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  1. Nice going as always, you two..! Swamp
  2. I don't feel quite so bad since checking the link.. Would have never come close to guessing he was 89.. In the Bond flicks he never looked mid-40s, always more like mid-30s.. I was off by 10 years based on those alone.. Swamp
  3. I, too, have a couple of Todd's Bazooka's.. They (fluid beds) are probably, if not definitely, the best method of sluice recovery given a specific circumstance -- that being a flowing water location top-loaded with flood gold (the term 'flood gold' includes embankment gold entering a waterway via normal erosion processes as well..) Combined with a shovel having built-up sides makes for a tough duo to beat.. Swamp
  4. Note: Only brown bottle Whink Rust Stain Remover contains HF.. Similarly named white bottle Whink Rust & Iron Stain Remover does not.. Swamp
  5. It did.. Was an inverse Murphy's Law event too: the very first thing done (#2 cylinder..) The only way that can ever even happen is when all possible replacement parts have been purchased up-front.. Swamp
  6. Nice bits.. I always like seeing Au from a "totally hammered" area.. Swamp
  7. Nor I.. When I pulled the cap the tip came along with it.. Swamp
  8. ...why the van's been running sooo rough lately: Just a guess at this point , but I'm going with it for now.. Swamp
  9. Nice finds, Fred.. WTG..! Swamp PS: Another nice article by you in the ICMJ recently too..
  10. As much as I agree with you re BLM at this time, that isn't the point.. MMAC has invested a lot of time and energy helping the original mining districts move forward with reorganization.. I believe before too much more time goes by, BLM will have to face the fact they actually really do work for us.. When that time comes, one will either be able to say "I did my part" or "I stood idly by while..." Everyone has a choice.. Doing nothing isn't neutral, it's negative.. Swamp
  11. Swamp
  12. You do realize I h8 U 4 beating me 2 that line, right..? Swamp
  13. Welll, it isn't an acronym -- it's a contraction of sorts.. But I ain't gonna say it, cos of the jinx factor involved.. Soooo, let's just say it rhymes with "hoagy" (genuflecting & begging forgiveness from the Powers That Be, since I wear an identical suit..) Swamp
  14. Martin -- If you could provide a mailing address (and "Attn" to), and if they are accepting email an addy and Subject line title, this would be most helpful.. I think many folks willing to contribute won't do so due to the hassle of digging out an address.. Thanks.. Swamp
  15. This is one of the things that can happen when I react too quickly in re provided information: I might miss some of 'the fine print'.. These folks are not offering Canadian Maples at spot; in small print beneath "Special Price etc." it's stated they are being offered at spot + $19.99, which is an absolutely fantastic deal..! On an individual gold bullion current year uncirculated coin purchase / sale I would consider a selling premium of 8% not beyond the scope of normalicy, although that really is pushing acceptable boundary.. I'd say a 5 to 7 % premium for an item such as the one we have here is pretty standard fare.. That makes this approx 1.7% premium presentation on these offerings a true gift..! If you are the type of person who likes to hold on to some uncirculated condition .9999 fine minted gold, from what I can see this offering is about as good as it gets.. ( As a non-monetary comparison the American Eagle $50 face value gold coin also contains 1ozT Au but is .9167 fine and weighs approx 1.09 ozT.. The remainder is hardeners [copper & silver I believe] to 'toughen up' the coin.. ) Also, I've been watching this auction the last approx 24 hours and the folks offering this strike have their pricing directly tied to the spot price of Au.. The selling price of this Maple has gone up about $US8 during this timeframe -- following along with Au spot.. Swamp