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  1. G's guyz,...for the amount of time you spent on this subject,...u'all coulda found a specie.....
  2. hey there Yucca(bill), i cant say much for pioneertown,...never spent the time nor have i heard any of the FirstClassMiners finding any color there. i only cruise through there (pioneertown) on the way to rattlesnake canyon...its about 15miles north/west of pioneertown. Some nice color there if you know where to look. As far as Dale District,.. at one time this place was very rich in placers but has been pounded hard over time. My partner and i have a claim in the southern dale District that has done well, but the placers are deep... FCM have 2 claims in the Dale area,... i personally have found some nice nuggs on there claims. You might consider joining if you live in the area. There a great/fun group with a wealth of knowledge. Dont give in, keep that chin up, ur bound to find the motherLode. YelloSn0w
  3. Very nice Adam,.... i got ah Keene151 that i have used once (3hrs),...found a few specs....ur pics make me wanna give it another try,.... but just love the adventure a whole lot better with a detector in my handz. GreatJob Yello
  4. just love it Kid,...what beautiful pieces.... great job... .....Yello
  5. LSD

    just wonderin,... where exactly is LSD ?,...