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  2. WAY TO GO !
  3. Now that's a sweet opportunity....nice specimens. Thanks for sharing......
  4. 40 only.....make it a great next 10. Happy Birthday......
  5. Yup, Women , the most dangerous weapon of all time.
  6. 19.8 Pennyweights x 1.55 = 30.69 grams dry weight . Wet weight 7 Pennyweights x 1.55 = 10. 85 grams The matrix is quartz... There are a few formulas but I used a simple one...not sure of its accuracy but I came up with a number. Thought it would be a cool thing to post, goal being to make it less a mystery than it is. The formula I used is on How many of us have random specimens laying around and just toss it in a safe place without knowing the gold content? I bet a few.
  7. You folks just no fun anymore......maths tough, but Geeezzz....
  8. ok specific gravity test .... Specimen weight 30.95 grams dry weight in pennyweight is 19.8 dwt wet weight us 7 dwt what is the weight of gold in specimen ? Those that get it correct get a pat on the shoulder....
  9. Drop to 275.00 includes shipping.....
  10. Very nice hit a lunker of a hunker Nugget !!
  11. Best non nugget find would have to be the 5 dollar 1/4 eagle gold coin I found detecting under an old mercantile building in the Motherlode region...One item I wish I never sold...ohh and my Model 1873 44-40 cal Winchester..darn that still hurts......
  12. earned them.
  13. Used a few times...but in excellent condition...too big for the terrain I hunt. New 425.00 299.00 Includes shipping. P.M.if interested
  14. Okay so no posts since january, I can contribute this picture of some leaf gold and nuggets found with a Evo coil...what are sundays for anyways.....a little work and a little gold.
  15. little skunk buster for sure....