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  1. Thanks for the help guys. I am on track now. I have gotten the web sites up and have contacted BLM. Mine cache is good, but doesn't tell you much. The green is still shining but I should add some gold (or dirt) to cover it soon. Mac
  2. Nice picture of McKinley (Denali) isn't it? I used to see it like this every morning in the spring and fall. Looks like a strawberry ice cream cone.

  3. Great job wj, I saw the on site video and know you will do well. My hat's off to you. Mac
  4. That souncs easy enough. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for the history link. It was sad but history should be shared. Too much of it has been lost. Mac
  6. This is greatly appreciated. Thank you all. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks trying to get familiar with the "Shooters Culure". This is a great site. Joining was a good move for a greenie. I hope for more opinions, Links, and advice on this topic. Mac
  7. Thanks for the help xt. I hope you hit it big. qcmac

  8. That's a great start. Thanks, Mac
  9. I plan to Nugget Shoot in the Sullivan river area in a few weeks. (Also, Chili Gorge) Will I shot? How can I find out if there are claims on this river? Thanks, I'm green. Mac
  10. I plan to move into the Sierras soon. I am presently down in So Cal. I was raised in Anchorage but haven't been back since I left in 69. I want to return to the mountains and hope to do some nugget shooting in my retirement, which is coming up next year, (2012) I'm thinking of Tuolemne or Calaveras county. I have a Garrett Scorpion.