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  1. Nugget Finder 14" mono Advantage Litz Wire coil Phoenix area $459.00 new $325.00 OBO Nugget Finder 18" Mono Advantage Litz Wire coil Phoenix area $547.00 new $375.00 OBO IMG_0070.MOV
  2. Coiltek Camo 14" round mono Elite for sale $405.00 new. Light use, comes with cloth bag and original box. Phoenix area. $305.00 IMG_0067.MOV
  3. Awesome find
  4. The 7000 is working it's magic. Very nice !!
  5. very nice
  6. This was just under 1 ounce, notice the bent over piece,it had a piece of gravel tucked inside.
  7. GPX 5000 for sure. You can take it out of the box and find gold. I found a 2.05 oz Arizona gold nugget with factory presets. And last year it found over 3 oz of gold in Arizona in 2 weeks, detecting only on weekends.
  8. That was awesome thanks for sharing.
  9. Have you got the date yet?
  10. Great News. Get healthy if you ain't got your health, you've got nothin'
  11. Only problem is 118 degrees.Too hot to be out there during day.
  12. Just a heads up for those of you that don't use a bungee or hipstick to help hold up that 5000 with a large coil. I thought I was indestructible and didn't need one of THOSE things. Well I had the dreaded rotator cuff surgery on my detector arm in mid January. Now after 14 weeks of physical therapy, they said if I am careful, I can detect with a bungee for an hour or less until this fall. Then its a gradual rebuilding of my arms ability to detect a full day. Take care of your shoulders.THIS SUCKS
  13. Last I heard there were 165 miners already signed up for the event.Should be a great time,Weather permitting. Dave
  14. It was doing that before I broke it. Largest nugget this year was a 1.3 oz ,but it also found a .9 oz and a .5 oz all in May. Dave
  15. I had an accident and fell on my GPX 5000. I slid down a hill into a wash and landed on the detector. One of the back legs broke, which opened the side of the case around the rubber seal.It still worked after the crash, I found 3 small dinks and 2 that were about a pennyweight each. I sent it into the service center 2.5 weeks ago and got it back yesterday.That is impressive. I'll get it out next week and see if it works any better. Dave