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  1. Dang homey, I sure know how it feels to be chasing car parts. First my old body was having issues, fixed I hope, then the Toy gear box got cranky, $650.00 cured that. The next week the front diff. started having the shakes, two new universal joints on the front drive shaft cured that problem, for $350.00 Sure need to find that vein (gold)!
  2. Gotta Love Millenials!
  3. Brass band multitasker
  4. A talented group of anestheologists who recorded a bunch of hilarious songs about their profession and sang them at their medical conventions. Here’s their first hit:
  5. I have several old NiCad batteries that now and then I have to do a "deep cycle" on them. I just put them in the machine, turn it on and listen to it for 4-8 hrs. On a detector once I get the low battery signal I just recharge the batt. at times I have to do this about four times. When a batt. develops a memory it has spikes in it and by doing a "deep cycle" discharge that burns off the spikes sometimes so you can get more hours of run time. One of my chargers that I've had for eons also discharges a battery (s) before recharging it. I have a underwater camera that eats LI-ion batts. Just last month I bought four new Li-ion batts and the charger for Li-ion Batts. You can't use a NiCad charger on Li-ion batts.
  6. R2016 I'm not a battery expert but what is the volts after the green light goes on. I have old and new batts and at full charge the volts are 8.3 or 8.4. Any battery should be charged after an all night charge, 8 -10 hrs. Just guessing I'm thinking your charger is doing it's job but you have a weak battery. It could have been dropped which can wreck a batt.
  7. HJ I first tried a 9mm with rat shot and it worked good but a lot of noise, so I switched to a over/under 22. mag derringer, with rat shot, worked great. I only shot the Mojave's, mean little dudes since their poison gets both your nervous system and respiratory system. Probably would just tiss off a two legged snake!
  8. The gully I'm trying to work now is at the edge of my patch. When I first found gold there the water was still where I was standing on the pics in sharing finds. About the second day I saw the last four feet of one of these snakes slide into the water. That's the big worry about working where the water has gone down. A snake this size could come charging out of the water faster than you can run even if you were looking at it. I carry a flip out knife in my right shirt pocket in case I ever need it.
  9. I've had three snake strikes. First one hit my all leather boots at least 6 times before I could move away from him. Other two times the hits were on my leg guards! Two things I always do when prospecting, put on the legs guards and a GPS fix on the truck before I leave that spot. BOTH HAVE PAID OFF!
  11. Kat it's obvious somebody made a typo, from the looks of your picture it should be HAPPY BIRTHDAY 34 instead of 44!
  12. Hope you have a Happy three more for the SS payouts!
  13. Thanks young'in

    1. Oregal1976


      Thank you for helping me wake up with a smile! Wait... that probably sounded wrong... lol

  14. Songs for three combat tours
  15. A woman that likes guns and grease! One of a kind!