriff Joe of AZ rock my world as testiculiar fortitude against federal intervention is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy past due. THANX much for post as needed some good news today bad-John
  8. BIG difference since fisher bought out..coils especially on GB Pro models-John
  9. I trying a letter to the editor/manager today...John
  10. What a crock a $#!+.. spent many 1000s of days there since a kid . Went to many miners conventions there,held 100s of dredging,mining and detecting classes there. NEVER a problem from miners--some went apesquat with massive holes but come the next spring you couldn't tell a thing. Good food, cold beer and always a good word as darts and pool and miners bs carried on till the wee hours. Have many photos as we always used it to test out 100s of prototypes both wet and dry...sic sic sic bs rant. Gotta write a comment somehow on that crock a bs John
  11. Old Toyotas never die, just their owners. That title sure fooled me as I thought you had gotten a divorce aka walletectomy royale. That sweet old chariot will rise from the ashes and carry you on to riches forevermore. John
  12. I'm old school as the only thing I trust is the county recorders offices, the net NEVER, as wasted too much $$$ and time repeatedly on wild goose chases. John
  13. bee utiful-John
  14. I covet mine above all others unless tons a tin/junk then my LST with a tad a disc brings home the gold. Thanx for the good time-John
  15. RUN FORREST RUN discretion is best with a hurricaine is abreast'-wish ya all luck-John