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  1. Indeed a very good day and congrats!
  2. cool Mike will be good to have ya there.
  3. We have 6 hives and 4 are feral and sweet as..... well honey. Here are 2 with me inches away filming them work.
  4. SWEET finds man......
  5. 48 KHz and price is 799.00 and yep I will have it in stock in April
  6. Will be likely the best flower show in 50 years....
  7. The SDC is indeed the new king of small gold at depth and with the new Minelab wireless Pro-Sonic coming soon it will be even more of a pleasure when headset wire free....
  8. Rooting for good health Roger, you got this!
  9. Howdy all, here we go with the spring Nugget Shooter Outing and it will be held at the San Domingo Placers as usual the weekend on March 17th - 19th with main camp area at Jackass Flats. I will be supplying both smoked beef and pork roasts as the main course and you all will be required to bring a dish for the Potluck to attend. SEE YOU THERE!
  10. Bill, my phone is lost.  Lu's phone is 310926-8784.

    Nurse Paul and Steve in Yuma want two 7000s because theirs were stolen.

    They have talked with a lot of dealers ...

    Do you want to chat with them?

  11. Boy Gary they do look similar, nice finds.
  12. Well how about that and the best part is now you know without a doubt you can find nuggets. It actually gets or at least seems easier after you break the ice. Congrats!
  13. Is the lifeline good or bad John?
  14. Went out exploring yesterday in an area I kind of forgot about over the years until a friend reminded me last year and we got some gold together, went back in yesterday and tried a bit higher up and got these 2, both were about 7 inches down wedged in the bedrock. Took a little work because bedrock was solid, but got them....
  15. Happy birthday Mitchel and many more to you as well....