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  1. His Ph.# is 209-383-5244 Grubstake
  2. At the Va they knock you butt out, But I still am not having one, last one I had was 20 years ago, it was enough for me, they did not knock you out back then either. Grubstake
  3. My mistake, there are 4 lower shafts, and a total of 5 coils, some DD, some mono. Grubstake
  4. This detector belongs to Pondnm {Jerry Pettis} Has a stock battery and charger, 4 pocket rocket batteries and chager, 4 coils, 3 extra lower shafts, Koss headphones, and has only been used very little, it was my unit, Jerry has used it masybe a couple of times, been in the closet for a long time, all batteries charge up, . Has a control box cover, and he wants not to split it up, $3500.00+ $150.00 for shipping. Pm Pondnm. Grubstake
  5. DOC, you said Stool, the only thing I could think of, was a Colontest. And I'm not having one, even if the VA is pushing me to have one done! rubstake
  6. May next time you can mark it on GPS Doc! Ha! Ha! Grubstake
  7. Naw, ( don't think so! thats coming off of melting snow. Grubstake
  8. Major flood here in Mariposa, if the creek gets much higher, I won't be able to get out, the bridge will be under water. Grubstake
  9. Buyimg me scratcher, maybe I'll win? Grubstake
  10. I take carer of mine! They are in a container in the bathroom, 3 set I've had, and the VA is going to make me a new set. Grubstake
  11. Well, I was at the VA hospital all day yesterday, in Fresno, now today, we are getting as much as 6 inches of rain they say. I'm just kicking back, and at 10 am have to take the wife to the DR. here in town, 68m If I new I was going to live this long! I would have taken better care of myself! Thanks everyone for BD wishes, Grubstake
  12. I don't care who wins, as lomg as the score comes out right, I'm in a pool. my #s are 2 and 2 so if the first quarter comes out 12 to 22, I win, second quarter same thing, has to be both teams ending in 2, Grubstake
  13. So, how does everyone like Al Gores Globle warming? Hang in there, you have not seen anything yet. Grubstake
  14. Doc, was it 2003 when you came out to hunt with me? I think it was. Grubstake Merry Christmas to you and your family too DOC. Gary
  15. Doc, was it 2003 when you came out to hunt with me? I think it was. Grubstake