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  1. I like the heat. No utv's. No RV desparado. I guess it is a little risky being out by myself but, I have no friends, therefore no choice the gold calls me...
  2. Miss those days. Sure the gold was small but there was nothing better than the cold water in the middle of August. A break for a few brewskis and a nap under an oak...
  3. That's good stuff. Best of all no payments! Have a pow wow about what a big deal that is ---setting aside a few hundred bucks monthly as if she did have payments will put her way ahead of the game.
  4. Put your birthday suit on and go swimming!
  5. True---honey bees whether European or African are not native to the Americas. They are a big pollenater now but many species of native bees have gone extinct because of them. The vanilla bean bee is an example. Now, all vanilla orchard must be hand pollenated.
  6. Thanx AuSeeker. Wet and soggy here in Wickenburg. Spent the day indoors--- my little girl has same B-Day so we baked sweets all day...
  7. My liver will be processing some hooch tonight. I have a green house---grow it , pick it, eat it. But just because it's natural is not always the best. Uranium, nightshshade and Stavesacre are natural.
  8. My Latino wife and half breed kids have more smarts than to swallow the kool-aid.
  9. Sad state of this Representative Republic when these are what we have to choose from. Moses warned us...
  10. Looks like ex girlfriend's chastity belt...
  11. Malucos cut you off and surround you. Getting back to car/hotel is dicey. Plus the beaches are really trashy. They bring everything into the beach and just leave the trash where it falls. My beach experience was in Macieo---more of a non international beach. Rio may be slightly better beacause of that. I believe Garimpo beeped in Rio years ago. Said trick was to watch during the day and see the spots where They got all greased up then return later. I suspect he liked doing "research".
  12. That's something Garimpo can use down there with all those morenos....
  13. That's the argument for them.... Had there been a crowded intersection where someone got clipped---that video is money.
  14. Stateside they are not as "needed" as in many countries. I got t-boned in Brazil. Stop signs are just a suggestion. That's when I started looking into them. Folks that live in cities probably should get one as the newer ones turn on with motion. That's good for petty criminals and the sort.
  15. Dead of winter. Time to slip around with the old Keene tri-fold sluice. Uploads/0617161635.jpg.html?filters[user]=126961472&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=10