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  1. Great job Tom! I have been itching to start my prospecting season but work keeps saying no. AJ
  2. Good work! I had similar results last Sunday but it took all day. Looking forward to this cooler weather. AJ
  3. Just my two cents. Selling coins is very easy and usually get twenty to fourth over spot for the gold. BJ's Stamp is great if you are in the valley. AJ
  4. I can't wait for it to cool off myself. Prospecting is painful right now. Keep up the good work. AJ
  5. Nice nuggets. Looks like your getting the hang of the SDC. GOOD JOB, AJ
  6. Thanks for the comments guys. I haven't been posting any stories or pics lately because the size of the pics. I finally got a photo resizing app and will share more. I do hunt at night when it is hot like this but I also take a lot of precautions. Night hunts are not cut out for everyone and is not my preferred method. I only tolerate it for the climate. AJ
  7. It is nice to see a few new finds from the few that are braving the heat. The heat and thunderstorms noise have really made it tough but the 5000 keeps doing it's part. I managed to make it out yesterday evening with the 17" NF and dug three nuggets. The fist was a sunbaker and in the lower left of the picture. I went on to dig two more trash targets and bingo 2 1/2 gram nugget. This is a new wash for me with plenty of old trash so you can understand my excitement. I went on to dig many more targets before heading back to the quad. I decided to check an old patch to see what the rain had done but no luck in material movement. I decided to detect anyway and too my surprise I found another target. All targets in this area are gold. It was a great time but after six hours I was exhausted and called it a day. AJ
  8. You don't see them like that every day. Very nice. AJ
  9. Adam you are one tough dude! I don't know if you are a better gold finder or photographer. Good stuff for sure. AJ
  10. Tom, I'm glad the kids and I got to stop in for a short visit. Turns out the fishing trip got cancelled and we could have stayed. Maybe next time there will be time to hunt. AJ
  11. Good job on the nugget. Pay attention to the type of ground you are suscessfull in and it will come in handy later. Type of bedrock, associated stones, color of dirt and possible contact zones. Also in most gold districts the variables are different so a little luck goes a long way. Good luck in the future. AJ
  12. Night hunting can get you out when most others have quit for the season. I also work night shift a lot so it comes easy for me. Another advantage is I don't miss any family time because I get home when everyone is waking up. There are rules I follow when I go out at night. Always have a second light, GPS is a must, never jump ridges, carry a gun. Pick a drainage and work it up and back then move to the next. Oh yea snake guards are a must. AJ
  13. Great job guys! Your not alone out there but may be after this weekend. It is getting warm for sure. AJ
  14. Happy birthday to you and happy Flag Day!
  15. Thanks guys for the birthday wishes. I hope you all are doing well. AJ