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  1. My local Walmart carries Whink. They had it on the BOTTOM shelf until I told them how dangerous it was and that it DID NOT have any seal on it. Any little kid could open it up. They moved it up higher. And, it does work good on quartz samples.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up for me Clay.
  3. Funny, when you go to the Bozooka site, it says their sluices ship in 7 - 10 days.
  4. Kind of looked like spam to me but when I saw the comment about the other manufacture, I thought WOW.....
  5. ?????
  6. That boiler is on my claim...... 40 years ago!! Don't know why I didn't know you...
  7. Ron, he said a "mile or two" West of Sawyers Bar. Jessops(spelled this way in 1911)gulch comes in right at Sawyers Bar. One mile would be just below Jackass gl. and two miles would be at the Little North Fork.
  8. I've never heard that tale either...
  9. Swamp, Looks like a houseboat to me....
  10. It's a houseboat... you're exempt:
  11. I agree, soil makes a difference. I have also seen GB2's that needed a tune-up. I continually hit pieces with the GB2 that are so small that I just throw the dirt back when I can't find them. (I should throw that dirt in a bag and pan it out).
  12. My thoughts on the GB2 operator also.
  13. Nice, nice gold. Keep a piece this time.... grin. Was it really the coil that found this gold? Were they a foot or two deep?
  14. Some found with GB2 (gone now :-( )
  15. formula does not take host rock into account.