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  1. Big Happy Birthday and Anniversary... been a big week sorry for the late wishes XX/OO
  2. Happy Birthday Shep have a great day
  3. Big Happy Birthday Mate
  4. sweet deal
  5. Happy Birthday .......Party hard mate :-)
  6. Happy Birthday Twink. Sorry I'm a little late but I know you made the best of the day
  7. Big Happy Birthday Terry. A little late but it happens. I hope you had a great day
  8. Happy Belated Birthday Greg. Hope you had a good day
  9. Happy Belated Birthday Walt
  10. Happy birthday to all.................Have a great day
  11. Thank you guys! Yes, it was an interesting day. I really wanted to get out into the boondocks but decided to just relax. Slept in, looked at some rocks. Kat cooked me a lovely dinner comprising of lamb, portobellos and asparagus Now I'm relaxing to a very nice bottle of Bookers. Kat buys me one on my birthday, it usually takes a year to get through. This new one, I think it's going to take a lot longer than a year. She is truly a sipper, uncut and unfiltered, small batch bourbon series. Once again, thanks guys for the birthday wishes Cheers Johnno
  12. Big Happy Birthday
  13. Happy Birthday Mike
  14. Big Happy Birthday