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  1. Congratulations! They are always as exciting as the first!
  2. Welco t121 sniper boots. Built for the desert and they don't have any metal whatsoever.
  3. the Havasu Gold Seekers is a lot closer for you and they have 3200 acres of claims and a 40 acre base camp with about 80 rv sites and a huge activity building. their meetings are the first tuesday of the month at 7pm at the quality inn in Lake Havasu. Check them out, i think you might like them. Their web site is; www.havasugoldseekers.com. A lot of the pictures on the site are old but it gives you an idea of the base camp Good Luck, Chip
  4. Awesome! thanks for all the great pictures and sharing this with all of us. Good luck to you! i know we will all be looking forward to updates as you get them.
  5. I retired recently from the city of Lake Havasu City. At one of their weekly safety meetings 5 or 6 years ago they played a video put out by the state of Arizona on bees and bee attacks. They said at that time all bees in Arizona are africanized and very dangerous. if you are attacked just try to cover up and get out of their territory. It wouldn't be a bad idea to carry a can of bee killer this time of year in your pack. they are very active and aggresive in hot weather.
  6. hey Frank, are those critters poisonous?