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  1. Don't think anybody will pay much for an old fat Labrador! As far as Jen goes...I'd likely wake up, sans a much favored appendage.
  2. Already did...In the hobby section. Nothing new in it yet as I only started building yesterday. It took longer than I wanted to get going on the project. Should be some new pics after the weekend.
  3. Thanks Tom I appreciate it. James is going to send me his GB2 when he returns to AK in late april, so I'll have something to use after that until I can get another beeper. Selling it will buy most of the engine parts I need. It was a tough call, but this is important to me and the 2300 is about the only thing of value I possess.
  4. Purchased new from Bill Southern 2 years ago. Still has ~10 months of transferrable warranty. It is used obviously, so the coil cover is scratched, but not worn out. In excellent condition otherwise. Included are the batteries and charger supplied by Minelab. I used alkalines in it( they last longer). Also included is the soft sided carry case and headphones. I have the original box and operating manual as well. Hate to sell as it is a great detector, but I have an airplane to build and can only afford one expensive hobby at a time. Price shipped with insurance : $2900.00 Paypal accepted. Local pickup in Morristown AZ: $2700 cash price Private message me if interested. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hmmmm....bacon I made a ham a couple of months ago using morton tenderquick. Came out awsome. Since then, I have brined several pork roasts before smoking with a 50/50 mix of kosher salt and raw sugar. If left in the brine more than a couple days it starts to get the pink coloring...I imagine a longer soak would cure it good enough for home use. It's not like most of us have to hang our bacon in the cellar. We have refrigerators
  6. Daaaaaaaammmmmnnnnn! WTG
  7. This has been a poor year for drywashing so far. The extra moisture sure has made the desert beautiful though. I have a couple washes I want to dig up...just waitin for dry dirt! Thanks again Mike! That vac will be a little easier to pack around and will do good for you. We did get the shelter up and anchored it with 5 railroad ties, vapor barrier on the floor and 54 buckets of gravel hauled in and spead around. The 13 1/2' workbench is framed and just needs the top screwed down and leveled. Should be starting on the fuselage in a couple of days
  8. Sold!
  9. Indeed they are handy...however, I have two of them and can only use one at a time
  10. Rock stacks last longer and don't cost anything but a little time. I've found a bunch of that plastic pipe out here too. Mostly half azzed staked out by someone who is selling mostly worthless mineral rights to unsuspecting suckers. You are right...never seen anyone pick them back up again. Littering is littering.
  11. Sometimes it's more fun! I love taking the Jeep places it shouldn't go. Bill Southern won't ride with me anymore
  12. This is probably about the only time of year a fellow could wear a ghille suit in AZ without boiling his insides Lots of coyotes this year and gonna be more. With all the green growth in the desert, the rabbits will do what rabbits do...make more rabbits! I saw a skunk on the way into Wickenburg yesterday. I wonder if its the same one thats been following me for 9 months?
  13. Thanks for trying Mike.
  14. Thanks guys
  15. was Mikes birthday. He's a Febuary baby. A bunch of us are