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  1. That thing is freaky looking! Cockpit visibilty is fantastic though.
  2. Exactly...didn't know what they had. Garage sales can be great place to score good stuff. Problem is wading through the crap to find a gem.
  3. Thats great man. Put your scoop and pick in a bucket and carry it with you. Then you always have a spot to sit down.
  4. Ooooo...I like old Popular Mechanics! They used to have awesome stuff back in the day
  5. You do have an awesome spot.
  6. I know...right? He turned around and sold it for 500. I told him he could have doubled his money by selling it to me for 10...he didn't go for it
  7. Still not bad though!
  8. Right on! A friend of mine scored a GB2 for 5 bucks at a garage sale last year. You never know
  9. Happy belated birthday I found your cane. Florida is nice. Lived there when I was a kid for a while. Too dang flat for me though.
  10. Good job Mitchel
  11. That makes sense.
  12. I will use whatever I can get a deal on. Now that is a coil!!! Wonder what they were using it for?
  13. Total scratch built Homie. Have to make everything, including the engine. Design calls for a half a Volkswagon engine. Basically remove the rear two cylinders and cut the crank and cam to save weight. Some folks even saw the case in half. Depending on bore and stroke you can get anywhere from 30-45 hp @3600 rpm I had a deal made for a mid 70's type 1 to teardown and modify...but it hasn't materialized as of yet. Still have fingers crossed. This is the spec sheet. Super simple, not fast, just something to putz around the desert and keep me busy. Since I'm generally broke, the "pay as you go" build plan had a lot of curb appeal
  14. Too late!
  15. Stitched the pattern for my wing rib jig together last night. I'm starting to grasp the size of this thing. 55" from tip of nose rib to trailing edge. Beer for reference Now to get a nice flat piece of plywood for the jig itself.