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  1. This Lobo ST wears the 10" E coil. With fresh batteries it will discern hotrocks and basalt/magnetite yet only on the subtle side. Likely as not my ear will tune in after an hour or so. The "magnet bearer" will be close at hand to pluck and peruse any signal discrepancy's.
  2. I'd like to bring along a 16 year old young man in dire need of squatting, checkin', and carrying all rocks and minerals. He's wirey, doesn't talk much, brushes his teeth and is polite. A point will be made to buy him the heaviest, largest magnet on a stick he can carry. Granted his radio will be tuned to channel 11 in case I need a digger. As a matter of fact he'll squat, dig and carry for any and all. His mother's orders! I hope there will be a meteorite master there to teach me to tune my Lobo to measure meteor music. Ok, enough alliteration out of me. We plan on makin' the trip.