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  1. One of my favorites under the microscope, I called it the skull.
  2. Condolences Bill, to family and friends.
  3. Sierra Chemicals in Sacramento have gold chemicals. Must have a business license to purchase. I think it was about $65.00 gal/50% last time I checked.
  4. Earth like. The textures would look cool once cut.
  5. Get some Glass Etch. Slow but not as dangerous as HFC (diluted). Cleans them up real nice, eats the calcite first. This machine is awesome on species. Blast away loose pieces.
  6. AU you are correct, the TR7 (Wedge) and TR8 (banned from SCCA until it was weighted heavily). The TR8 kicked some serious butt on the track with V8 under the bonnet. My favorite Triumph besides my TR6 is the Stag.
  7. Have a thing about boats and 5's. Owned a 5.5 meter boat, a 525 Santana boat, a 505 boat and the wife's birthday is 5/15/55. My lucky number is 3...
  8. Both boat and TR are 1974's. Boat is a Tempest. I like my T's.
  9. 72 had the 7 gears, 1, 2, 2o,3, 3o, 4th and 4th over. Was great fun hitting an onramp with someone riding with me. Serious WTF as I went through the gears. 74 has just 3 and 4th but you can get 2 if you disconnect the inhibitor. It's worth some coin, but only after I put some new tires under it.
  10. Thanks Chris, I would expect Rye Patch to be hard to get into as well. I'll call ahead to check.
  11. Al, 1974 that I bought in 1977, overdrive, hard top from my 1972 that got totaled when parked. Shock conversion on the rear, electric fan on the rad. Took the overdrive lever off the column and modded a switch into the shifter knob. Shaved the door handles. Original French Blue color with matching interior. Was my daily driver when living in LA for six years banging up the 710 every day to work near downtown LA. Never had a top on it for the full six years and drove it year round. Parked it when I got my S430. Sold the Merc and bought a 2000 Chevy Truck Z4 which I love. Added SS heat shield to protect the carbs from the headers heat. At 65 I'm not into twisting wrenches anymore than I have to so it will be up for sale this spring. Time to let someone else enjoy 40 years with it. No, I didn't tow my sailboat with it.
  12. Good report, now I know you weren't in my spot.
  13. Clay, I feel pretty lucky, last year it was 15 minutes from boots on the ground to my first piece. Got to be that easy everywhere right? lol. By-the-way, thanks for all the great work on your site.
  14. Nugget, what general area where you were at? You can be specific so I don't go there. lol
  15. Another topic for Nevada, do most detect on lode claims without permission? Is it ok to hunt placer gold on lode claims or at least acceptable to do so?