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  1. Rick, how about some pics of the Goldmaster2??? have you used it and both coils? fred
  2. I don't think this thread has any productive use anymore...except for THE DONALD, all this "discussion" is old news... fred
  3. Thanks, Mike; appears you guys had fun...cold weather is much better than hot for hunting, in my opinion. fred
  4. fishing, you appear to have a small, unclassified ordinary asked for value and information and got that information... I think a much more appropriate response is.... THANK YOU! fred
  5. Civil discourse and respect for all opinions is what makes these forums long as the statements are respectful non insulting. patting members on the back fred
  6. well, depends...if possession is worth more than the money one should keep the object. The trouble with TV shows is it makes every found object sound like it is worth tons of money. In reality, most finds are common whether they be meteorites, coins or relics and even gold...don't do it if you think the hobby will make you rich. For me it is the searching and the finding that I value most. I have sold some meteorites and given many more away...generally the memory is all I need to keep. fred
  7. Mike gave you a guesstimate, maybe a couple bucks a gram.... fred
  8. I think the information that this opportunity exists belongs well as in the classified...looks like a potentially fun chance for a hardworking crew. Not for me...for some other person ; thanks. fred
  9. Thanks Bob; I know digital is the modern way...but I like REAL, something I can hold in my hands... fred
  10. Thank you everyone...prayers and positive thoughts are always welcome! fred
  11. hey Patrick and others; I don't have Sue's phone number nor did I save her email...'cause I ain't very smart... sorry
  12. interesting article, thanks for posting it. fred
  13. I just received an email form Roger Dyer's wife Sue. Roger has had chronic medical problems and is in the Hospital. All good thoughts will be appreciated by him and family. I don't have any details, just a prayer request. fred
  14. NEW BOOK???? pray tell what are your other books, Bob? And please get busy , finish the book and put me on your buyer's list...pretty please! fred
  15. NICE!!! my buddy Jeff has a bunch of coils and stuff...if you want his number send me a pm. fred