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  1. I never thought I would be so excited to see someone pull an anchor out of the ocean. But I can feel their passion!! Awesome! It's like finding that patch that others went right over. Priceless!!
  2. "mmm, yes, the force is strong in that one ... it is " Nice gold Gary.
  3. Have fun there Justin!!
  4. Yeah... boot. LOL. I thought that was the one you found with the SDC. Funny thing is it was the largest, too.
  5. Yep. And I especially liked the boot found with the SDC (@9:00). Wish those batteries lasted longer for you.
  6. "Where theres and anchor, there's a shipwreck, where there's a shipwreck, there's treasure" Oh yeah.
  7. I heard you found a couple cows ... hence the handle My bet is that snake was running for its life when it saw your headlights. LOL.
  8. Yep. Easy to get at Ace Hardware. Can't remember what I paid but I *do* wear gloves just in case. HF is not something you want to mess with in high percent. I told a story (on this website) of a friend at my work that got some on her finger. Let's just say it wasn't a pleasant experience for her. So I am very cautious with the stuff.
  9. Funny Mike. Your finds pic looked like mine but you got some extra weight there. Definitely not my first hunt with the GPZ. The ZED cleaned up where my GPX5000 could not. I am really impressed with it. But that said, the SDC will punch a little deeper on the small stuff. Put the two together and I don't see you missing much more than gold sand Don't mind the critters on night hunts. Just bite'em back. LOL
  10. Nice work, Mike. I can definitely say that if there was one machine for me to get to compliment the GPZ... it would be the sdc. Nice gold.
  11. Nice! And its got some character too!
  12. I use a green led light. Its a predator light used to see animals by their eyes at night for hunting. I obviously dont use it for hunting animals but its really good for seeing if there are mtn lions nearby. Usually I just see racoons and javelina. The key is the green light does not attract bugs. Red light works too but really bothers my head after a few hours. I use a brand called Wicked.
  13. Thanks for the comments, everyone. I do really enjoy the night hunts so long as I've had my feet on the ground there before. I've made the mistake a couple times of trying out NEW places at night. You really want to know the topography and the geology. Oh, and only one snake found. Cowkiller ran across a sidewinder. Me, I tend to run across more snakes during the day. Never run into one at night (knock on wood). Andyy
  14. Met up with Cowkiller for a midnight hunt. The area is one Cowkiller knew well and it had been pretty well pounded. But... not as often with the GPZ. It really was a gorgeous night. While there wasn't a full moon for the best visibility, it was still cool out and not much of a wind blowing. We split up a bit so as not to have the machines interfering and were off. After about 2 hours I was wondering if it was going to be a real grind, because I was getting nothing but bird shot. And then I dug up one of those noisy signals, only to see the shape of gold. It was in the .1g range. Now I say shape because when you're hunting with green light, you're never really sure until you shine white light on it. Bigger gold, that's not a problem. But the little stuff could just be a small piece of aluminum or tin. So I bottled it up and kept hunting with the relief that at least there's probably no skunk for the night. And continued on. Next area was somewhat trashy. But I kept at it anyway. After a while I became more active kicking stuff out of the way. I know there's gold here and I just had to work for it. Well no sooner than my first 10 kicks or so, I got a signal underneath one of those rocks. 4" down and I get a meaty little guy .. again in the .1g range. By this time Cowkiller was tearing it up also. He had a couple of his own. Well I continued circling back towards an area that I worked previously, for a couple more hours. It was starting to get light. But now the EMI really faded down and my machine was just humming along. Only settings I had changed were to do a noise canceling for a few times. Well I hit a real clear signal right in the middle of the path. Started scrapping down a couple inches and the dirt turned purple red. And yes.. another small piece of gold. (.03g or so) So then I scooted to another area that someone had cleared in the past with a rake. I myself had beeped this area but I double backed over since my detector was sounding so good and guess what... I missed one. It was stuck in schist and just needed a little help being liberated. Another small flake in the .1 range. So I scoot over to the next raked area and start checking that. About that time Cowkiller comes up on my right and scares the bejesus out of me. Well not intentionally. But when you're out all night riding hi on gold and caffein, anything will make you jump. We both laughed and shared our findings. Cowkiller really did kill it with 5 pcs that weighed in around .75 grams if I remember right. I ended with 4 pcs, and only got .39g total. But hey... it's something and I had a lot of fun. Always good hanging out with friends, sharing stories and coming home with a little gold to boot.
  15. oh hey there, Chrisski. Happy Birthday to ya!