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  1. As I have already posted, I like to prospect with the use of chemicals, it's quick (but not cheap,), and takes all the guess work out of the process ( at least most of it ), and ( at least to me ) its fun. And in the process of buying some new lab equipment from a new to me supplier, I was informed by them that, there was some equipment that due to Texas law, they could not sell to me ! Now I have some lab glassware that I have had for years, but I'm wanting to try some of the newer ( at least to me, because some of these tests have be in use for 20 or 30 years ) tests and I don't have the equipment needed to do them. Just was never interested in doing them but wish I had ! Some of the needed equipment is on the forbidden list, well am I in shock, am I in a rage, you bet your last dime I am ! As a law abiding citizen of the state of Texas I have to ask PERMISSION to buy or possess a stupid piece of glass (not one but a whole list ), why? because some nit wit in office thinks that, it will not get into the hands of even bigget nit wits that will use it to make DOPE! The forms I downloaded to get all the information so I can APPLY for a permit to buy any of those items, was written by lawyers, and as you might guess, it takes one to understand what it all means, and if you fill it out wrong in any way they won't process it so you don't get it. This could go on and on but by now you get the picture. How's the D.E.A. fit into this mess? You have to get on there web site to find out if any of the chemicals you have to use is on there FORBIDDEN list. Yep you know what your going to run into, Now most of them are not something other than a drug maker large or small would ever be using so no big loss, but there are a few that have been in use by prospectors to test for Gold, Zinc, Lead, Copper and more. Iodine, used to test for gold by one of the oldest chemical test known " Purple of Cassius " Acetone Sulfuric Acid Hydrochloric Acid: Toluene; used to run cxHM test for Zinc, Lead, and Copper, ( this test is used world wide, and toluene can and is used where Xylene in unavailable ). And there are several others that can or are used in the testing for minerals. The part that should concern prospectors is the fact that the amount they can buy and have on hand is not clear, it only states it should not be of an amount that might cause someone to THINK it would be used to manufacture drugs with. If any of you think you want to get into testing for minerals with the use of chemicals please check your state laws and the the D.E.A.s web site first to make sure your not breaking any laws. I havent got to the border patrol people yet to see what kind of problems I might have if they pull into my camp and see what I have in it. It would most likely look like a small scale drug lab. This could be a very big problem if a person is set up anywhere south of I 40 interstate and I'm not jokeing! MAKE SURE your right, then go ahead!
  2. Now I know most prospectors don't go looking for trouble of any kind they just want to go looking for Gold or Silver or what ever, I'am the same way except I look for them a little bit different than most of you. I try to learn from the big mining companys and the U.S.G.S. by using chemical tests to tell me what 's in the soil or rock instead of me just looking and guessing whats there, They don't and I won't ever again. There are a number of tests the a prospector can do on there own with chemicals to help locate ore bodys and such.Want to know if that heavy dark looking rock you picked up and carryed back to camp or home has Silver in it? Well don't bother eyeballing it because VERY few rocks that have silver in them, show it, but you can find out in just a minute or two with a simple chemical test called the Hypo-Test. Heres how to do it. First you need get the chemicals: you'll have to go to a chemical supply house to get them. 2 or 3lb.s of Sodium Thiosulfate ( used for years in darkroons as film fixer ) and 1lb of Sodium Sulfate. ( this stuff is VERY stinky stuff, open and use it out of doors or you'll wish you had, and don't get it on you'll have to wear it off! A test tube: 1/2" x 6" is large enough, look in a hobby store for it. 1gal. of distilled water, don't use tap or spring water. Now you need to crush your rock to powder ( -80 mesh or finer ) Keep in mind there is going to be very little silver in most rocks you just pick up so you might need to pick up a lb. or two and pan it down to about a tablespoon of con.s to have it show in your test. You want about a half inch of sample in the test tube, then pour in about two to two and a half inchs of a saturated solution of sodium thiosulfate ( a saturated solution is when you can't get anymore of the chemical to dissolve in a fixed amount of water ) ( when you buy your chemicals ask if they have a 250 or 500 ml wash bottle) buy one or two of them to use with the sodium thiosulfate to make your life simple. Cap the test tube with a stopper or your thumb and shake hard for two minutes or so, then let stand for 5 minutes or so , (till it settles most of the sample and clears up some. Then add 1or 2 drops of sodium sulfate ( Make this up as a saturated solution also) and do not shake! If there is any silver in your sample a black ring will form at the top, if no black ring no silver! Use a plain old eye dropper for this. If your sample is a sulfide, you'll have to roast it before testing ( heating it untill its red hot and it quites smoking will be enough ) As this turned out a little longer that I thought it would I'll do a different post to tell you how you can get in trouble with the DEA!
  3. darn Jim; That sure puts a new meaning to swinging " LOW AND SLOW " !!!! Hope you get up and out soon.
  4. If you are finding that much black sands and that little of gold you need to find a better spot to work! The time you waste with all that black sand can't be paying off, spend that time looking for better paying ground. Rule one of mining,never fall in love with a hole-in- the ground thats not worth it! If the gold is'ent there all your wishing it was is not going to make it so!
  5. Glad you found the book it's a good read. Try to find the other one it has some information in it that Tom did'ent inglud in his; its not much but every littlt bit of information is a big help. You can also find some more information in I.C.M.J. back issues if you did a little. Look at September 2004 March 2004 and if you look hard enough there is some others that I can't remember right now. Just scan the contents of all the back issues and you'll find a lot of information.
  6. If you really want to learn about hunting fo pocket gold you need to get on line and find " The Elusive POCKET GOLD of South Western Oregon " by Tom Bohmker and How to Prospect for Pocket Gold by Vern H. Ballantyne These two books will tell you all you ever need to know on the subject. Pocket gold can and is found anywhere gold in quartz is found just hunt those areas. First you have to learn what to look for ! HH
  7. Don't think they make sec.80 only up to sec,40 you might try Google an see what it turns up
  8. Nice looking rocks you got there! Can't help but wonder thou, why use a detector if you don't dig up what it's telling you is there? If it makes noise there is a reason, an yes it might be junk, or mineralization, or gold, but if you don't stay in that hole untill you know for sure what it was trying to tell you then you might as well leave it at home. Low and slow and dig tell you know !!!!! ( not a rant, just my take on it ) HH
  9. Those flakes that won't wash out may contain heavey minerals that are so fine you won't see them. If you can pick them out you might try crushing them and rerunning them without anything else in the bowl just to see if there is any. No telling what you might find.
  10. Hello Bigrex, I have and sometime use a xt18000 which is basicly the same detector as yours without that problem so it is my guess that it has a problem of some sort. I'd send it in and have it checked. There a good detector, not as deep as an SD or any of the newer one's but still a good detector.
  11. Nice looking nuggets !!!!!! Hope you can find enough to start your own zoo!
  12. Seen it on the news last night! This 50# nugget is suppose to tour the U.S. It was found by to guys in the land down under with a detector. Keep look out for when / if it comes to your town. 50#s HOT darn !!!!!!!!!! One of the largest nuggets ever found anywhere in the world !
  13. Where you at in ID ? You detect only ? Welcome to the forum. Whats wrong with ID gold, still lots of it there. Yea I know about the cold and the snow, so what else is stoping you ? Ever try the Bitterroots ? I know there's lot's of claims but there's still a lot of open ground to.
  14. darn Bob you sound like you need a cup of joe or did you have one and someone piss in it when you wern't looking ? In anycase your right on as usual, now take a deep breath and say MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
  15. Way to go !!!!