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  1. Dave Nice finds! Congrats
  2. The Gold Basin 20TH Anniversary Event is days away. I hope all who plan to attend have made preparations for the weather. The 10 day forecast is clear skies in the 60's during the day and in the low 40's at night. Remember to bring all you'll need to survive a dry camp weekend. For those thinking of taking home some memorabilia of the event bring a few coins with you. For first timers to Gold Basin There will be white board signs to point the way (if the locals don't remove them). I look forward to meeting you all Friday night at the Base Camp get together if not Saturday. Clear skies and good hunting, Dolan Dave and Richard
  3. f Fred Sorry to hear you won't be out with the meteorite hunters this coming weekend. I personally think you didn't want to share your chili with us. Good hunting, kgmrg aka Richard
  4. Event Update: The 20TH anniversary event is fast approaching. For those attending you will need to bring all the items to survive a weekend camping trip, food,water, toiletries etc… There will be no porta-potties or other amenities provided. Dry camping is available within the BLM land. We look forward to meeting you all. Here is a link for directions from Kingman to Gold Basin Rd, alternate route would be Stockton Hills Road from Kingman to Peirce Ferry Road.
  5. Fred From the 2 non organizers Dave and I. If you show up, we'll at least offer you a beer at our camp fire.
  6. Mitchel Make sure you're out there Friday of the event. I'll put 2 aside for you. You may want to add the Lapel pins too. They came out great! Richard
  7. Dave As always you're the best to hunt with. No mention was made of your friend. See if you can spot him now. The little guy headed for the bush as soon as Roy the snake charmer showed up.
  8. A limited number of 20th Anniversary commemorative caps and lapel pins will be available at the event.
  9. To All Does anyone out there know of a meteorite hunter/collector that goes by the of Robert James Rose from Vista CA.? I would appreciate any information you could provide. Richard aka kgmrg
  10. Frank Congrats on your finds! Richard aka kgmrg
  11. Congrats to all. I'm looking forward to seeing Ben's finds Richard aka kgmrg
  12. Troy Glad to hear you're still hunting for that elusive cold find. Good luck and don't forget us. Richard
  13. Fred I would like that. Perhaps in November. Clear skies and good hunting, Richard
  14. Bryan A group of people are going up that weekend. Robby Hoover his dad, and Mike Mulgrew etc... Richard aka kgmrg
  15. Dear FRED I own a Gold-Bug 2 and a White's GMT. I have enjoyed using both of them while I was hunting with some of the best in the field. I truly appreciate Bill Southern's forum though I have never had the pleasure of meeting him. I can trace my first find, at Franconia, to the help and friendship of Stan Santiago who I met on the Nugget Shooter forum in 2007. If we compare posts on this forum, your experience is obvious and vastly exceeds mine. I do, however, have some concerns about your statement that "sight hunting is easier" and I have been told by many " You're not worth your salt if you can't hunt by sight" Happy Fourth of July FRED Richard aka kgmrg