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  1. Gold screamer sold Coils still available...........SOLD
  2. Rats!! No gold crowns to cash in. After all, gold is gold.
  3. Gold screamer sold Coils still available...........
  4. Gold screamer pending sale. Coils still available.
  5. they are listed in the new ad. I do not have a stock battery, Gold screamer is so much lighter. Thanks
  6. I have a barely used Doc's Gold Screamer complete with five batteries, one of which is new. $250.00. Two platypus coils, one DD and the other Mono. $125.00 each. One 12 X 18 Coiltech Gold Stalker Mono $200. Jerry PM me if you are interested.
  7. Gp 5000 sold------------All accessories still available......
  8. GeoJack you need a permit to metal detect at Don Pedro and can be obtained by going to their website... Not sure about New Melones......either way the fishing is good. I had to dig a hole to throw money into in order to buy my boat ---a Boulton 20 ft with off shore bracket....the boat itself it cheap to keep with two four stroke motors on it.
  9. You may be right
  10. You do not want to clean it . Leave it just like it is...it would devalue it to remove it.
  11. A mammoth tooth has the lines running across it as in the picture. It looks similar to teeth that I have seen. It is quite flat as most are 4-7 inches tall and 3 inches wide and about 6 inches long. It looks like either a back tooth or the top of a molar.
  12. Skip Your are a wise and Godly man to take care of your family. You have met your daughters needs and then some by putting her through college and now helping her set up her future. What more could a daughter hope for? You are a proud dad and I am sure your daughter would want no one else for a Dad. Bless you.....
  13. bump
  14. Bump
  15. If he had turned them in he would have gotten fair value if they were wanted as historical items or if not wanted they would have been returned to do as he pleased with them. As a retired peace officer I believe he got what he deserved. A thief is a thief no matter what the vocation. Laws there are strict but ethical.