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  1. Can't help you about water flowing in the creek, but I've never been there and not found enough water to pan. I've only seen running water after the snow melts. At Bannie Mine road, I've seen it where there's enough puddles to pan about anywhere, or may have to walk a couple hundred yards to find water. As far as water, Lynx Lake the reservoir will have it. I've been able to rent a canoe on the lake anytime I went up there. Weather will definitely be more comfortable there than Lake pleasant or any of the local lakes. The Prescott National Forest Website will have phone numbers for the local ranger stations.
  2. You guys are keeping our dreams alive. 24 trips seems like a lot, but results based performance shows it was. Looks like a lot of hard work paid off.
  3. I look on Land Matters and if the claim is closed, it may be available. Still need to check for what I call the big 3: is it claimed in the BLM system, does the county have a record, and does the land status check out. Land matters helps with the BLM and Land Status, but you still need to check the county for filings. From my experiences Maricopa and Yavapai are about two weeks behind from the time the county receives the paperwork until the time the electronic records happen. A couple of things to watch for: 1) Was the claim valid? Many, Many people stake claims on invalid areas either by staking a claim over an invalid claim or over property the BLM does not control like state trust land or private property. If someone let's the claim go because of this, it was a bad claim to start with and you can't file over it. This will still show as a closed claim. The BLM will take your money no matter what, and they are under no responsibility to check land status themselves. 2) I saw a really exciting claim on seasonal water in AZ that closed out recently. As I checked this claim out, it was originally filed as a 160 acre claim with the county, but amended to 40 acres later on. There was no record of which 40 acres of the 160 acres just closed. Because it was on seasonal water on a gold bearing river, there were many, many claims in the area. To me, I did not feel it was worth the boots on the ground research. Too many claims have no stake markers or no papers. This lack of markings and papers is not always because of negligence on the claim owners part. Often, a cow will walk over the marker and bushes later grow over it so it is hard to find, or someone else will wander through and take the only copy of the papers.
  4. I wonder how much micro gold is left in the sands for chemical recovery.
  5. To me these coins appear to be available from other vendors for marginally more than the asking price at this link. I personally suspect the gold price to be between $800-$1300 in three years.
  6. If you ever plan on going outside AZ, then GPAA; Roadrunners is only AZ. I don't recommend the GPAA lifetime membership although the Lifetime membership for $1500 with a Minelab Eureka Gold thrown in sounds like a good deal. If you go year to year at some point you you'll realize how to go to unclaimed land and file your own claims and won't need either. I am a GPAA member and nearly also joined Roadrunner. Now I have access to a lot of unclaimed land, some private claims, and a claim of my own, so I'm staying away from the Roadrunenrs. Tom H is right about attending both meetings. They used to meet at the Italian Club, but the website will say where they meet now.
  7. Jimale, I've attached a picture of sample from my local area that seems similar to what you posted. I found this metal detecting and it set off both my metal detector and my pinpointer. Since it looked like a piece of possible gold ore local to my area, I crushed it and panned it, but found nothing. You ought to crush and pan your sample to see what you find.
  8. As having had to fix parts back in the day of vacuum tubes, I can just imagine how hard it must have been for Cortana Zed to trace this thing out. Our units we fixed were solid state, but the test equipment was not so much.
  9. Happy Birthday Stan!!!
  10. If I had free time and the sample is the size of my thumb and not the size of my car, I'd crush it and then pan to see if any gold showed up. I've done this a few times to a dirty, red looking quartz in my area, and have come up with a couple of specs of gold. For my samples, I had found those loose in a creek. When I find the rock naturally occurring in the ground in bedrock, I've crushed dozens of those and it was good exercise but no gold.
  11. I used the Car GPS the first time I went out. It'll get you there, but is kind of bulky and not very rugged when you have to get from the road to a corner. I got the Gramin E-Trex 20 and a case like this to keep it pretty and from getting lost The maps on the picture are not included. I got the 100k US map card at Cabela's similar to this: Not an excuse for not having a paper map. I can use a free app from Garmin to move points from the computer to the GPS and Back. I've had the unit above for 4 years of good use.
  12. My guess is the tiny nuggets at the L and the Y on the dime. To me the other two sets of three look like the same.
  13. These boots are old and I want to get a little more life out of them. Five years, not daily, but any time I had rough work or prospecting. I never had thorns go through them until this year, so I think the leather is getting old and worn. I figure this will get me at least another year use out of them, hopefully more. For circulation, the fabric part is not sprayed. It's 80 not so it'll get 30 degrees hotter when I'll be out there. Really just trying to get more use out of the boots without spending between $75 and $125 on an new set. Still want to find something to keep the thorns out of my gloves. I started wearing my ACE hardware gloves when I took a Cholla Cactus section off my hand with the needles stuck in. The ACE gloves do work good, but needles still get through those. For dry washing I got turned onto the rubber coated work gloves, and those work great for digging, last much longer than metal gloves, and are really cheap to replace. Unfortunately, no thorn resistance. Those thorns come out of nowhere and those chollas seem to jump at you. The cholla I mentioned earlier, I remember looking at it, and it hurt, and I was thinking, I don't have to have these things stick in me every time I go out.
  14. Tom-- Thanks. I probably go to the same area you do, I just don't have as good of luck as you. There's some good benches in that wash. I did not detect those. I just stuck to the main wash. I am thinking of going back with a drywasher and running the material from the benches through there. Even the benches are relatively shallow to bedrock. It's definitely in the center of a gold bearing area. It's the flattest area I've prospected on yet. You made me look at it again--Bailing wire, we don't use that out in the field anymore. Definitely right about the pull tops. Haven't used those in decades in the states, but some of the countries I went to had them up to about 5 years ago. The bigger brown square one is a pull top from one of the old time tin cans. That material came from an area about 200 meters long.
  15. I didn't think you could dredge in Uwharrie. Here's my 50 pieces of junk detecting today in central AZ. No gold. I think someone got to this wash a couple of years before me.