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  1. nice pic's...some days you find some and some days you don't... fred
  2. If you have any color vision deficiencies it will be nearly impossible to spot by color....I think the one next to the scale is the meteorite...mostly because the other one looks like ironstone...I would not bet on my answer without seeing and touching them... fred
  3. I love my GPZ best of any of the detectors I have owned. My love is not perfect. The machine is heavy, even with Chris' hipstick and doc's bungy...and it was very expensive even with a discount. I love having only one coil that will detect tiny gold, deep gol, big gold...BUT, I am still waiting for a really big piece-it will come! I really liked my 5000. I and it were becoming one...until the GPZ came into being...if I had to go back I would get another but stay out of the every coil for every size race...I like simple. my small answer to a big question fred
  4. nice piece, Mike...i hope you had plenty of gas...for your nap! fred
  5. well, thank you for that answer... since you are convinced this occurrence is possible why don't you go for it...adventure and possible fame awaits... You would not be the first to prove the impossible is possible. now I have much more interesting things to consider...bye fred
  6. Jayray; Except for the coin-machine I would say that is a pretty good list of possibles...however, detecting for gold or meteorites is not for every one... you can find a good used nugget hunter for 4-6 hundred and re-sell it if you don't like that aspect of detecting...if you buy a inelab Pi getting repaid is much more difficult. fred
  7. Martin maybe anti radar flack....maybe you can't hear me...MAYBE ANTI RADAR FLACK>..what ever that is... sorry Martin, it can't all be easy for you...hahahaha
  8. Yes, but what about my question...what is the little vial doing in the Pic...??????????????????????
  9. there are many posts in the archives to answer that question...the short answer is any good nugget-hunting detector, of which there are many. fred
  10. Big talk is cheap... anyway, I don't need or want to deal with that much adventure...I will stick to the USA and Australia...have fun fred
  11. perhaps that is a vial of acid forming the third point of a empty vial...haha Mike, nice answer... fred
  12. hey, pack your bags and head to Africa or Mexico...take lots of cash and expensive equipment...when you get done you will have had plenty of adventure...if you are lucky you will return to tell us about it... fred
  13. snakes don't hear like humans, they feel it won't do any good to walk around yelling "hey, snake, hey snake" like it does for bears...haha Watching where you walk is only part of the equation- watch where your hands are going, watch the high shelves and and ledges...never step over a log or rock without looking first. Most rattlesnakes and especially small ones will try to stay quiet and hidden....they are very hard to see when they are brand new...vigilance is the best protection! fred
  14. Chrisski, it ain't a meteorite...probably a large piece of conglomerate...beware, beware! fred