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  1. My Latino wife and half breed kids have more smarts than to swallow the kool-aid.
  2. Sad state of this Representative Republic when these are what we have to choose from. Moses warned us...
  3. Looks like ex girlfriend's chastity belt...
  4. Malucos cut you off and surround you. Getting back to car/hotel is dicey. Plus the beaches are really trashy. They bring everything into the beach and just leave the trash where it falls. My beach experience was in Macieo---more of a non international beach. Rio may be slightly better beacause of that. I believe Garimpo beeped in Rio years ago. Said trick was to watch during the day and see the spots where They got all greased up then return later. I suspect he liked doing "research".
  5. That's something Garimpo can use down there with all those morenos....
  6. That's the argument for them.... Had there been a crowded intersection where someone got clipped---that video is money.
  7. Stateside they are not as "needed" as in many countries. I got t-boned in Brazil. Stop signs are just a suggestion. That's when I started looking into them. Folks that live in cities probably should get one as the newer ones turn on with motion. That's good for petty criminals and the sort.
  8. Dead of winter. Time to slip around with the old Keene tri-fold sluice. Uploads/0617161635.jpg.html?filters[user]=126961472&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=10
  9. I think it works now.
  10. In our of internet service here. Maybe this works.
  11. Just in case you think you have rowdy neighbors. Cut short----you can hear my wife saying let's get out of here--- they were coming down and we needed to beat feet. 0610161109a.mp4
  12. F-22 we're active today. Sometimes that's all it takes.
  13. Haven't been thru AZ summer so can't say yet. Bit hot last few times out but just staying covered up and hydrated does the trick. Heading back to Brazil in a few days so won't be able to test my limits.
  14. USCOE really gobbled up lots of good water. The Chestatee was still worth dredging in till they "annexed" it. Weekend Gold Miners had some good claims on upper Etowah and just outside Dalhanaga. Don't even know if the exist anymore. Before I moved to Brazil a golf course was built on good land. Lousy progress.
  15. I forgot all about Coker creek. The Buchanan claim ain't good for nothin'. Not far from here were some good spots around Dallas, Villa Rica. All private property but I had some ins---lived in Hiram for a few years.