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  1. I was dragging by the time we got back to the rigs! Just one more step... Bummer on your sample. I would be curious enough to hike back up there one day and sample below that huge dike that cut those washes. The nugget was right below that vein. I need a couple of those canvas ore sample bags. They would be perfect for bringing back test material from remote areas.
  2. Best wishes Ron. Hope this fixes ya up and lets you get back out there :-)
  3. Amen to that! Are you sore from all that walking too?
  4. Here are a couple of pics of the spot I cleaned off with all the testing.
  5. Bill had a little nitric acid, so I did a drop test. Reaction color was light gray. Looks like it is a genuine placer silver nugget. Cool piece for the collection :-)
  6. Thanks for posting those pics fo me Tom. I took it over to Bill's last night. He agreed it appears to be silver. He gave me some weak hydraflouric acid. I let it sit overnight, and not much change in appearance. Bill has a test kit he will dig out today, so I'll know for sure. Raw native silver is pretty rare in this area, It's mostly silver sulphides when found. Revised hardness down to 3. Copper penny will mark it, but it deforms the edging on the penny. So pretty close to the same.
  7. I have not had any eye surgery myself, but my Dad did. It took him awhile to recover from it, but he is doing just fine now. If you need it and have the means...go for it.
  8. Happy birthday Skip
  9. Right on! It was time for your Dad to find a good one
  10. Cool idea! Keep posting as you build.
  11. Sweet
  12. Are the retaining bolts froze up? I saw you said you had broken one. Would removing the caliper frame bolts get you anywhere? Without having yours in front of me, I can't be 100% but on ford trucks the entire caliper and frame can be removed as a unit. It doesn't solve the problem...but might make it easier to deal with.
  13. Sorry for the troubles Homefire and condolences on losing your wifes Dad. That's a crappy string of luck, but maybe someone up there is looking out for you and wanted you off the road. You never know...
  14. Dang...sorry I'm late, but Happy birthday anyway!
  15. Outstanding