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  1. Loving the SDC 2300, I can get gold where everyone and their bro has hunted
  2. OK I have tried to avoid this...... geeeeze 61 thanks guys. Starting to even feel it.
  3. I have a very nice used GPZ 7000 with 2 years left on warranty, I sold it to a good friend that has passed away. I will also give training on this unit! 6200.00 takes it.....
  4. Indeed it will....
  5. Sweet little buggers.....
  6. Very cool nugget Gary..... Thanks for sharing
  7. Ha I have been to that spot....
  8. lol right..... Things will slow down now and I will again have some breathing room. Between two jobs and bees I keep pretty busy
  9. Was a blast and good to see everyone that went!
  10. Nawwww was in Vegas for the gold show doing seminars and booth sorry, answered your PM now and send me a phone number please. Just all pooped out
  11. Nice Doc, we are also smoking a couple roasts, beef and pork....
  12. We set up last night and when we went home this morning (have to work) Tommie Wheeler and Doc were there, Tommie was there yesterday and Doc must have shown up after we went to sleep. No movement so didn't bug him....
  13. Well This is a first ???? Well, still gonna have fun and find a little gold. I posted to Facebook and we will see what happens because there are some there coming We are making a couple different thing for the Saturday potluck as well. Was going to smoke a couple roasts as well....
  14. Dang.... Really?
  15. Hi All, if you are going to the GPAA show I will be doing 2 seminars with Kevin Saturday and another on Sunday, or you can stop by my booth and say hello. See ya there