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  1. Happy Birthday Skip.....enjoy your day
  2. Happy Birthday you old buggar
  3. Big Happy Birthday Mate
  4. Thank you everyone. Another birthday under the belt. Time to turn around and have them go in reverse. I wish I could have partied hard but a man's got to put food on the table and keep a roof over his head. But I'll get a chance to celebrate tomorrow. Once again, I appreciate the birthday wishes. You're all a great bunch Cheers, Johnno
  5. Hey Johnno...I posted a HB wish someplace... But I do hope you and Kat had a great day, cake, possums & sex+Rock n Roll!  Cheers, your elder, Unc

    1. Johnno


      Yep! I got it mate. Thanks a lot

  6. Keith and Dana are great if you need work done, Craig as well Cheers Johnno
  7. Happy Birthday Mike........Your day time to party
  8. So glad your alright..........mate
  9. G'Day Members Another year has gone by. So sorry I haven't been as active this year as I normally am. But due to a lack in work, we are kind of scrambling to keep a float. It's not being able to get out and to enjoy the outings, let alone detect. But hey, we have all been there. But I want to wish the members a heartfelt Merry Christmas to each of you and your families and a special thumbs up to Bill for keeping this encyclopedia of information running. Here's to 2017, we are all going to walk away with GOLD! And best of all, friendship Cheers Johnno & Kat
  10. G'Day Family Another sad occasion. I wish the family peace. I'm sad to tell everyone that we lost one of the best men I ever met; Larry Sloan. He was a very well respected and loved man, always ready with a smile and some of his natural remedies! He loved everything meteorite and will be missed greatly at the shows.After I lost my dad in 2006 Larry stepped up and became my second Dad; and he was always there with a smile and some advice.The shows will be a little sadder without his smiling face but I'm sure he will do his best to send down some Meteorites from heaven just to keep us on our toes! :-)Please send your thoughts and prayers to his family during this difficult time.Thank youDanaMeteorite Lady Rocks!
  11. Big Happy Birthday and Anniversary... been a big week sorry for the late wishes XX/OO
  12. Happy Birthday Shep have a great day
  13. Big Happy Birthday Mate
  14. sweet deal
  15. Happy Birthday .......Party hard mate :-)