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  1. Dead of winter. Time to slip around with the old Keene tri-fold sluice. Uploads/0617161635.jpg.html?filters[user]=126961472&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=10
  2. I think it works now.
  3. In our of internet service here. Maybe this works.
  4. Just in case you think you have rowdy neighbors. Cut short----you can hear my wife saying let's get out of here--- they were coming down and we needed to beat feet. 0610161109a.mp4
  5. F-22 we're active today. Sometimes that's all it takes.
  6. Haven't been thru AZ summer so can't say yet. Bit hot last few times out but just staying covered up and hydrated does the trick. Heading back to Brazil in a few days so won't be able to test my limits.
  7. USCOE really gobbled up lots of good water. The Chestatee was still worth dredging in till they "annexed" it. Weekend Gold Miners had some good claims on upper Etowah and just outside Dalhanaga. Don't even know if the exist anymore. Before I moved to Brazil a golf course was built on good land. Lousy progress.
  8. I forgot all about Coker creek. The Buchanan claim ain't good for nothin'. Not far from here were some good spots around Dallas, Villa Rica. All private property but I had some ins---lived in Hiram for a few years.
  9. Who banned dredging? NC or GA? Was a GPAA member for one year back in the early '90's---claims in Dahlonega belt were awful. Local clubs had great claims in till development and Corps of Engineers ruined much. I miss those hills. Sure was a different type of prospecting.
  10. A partnership is the only ship that won't sail.
  11. Funny thing gold fever is... My girl always wants to go out with me. My boy never took interest untill he saw. Others using detectors at the last outing. Biggest problem with prospectors tends to be prospectors. Weird is normal. Unfortunately, surly is also normal.
  12. Last few weeks of good hunting weather--- folks out getting gold? I've always been curious about the amount of people that sign up compared to active posters.
  13. It is more mobile friendly.
  14. No store. Just the RO machines mentioned plus another outside Circle K. The water from the RO ain't great but it sure beats the tap in Wickenburg.
  15. Since my family and I are eatin' and running I tought I should bring a some beer to keep the crowds happy. Any particular brands that are the popular type for this part of the world?. I'll bring along bag of charcoal to help the cause.