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  1. Yep ID correct.... Hi ya JB
  2. Not a big deal and I get one every year so I don't come back to my rig to find a ticket if parked on state land.... Just another way to make money off us good folk.
  3. Cool beans....
  4. Going to have some pretty cool stuff to share with folks from Minelab as well, not sure what or how we will do this, but more to come.....
  5. Welcome to the madness.....
  6. It will be like the other outings before and we will supply the main course, Gonna talk Dave into frying a turkey and Tammy and I will do 2 roasts in the smoker one pork and one beef. Everyone should bring a side dish to share and beer, pop, tea, coffee, paper plates, napkins, and the whole shebang.... Dinner is at 4:30 sharp on Saturday afternoon
  7. Nice finds!
  8. Already got it locked in and first week I am gone Mike. After that the Holiday season is in full gear.... Bummer.
  9. yep that will work
  10. The fall outing will be at the San Domingo Placer area in Maricopa County, AZ the second weekend in November.... Unless there is a problem with that.
  11. I am right here in Morristown waking up from my 4 month nap and getting ready to hunt....
  12. Good on ya Chris and yes there is some wind for sure and sometimes wore a hoodie to block the noise in the headset I love prospecting new areas and it is the best part of being a gold hound.
  13. Nice nuggets and yes indeed I have froze my butt off there for nuggets
  14. Yeah I am looking forward to Colorado for a few days.... Alaska would be a nice trip one of these days too and one of only 2 states I have not visited.
  15. Well the heat is here so more time on the computer and tending my latest addiction "Honeybees" I get a break in June and am going to have a booth and be speaking at the Denver GPAA shows and that is always fun. To think before 60 I used to go out and hunt in the heat, but just can't talk myself into it as easily now