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  1. Sorry Mike, here are two of several reports on the subject. I realize that some of the information referring to lower temp ignition of wood has to do with long exposure. Obviously that does not apply to the original post, but this does cast doubt on your temp claims. Please note information regarding; Oakwood dry, paper, pinewood dry, and wood. Roger P.
  2. Thanks Ben, I hate to admit it but that actually made sense to me. I appreciate the responses and now I have to figure out where to go here in the Colordo Springs area Roger
  3. Thanks y'all, This is pretty much what I figured but it still seems odd. Oh well, that's what they call me sometimes (odd that is) Thanks again Roger
  4. Hi Folks, I have been a "lurker" on this board for quite a long time and I am finally getting a small start on a collection. I started checking out some of the listings on EBay.and I am confused about prices. I have read over and over how rare meteorites are yet there are some really interesting looking meteorites at some (in my opinion) quite low prices. Granted, a lot of them are pretty small, but I am confused about how a reasonable price is determined. It seems to me that if something is "rarer than diamonds" that the price would be pretty high. I have made a point of watching what I feel are reliable vendors. Just curious, thanks, Roger
  5. This is not "eco-correct" but pick up a can of wasp and hornet spray. It will give amazing results. Roger
  6. Boy, I hate to admit it but I am at the stage that I keep a backup set of keys in my pocket. My "main" set is attached to a steel rod, so I lose it rarely, but...... Roger