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  1. Those off brand batteries were over a year old when I got them from someone else Just kept them as back up!
  2. Thats why I used alkaline batteries...much longer run time. If you detect a lot, high end rechargeables would be nice. It never was worth it for myself when I could get an entire weekend out of a set of duracells that cost 5 bucks.
  3. Finished one of the bungee struts! I've been cutting extra parts as I go along, so the next one is mostly an assembly job Bungee material is wrapped around those horns with the spade shaped retainers, and the strut works by using the rubber to slow expansion of the strut. Kind of like a reverse spring. The last pic is hard to see because the shadows, but it'll give you an idea of how the geometry works.
  4. They're dropping like flies lately. Must be something in the water...or we are getting old.
  5. Dang it! I bought one yesterday. Thank you though! I managed to eat over 90% of that huge bag of grapefruit you gave me a month ago.
  6. Hi Jeff! Thanks for stopping in Gas welding is indeed a relaxing thing if everything is in tune and flowing well. I'm using a Smith AW1 so my tip sizes are different than standard Victor numbering. I believe a quick google search would yield a cross reference chart. Generally I use the #201 for the tiny stuff. I have an even smaller tip, a #20 but it rarely gets used. Maybe for welding sheet metal end to end. The #203 is my go to tip for most everything up to~ .062. I break out the #205 for bigger clusters or thicker sheet stock(.090). I did use a #207 for a couple of spots that had a significant heat sink and required more heat. Pressures I have been running are 8-10 psi on both tanks. The majority of the rod was 1/16 Tig filler rod. Alloy is ER 70-2. I did buy a lb of .045 filler and it has come in handy on the thinner items.
  7. I'm learning all kinds of new stuff doing this project, but past fabrication experience is helping a lot in this stage.
  8. I started on the bungee struts yesterday. Got one strut end made before the drill press broke 😕 I needed one end thinner than the tube I made the strut from, so this how I narrowed the end without losing strength. I "milled" the end of the tubing with a hand grinder equipped with a flap wheel. Then cut and shaped two tabs to weld on the now flat faces of the tubing. Next, I drilled a 3/8 hole for a bushing and welded the bushing in place. After a bit of shaping with a flap wheel, the final step was welding a securing strap around the end of the whole assembly. It came out nice :-) Off to the hardware store for a drill press this morning...
  9. That will do it...quickly too.
  10. I will have to go home and change my shorts the first time that happens
  11. It may be closer to 5:1. It's basically a brick with wings
  12. 13:1 is pretty good! I think the Eagles are only 4:1. This is how you handle engine failure.
  13. If you're going to have a chute, the ballistic chutes are the safest way to go. Too expensive for me. Honestly, I doubt I'll have the cost of that chute in the entire aircraft. The only time a chute would be handy is in case of massive structural failure(ie...wing falls off) otherwise just fly the thing to the ground. With the glide ratio of this little bird, you can make it another mile for every 1000' of altitude. If you're 2000' AGL that gives you almost 2 miles to find a spot to put it down. Thats a safe enough margin for me. There are numerous Eagles built and flown regularly, with no structural failures. People fly in airplanes every day w/o a parachute. I guess each to his own, but I figure it kinda like a 90 year old gentleman that still carries a condom....chances are slim it'll ever come out of the package.
  14. Parachutes are for quitters...
  15. SOLD