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  1. Good job on the nugget. Pay attention to the type of ground you are suscessfull in and it will come in handy later. Type of bedrock, associated stones, color of dirt and possible contact zones. Also in most gold districts the variables are different so a little luck goes a long way. Good luck in the future. AJ
  2. Night hunting can get you out when most others have quit for the season. I also work night shift a lot so it comes easy for me. Another advantage is I don't miss any family time because I get home when everyone is waking up. There are rules I follow when I go out at night. Always have a second light, GPS is a must, never jump ridges, carry a gun. Pick a drainage and work it up and back then move to the next. Oh yea snake guards are a must. AJ
  3. Great job guys! Your not alone out there but may be after this weekend. It is getting warm for sure. AJ
  4. Happy birthday to you and happy Flag Day!
  5. Thanks guys for the birthday wishes. I hope you all are doing well. AJ
  6. Great job! I love sunbakers.
  7. I use Black Widows when I choose to use any at all. Most of the time I use external speakers due to comfort and environment. Make sure you get independant volume control because not all have the option. AJ
  8. Luckily I have never found an antique.
  9. He must have been everywhere! I have a couple of those as well. AJ
  10. Very nice! You couldn't ask for better than that.
  11. After using a 14x9 coil the round coil may be tough getting used too. Target location is a little different. Give it a try and don't give up too quick. You may end up liking it. AJ
  12. If you like stability try the 8" or 11" Commander. You will definitely be able to scrub the ground and not have to listen to all that noise. AJ
  13. Me too
  14. Check PM
  15. Good job. Love the feeling of a new spot to work. AJ