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  1. I would agree with you Dave ... and especially if you buy a sleeve of Duracell C-cells at Costco. I have used the Duracell Alkaline and the Eveready Energizer Alkaline batteries on occasion ... If I am dry camping for more than 2-3 days I charge up both good sets of 6000 ma batteries and take along a sleeve of alkalines.
  2. Cowkiller ... Are those the rechargables that came with the SDC? If so they are not the best. Go to Batteries Plus (or Amazon) and get a good set of 6000 ma C-cells ... mine last for almost 8 hours. My stock OEM batteries give me just over 4 hours some of the time and less most of the time.
  3. YUP! ... And I never get cut out in the gold field but I carry a First Aid Kit in my RZR just in case!
  4. Nice Gold! Good work.
  5. Hey someone said you hit the big 40 today .... Happy Birthday!!!!!
  6. Unless you can figure out the electronics or know someone who can you may have a pig in a poke so to speak. I don't know anyone who works on those units anymore. Hope you didn't spend much on this unit ... perhaps it is best to try to return it. Sorry to be negative on this ... not usually my nature ... but in the future either by from a dealer like Bill Southern who owns this board (Nugget Shooters) or if from an individual be able to try it before buying. Buying from a thrift shop or pawn shop is dangerous for something like this ... there is a reason it is there ... probably couldn't sell it anywhere else cuz it didn't work! Again apologize for the negativity but a fact is a fact. Mike F
  7. Day late and dollar short ... BUT hope you had a Happy Birthday Shay! Mike F
  8. Hey Doc ... You finally caught up ... Happy Birthday my fellow 49'r! Another successful trip around the sun and may you have many more! Mike F
  9. Hey Dan ... Nice work with the EVO! You have probably found out already if you play with your settings but when you have damp or wet soil try reducing your RX Gain(Sensitivity) after you complete making all your other setting choices and then as a final adjustment adjust the stabilizer setting. Remember lowering the stabilizer setting will NOT affect the ability of the detector but will help to smooth out the threshold ... That is what it is there for ... I recommend that be the last thing to adjust before doing a final ground balance and going hunting, Try it I think you will find it will tame that EVO in the wet soil ... and you won't miss anything because now you will be able to hear it all! Mike F
  10. Great job and tremendous perseverance on your part. It really speaks to hard work getting it done. This is no easily-peasey hobby! Hard work does pay most times. Mike F
  11. Dave ... Initially i clean with a solution of bleach and warm water. That kills all the bacteria ... some of which contribute to the foul taste. The next bath is Peroxide and warm water. Be sure that it gets into the tube and mouth piece. Finally a mixture of baking soda and warm water premixed in a 2 quart pitcher. I use about a half of a standard size box of Arma nd Hammer Backing Soda to the 2 quarts of warm water ... once all is dissolved pour into the bladder and again be sure solution gets into the tube and mouth piece. I let this sit overnight if possible. That is my extreme wash and sanitize program. Minor washing between freshwater fills is the peroxide and water solution left over night and well rinsed before I put as many ice cubes as possible and finish the fill with fresh water ... and off I go with a days worth of cool fresh water. This routine may be over kill but I don't have the rubber taste you refer to. on ocassion I will add a little flavor to the water by way of "Real Lemon" powder.
  12. Just saying ... But in this hobby ... there are NO dumb questions. If you don't have and answer yourself by all means ask, ask, ask!
  13. Just for the record folks I have resolved my money problem without having to sell my go to detector! So officially it is off the market. However, if someone were to want one and want it before the end of April and comes up with the cash we can still make the deal. Thanks for all the PM's and good wishes. Mike F
  14. Hey Bob ... Thanks for all those rocky websites! it has helped me figure out a couple of curious rocks I have found in the past. You writing a book yet? ... If not you should! Mike F
  15. Move this to the classifieds ... You'll get more views. Mike F