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  1. Try Special/fine gold-Custom/high mineral for some of the nasty stuff. Keep the gain just under the factory preset. This works extremely will on hot shallow bedrock. You will still hear the ground but signal response on the tiny stuff is loud and clear. The downfall with this setting is you loose a lot of depth. AJ
  2. My machine stays in fixed all the time and balances just fine. Don't over think it just press the balance and pump when needed. AJ
  3. This is just my experience and others may disagree. Don't expect a DD will ignore those pesky hot rocks any better than a Mono. For a couple years I used a DD on and off and never found any advantage over a Mono other than discrimination and cancel mode for interference. I haven't run a DD in several years because they have proven for me to be inferior in the AZ desert and I never run in discrimination. I am much more skilled and confident in the target responses and false signals of a Mono coil. Don't expect because you run a GPX it will always purr like a kitten. Once you learn all the hot rocks and heavy black sand noise in your area you may choose to ignore some of these sounds. Until then like the rest of us you should be scratching and digging all the signals you encounter. AJ
  4. Good job on the nuggets! Slim pickins seems to be the norm for everyone in this heat. It is getting tougher to keep pushing further. Be safe out there. AJ
  5. I did manage to get out for a few hours but got the skunk. My brother scored a nice chunk that weighed 1.8 grams with his 7000. Maybe he will post a pic. Thanks for the B-day wishes.
  6. Very cool Mike! Glad you got a chance get out. AJ
  7. Here are a few more from the same place as last week. I put the Joey coil on and worked the area a little more thoroughly. The smaller of the five was found by sight but I kept it anyway. Hope you enjoy. AJ
  8. A bungee would have made life easier. Next time I will remember to drag it along.
  9. It has been a long time since I have posted any of my finds. I started detecting Monday morning in an old patch with a NF round 20" coil. I forgot how bad that can wear your arm out. I wish I could say I found some really big gold but I didn't. After about four hours I changed to the 14" coil and tried some new areas. Just as I was leaving I saw one last tributary. Finally after about seven hours I got over some gold and then another and some more. Never give up. Like they say confidence is everything!
  10. Happy Birthday buddy!
  11. Great job Tom! I have been itching to start my prospecting season but work keeps saying no. AJ
  12. Good work! I had similar results last Sunday but it took all day. Looking forward to this cooler weather. AJ
  13. Just my two cents. Selling coins is very easy and usually get twenty to fourth over spot for the gold. BJ's Stamp is great if you are in the valley. AJ
  14. I can't wait for it to cool off myself. Prospecting is painful right now. Keep up the good work. AJ
  15. Nice nuggets. Looks like your getting the hang of the SDC. GOOD JOB, AJ