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  1. There have been many links to such sites...many efforts to get new posters to educate and help themselves...and many efforts to get this Jimale to do something besides post poor photos and endless drivel...I think he has found a new hobby...spamming the forum! stop making excuses for this nonsense fred
  2. Unc; I skimmed through a few pages in the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Meteorites-I do not see any clear discussion of length of strewn-field and height-of-breakup or angle of entry. I suspect the strewn field is more determined by type of meteoroid and the size...of course altitude of breakup matters too. I think your strewn field is likely wider than you have determined...are these chrondrites or irons...or maybe the rare and beautiful pallasite??? fred
  3. Mike, I found a small area with several pieces, I had reworked this area with other detectors with no luck. I simply knew there had to be a little one left. This trip I very carefully worked the area and got the faintest signal. After sorting through the iron stone I finally retrieved this little piece...I am happy to have it. Anyway, there are more out there but I am not certain of the length or width or direction of the fall...good luck! Bob Verish wrote an article about the SBW and mentioned me. He wanted to know where I found the pieces I had, so, he came out, camped and I gave him a short tour. On his way out he lucked into a scatter area and picked up a bunch. He later confirmed they paired with SBW. I did not mind sharing my information with him. However, he was just using me to get information and location. I asked for the coordinates to his find but he never would cough them up... he won't ever get anything else from me... fred
  4. Nice gold Mike! Some one told me that an 11 inch commander coil could be adapted to the sdc...I don't have one but the source was solid-unfortunately, I don't remember who it was.... fred
  5. Mike is abrupt, honest and knowledgeable....he has consistently refused to be called or call himself an expert... I know he can defend his own self, but, Sir, you are wrong. He stated his very strong opinions. Usually he explains why the subject is a WRONG. Defending Jamales level of bull-headed ignorance does not help anyone.
  6. Cleaned the meteorite up and posted better pic's...
  7. I forgot how long it takes to get to the campsite in the Dale. The wind was howling much of the time. Anyway, I found a five gram bit of the San Bernadino Wash meteorite...I had sold all the first pieces I found , so this is just big enough for me to cherish... I also found a 1.2 grain an area that had not yielded any is all good. We had a good time for a very short trip... fred
  8. Congratulations to your daughter and to you. I am sure you both earned the prize! fred
  9. looks like slag to me...
  10. well, how far have to gone? keep us posted, please. fred
  11. You can buy any MInelab PI mono or dd coil made for the 2000, 2200 and so on...probably for 50 bucks if you ask.... fred
  12. yeah, but what happened to the lost Gold of the Superstitions??? lots of talk, lots of pseudo-drama... never any results... fred
  13. Bill seems to have several birthday dates...and happy birthday every time!!! Paleface was a fine man and now a Great Spirit! I miss him. fred
  14. I don't think the international translator is working.... nor do I think he is interested in facts... just a waste of honest efforts to help posters like this... fred
  15. follow the process in the first pinned the results if the result seems positive for a through back pages and teach yourself... fred