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  1. I have several old NiCad batteries that now and then I have to do a "deep cycle" on them. I just put them in the machine, turn it on and listen to it for 4-8 hrs. On a detector once I get the low battery signal I just recharge the batt. at times I have to do this about four times. When a batt. develops a memory it has spikes in it and by doing a "deep cycle" discharge that burns off the spikes sometimes so you can get more hours of run time. One of my chargers that I've had for eons also discharges a battery (s) before recharging it. I have a underwater camera that eats LI-ion batts. Just last month I bought four new Li-ion batts and the charger for Li-ion Batts. You can't use a NiCad charger on Li-ion batts.
  2. R2016 I'm not a battery expert but what is the volts after the green light goes on. I have old and new batts and at full charge the volts are 8.3 or 8.4. Any battery should be charged after an all night charge, 8 -10 hrs. Just guessing I'm thinking your charger is doing it's job but you have a weak battery. It could have been dropped which can wreck a batt.
  3. HJ I first tried a 9mm with rat shot and it worked good but a lot of noise, so I switched to a over/under 22. mag derringer, with rat shot, worked great. I only shot the Mojave's, mean little dudes since their poison gets both your nervous system and respiratory system. Probably would just tiss off a two legged snake!
  4. The gully I'm trying to work now is at the edge of my patch. When I first found gold there the water was still where I was standing on the pics in sharing finds. About the second day I saw the last four feet of one of these snakes slide into the water. That's the big worry about working where the water has gone down. A snake this size could come charging out of the water faster than you can run even if you were looking at it. I carry a flip out knife in my right shirt pocket in case I ever need it.
  5. I've had three snake strikes. First one hit my all leather boots at least 6 times before I could move away from him. Other two times the hits were on my leg guards! Two things I always do when prospecting, put on the legs guards and a GPS fix on the truck before I leave that spot. BOTH HAVE PAID OFF!
  7. Kat it's obvious somebody made a typo, from the looks of your picture it should be HAPPY BIRTHDAY 34 instead of 44!
  8. Hope you have a Happy three more for the SS payouts!
  9. Thanks young'in

    1. Oregal1976


      Thank you for helping me wake up with a smile! Wait... that probably sounded wrong... lol

  10. Songs for three combat tours
  11. A woman that likes guns and grease! One of a kind!
  12. The American With 6 Gold Medals You'll Never Hear About
  13. This beautiful talented young lady is the daughter of one of our moderators. Her name is Natalie McGiffert, her father is our own moderator David McGiffert. Natalie will be performing in gymnastics on 20th Aug. 2016 in Rio de Janeiro at 10:00 AM Brazil time. Now that is two hours ahead of EDT.
  14. Good morning Dave. I'm about 1200 KM North of you. I've been

    going over a olympic schedule every day to try and find a McGiffert listed and so far haven't been successful. This is day 12 Aug. so now I'm getting worried that I missed the "kid" performing. 

    1. FlakMagnet


      Hey Don, I sent you an email with everything you need.

      Best wishes…!!


  15. Fantastic folks in that story Skip, thanks for the post.