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  1. Saw this on the news tonight. $10 million worth of coins. That is insane. "rural town with rolling hills in gold country..." oh wait, thats where I live. Too bad they wont even tell what town. another source
  2. I will marry one of them someday.
  3. Dude, I just saw those pics you had earlier in the thread of the gold you found. An hour and a half? 3 hours of sampling? Pan only? That's amazing, you're really onto something. I'm extremely jealous you've found such a rich stream. Its taken me like 8 trips so far to equal about what you have, probably not even that much lol. Can't wait to see what you come up with after a full day of sluicing. Like everyone else already said, keep it a secret at all costs!
  4. hahaha, best sluicing video ever. who are these girls?? is it weird that I was more excited to see what ended up in the pan? Kinda sad that the ending didnt show it.
  5. Anyone catch the show? I saw this post a day late, anyone want to report for the rest of us?
  6. You mind explaining what this is used for? Its foreign to people like me
  7. Thats completely absurd, at least they left a letter so he knows who to sue. What if it was some dishonest citizen who swooped in and stole it and left him nothing, that wouldv'e sucked even more. Gone without a trace. At least this way he knows who to target. That was an awesome looking claim; what a bummer.
  8. I'm still fairly new as well, but the only way to figure out what you need is just to go out and get your hands dirty. Experience is the best way to see what you need, everyones different, and I'm sure most people are self-taught like me and didn't know what they needed until they needed it. Go out with a pan and a garden trowel, personally I like the 10 inch pans better, and just practice panning in a creek. Youtube will give you a good idea of how to do it, but practicing is the only way to learn. Then after you get more comfortable with it, see what would help you out and bring a couple new toys with you every time you go out. You'll quickly get annoyed constantly picking out the bigger rocks, so your next purchase will probably be a classifier (sifter) and a bucket. After that, you'll get sick of having wet shoes so rubber boots might be next. And just go from there, let your equipment grow as you grow. You can have all this fancy stuff to help you, but the truth is... all you need is a pan. The rest is for convenience!
  9. no experience with the actual blue bowl, but I made my own blue bowl out of an angel food pan and a funnel. After everything I had to do to get it to work right, building it yourself really isnt worth the headache... if you're gonna buy one, buy one. Like everyone else said, its only for super fine stuff, I run sub-50 mesh through it and it works fantastic though. I've tried running bigger things and it just swirls around the bottom of the bowl, too heavy to lift out of. The pump I got for it didnt pump enough so I've been using a garden hose... plenty of water pressure that you dont need to feed it with a spoon. I put all my sub-50 cons in it at once and run it, come back in 15 mins and theres hardly anything left but gold dust. and a little bit of black sand that's trapped in the tiny cracks of my silicone, another reason to probably just buy one. I think it's neat though.
  10. hahaha yea, you know, the little riffles the ones that catch the little gold. I'm glad you explained things in my terms. I'm going out this week for a few days so i'll let you know how the fast-as-possible strategy goes
  11. At least you have that bottle of clorox waiting to clean it up! You might be a gold nut if... You want to classify every plate of rice you see. You swirl pasta around a strainer like it's a gold pan. You save every empty peanut butter jar, jelly jar, or whatever jar with a lid because you think "I can totally use this for something..." even if you don't have anything in mind. You hesitate for a moment when youre wandering the hardware store for some random off-the-wall thing and an employee asks "so what do you need THAT for?" Usually your two options are a long confusing explanation of the gold classifying contraption you're building, or an easy lie.
  12. Sounds neat, I bet that extra matting at the top really helps eh? I thought about doing that as well but haven't got around to it. When you say the top of the riffles, you mean the big ones right? not the expanded metal riffles? You make a good point, a picker is worth so much more than all the tiny flakes I'm worried about losing. The nearly hour I save could be spent on another hour of digging. I'll give it a shot.
  13. I sure do, that's why I do it by hand. I used to use a garden trowel but the new place I've been digging, the mud is really thick (the sand is super fine), almost like clay but not quite that bad, but if I don't feed it by hand it plops down as a large ball and I'm sure it doesn't break up completely before it reaches the end of the sluice. So I go by hand, squishing it between my fingers to break it up and spreading it evenly across the flare. I'll try feeding it faster next week and see what happens!
  14. Very nice. Thought I'd share my profile pic, white obsidian spearhead I found last year camping near Death Valley. Theres quite a bit of black obsidian around, but the white obsidian is more rare since it had to have been traded with another tribe from the north. This thing was an awesome find. Like you said, most arrowheads are chipped and broken and its rare to find a black one intact, this is the first white spearhead the guys have ever seen and it wasnt broken! We were hiking and I almost stepped on it, it was mostly buried in the sand except the one straight serrated edge showing. and I thought to myself... thats an awfully straight edge for a rock. Picked it up and was amazed. In the same canyon are some petroglyphs, I did some research on that style petroglyph and they are dated from years 900-1300. Assuming the spearhead came from the same tribe who drew those petroglyphs, this thing could possibly be 800-1100 years old. From what I was reading, we were right on the boundary of the Timbisha Shoshones to the north and Kawaiisu Paiutes to the south. Gotta love the internet, pretty sweet. Judging from your picture, and assuming we have about the same size hands, my spearhead is about the same width but about a half inch longer than your big one. I think your bigger one is a spearhead too, seems too big and heavy to fly through the air on an arrow like your smaller one!
  15. Yea that's something I keep meaning to do. set one of my smaller buckets behind the sluice and see what it's spitting out, I think that'd boost my confidence in it a bit. I think I'll do that, and run it really fast just to see if I lose anything. Most of the gold in the creek I dig is super fine flakes, like sub 50 mesh. So I gotta run it slow. But I'll throw a bucket behind it and push its limits just to see, I might be surprised. They say you're supposed to catch most of your gold in the first two riffles, right? I've heard that, but then I think... well theres a reason they put like 6 riffles in there. I gotta trust those downstream riffles in an overload situation. Thanks for your advice!