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  1. ROn, tell them to put two 24KT gold rods in your back, then you will always be rich. My neighbor had some 24kt gold put in him, before he died, they were pellets for cyber knife, its radiation, to treat cancer and the gold is what it zero;s in on. Grubstake
  2. What DOTS? Grubstake
  3. Good luck with it RON, I had 5 fused in my neck in 95, took me a year to get back to normal, but now, it doesn't effect me at all. Grubstake Mine was done the old way, with a 5 inch incision in my neck, and a drain tube for 5 days, 27 staples.
  4. You forgot one. If you vote for Donald Trump: you are DEPLORABLE! Hillery Clinton . Grubstake
  5. His Dad, Ralph Shock did the same thing, when he was alive, and they had the street=s torn up for new sewer lines, or water line, he planted some gold, caused a big surge in business for him, . PT Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute, and as far as Ralph Shock was concerned it was true. I worked for him for two months, back in the 90's. just long enough to see how crooked he was. Grubstake
  6. Don't beleave everything about this, Shock, is a con man, I used to work for his dad and he ran the thing at woods creek, he planted gold all the time to get news coverage. it was all phony. Grubstake
  7. Yeh, someone up here in Mariposa, asked me if I had a view on the election, Well I thought I did, until Clinton walked on stage, and blocked it with her fat ass. Grubstake
  8. Trump all the way, Clinton lies, does not care if our guys get killed, and is more crooked than a dogs hind leg there is only one way, Trump. I'm a Vietnam vet, and she don't give a rats ass about the military Grubstake
  9. it won't be in a coin book, try American service medals. Grubstake
  10. Those swimmers are in HOT! WATER! Grubstake
  11. Yes that's what I mean, in the acetone again Grubstake
  12. Just soak it again, and use a tooth brush and some soap to clean it. Grubstake Dawn works best
  13. Yep, I'd like to see pictures also. Grubstake
  14. Yes, get you some Acetone, and put it in a glass container, put the coin in it, let it set, the acetone. the stuff will desovle the plastic. finger nail poslish remover, but you can buy it in the paint department in larger cans. Grubstake
  15. Any relation to the Hooker that used to live in Black Canyon City? My family used to live there. Grubstake