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  1. Best wishes, Unc!!! fred
  2. better check her head for budding horns...
  3. my old ford fairlane had the entire driver's seat covered in grey duct tape...lasted longer than the car. fred
  4. happy birthday, Frankie!!! freddy
  5. Jack, I drive past the Bodie turn-off often in my trips north. I have often wondered about placer in the hills along that area...not to mention coin detecting the old camps -not Bodie of course-that is a state park. When I get past kramer junction on 395 I am instantly happy... fred
  6. so, how did it go on your trip? fred
  7. I believe that the intense field generated with the 5x10 e-dd commander coil in psudo-mono,is extremely sensitive....however, the sadie mono coil is no doubt nearly as sensitive...using settings on the 5000 that induce the best small target sensitivity should get you down there...if small is what you are interested in. You might be surprised at the gold available with the 11 or 15 inch dd in P-M.... To bring this back toward Mitchel's thread the wonder of the 7000 and 14 inch coil is that you can find nearly any size and configuration nugget with each swing...albeit, some settings will always be better than others for any given situation; that is why I love my GPZ bestest! fred
  8. Andyy; I think you could get close or equal to that size with the you have the small e-dd commander coil? If you do, try psudo-mono with that coil; you might be surprised! fred
  9. Mitchel, two good repartee s in a week, that is almost better than your nugget record... Andyy...I wish my nuggets would grow...all of mine start shrinking as soon as the hit daylight... fred
  10. Hey, is so hard to get it out of you...that was funny! fred
  11. they aren't lazy, the theory is that the rattlers that rattled too quickly have been killed. That leaves the more quiet ones to sit and hide or quietly slip away. If you snake killers will just kill the quiet ones you can bring nature back in balance... this is a joke for those lacking a sense-of-humor...or is sarcastic like the soon to lose candidate. fred
  12. Mitchel, the older you get the harder it is to get things up........................... fred
  13. if they are light for their size it is likely gobs of aluminum...if it is heavy and soft it is likely lead. fred
  14. Like all Olympic contenders...she has a great family behind her....i wish her the best and kudos to Flak and family for standing with her for many years in the past.... fred
  15. Mitchel; I don't get completely reset the machine...check. Then you put in your settings... then you did another re-set of the machine...was this a complete reset or a keep the settings reset? then, as part of the tuning you gb-ed with the ferrite ring? thanks fred