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  1. If he had turned them in he would have gotten fair value if they were wanted as historical items or if not wanted they would have been returned to do as he pleased with them. As a retired peace officer I believe he got what he deserved. A thief is a thief no matter what the vocation. Laws there are strict but ethical.
  2. Could be Howlite steeped in Tidybowl.
  3. Really nice specimens... The amethyist cathedral is from Brazil.
  4. Cool oxen shoe with the other finds.
  5. Middlefork ---down here in Merced the creeks are full and running over in some places. My field looks like a lake it is so saturated. The wind is almost worse than the rain.
  6. Glad to see you are walking on dirt and not kicking it out of your face. Good to see you back.
  7. Beats being in Oakhurst.....at least you are out and having fun.......I think.
  8. A very nice specimen,
  9. In answer to how can I sell them, your first inquiry did not indicate you wanted to sell them. The pictures do not show how large the specimens are in size. If you want to sell them then you must establish how large they are with good photos from all directions with a ruler to show size and then establish what you want for them. You might look at ebay or other sites to establish what they might be worth. You could contact your local rock and gem club to get them appraised. Where are you located and did you attempt to contact someone near you for an appraisal. Your last picture is good but it does not show size which is important in value. Think about these things and then you might be able to sell them.
  10. May his detector malfunction, his armpits infested with fleas of a thousand camels and his arms to short to put new batteries in his detector....Even better maybe someone will turn him in.......
  11. Hey Bill hop on your scooter and head out of town and enjoy the day. Jerry
  12. Yesterday I talked to 14 elementary school age junior rockhounds and their parents that are members of our Motherlode Gem and Mineral Society in Modesto, Ca. They were very interested and willing students. I seeded a large area with a couple of rolls of pennies and about 25 dollars in clad. It was a finders keepers event. I brought seven coin detectors and members added enough for each youngster to be able to use one. The best find for the day was a bicentennial half dollar that was not planted. I do not know who had more fun--the parents or the kids or me.
  13. Last week I talked to 80 first graders and 28 fifth and sixth graders. The first graders were really cool and informed. I asked a couple of students hold a couple of coprolite fossils and then talked on rocks, minerals, agates, jasper, fossils. There were a lot of oohs and aahs on my t-trex trace footprint fossil. It is approximately 18 X 22 inches. After speaking I asked for my coprolite back and told them they were holding fossilized poop. I gave the two students each a piece. The boy was elated, but the girl said she would just give hers to her teacher. Overall it was a really good time with well informed students.
  14. Next weekend March 12th and 13th we are holding our 50th Gem and Mineral Show at the Stanislaus County Fair Grounds in Turlock, Ca. This is one of the largest and best shows on the West Coast. Bob Jones of Rock and Gem magazine, Neil Larson who found the T-Rex dinosaur named Sue should be there. Richard Wade and his T-Rex will be speaking on the story of Astronomy. He is an excellent speaker and has and interactive and fun demonstration. Linda Clark will speak as Hard Luck Lin, one of the first woman miners in the California gold fields. She wrote the book "Hard Luck Lin". We will have a huge walk thru fluorescent tent with many colorful minerals. There will be a large rock sale from an estate donated to the club at inexpensive prices. There will be many exhibits to include gold as it is our Golden Anniversary. Dr. Schaffert will be there with The Tethys Ocean Project Exhibit with fossils and a complete Megalodon shark jaw fossil along with other fossils. It was one of the largest known sharks to ever have haunted the oceans. There will be demonstrations on silver smithing, faceting, dichroic glass, cabbing, lampwork beading, sphere making, rock identification, soapstone carving and much more....with many things for the kids Check out our website at WWW.TURLOCKGEMSHOW.COM Plan to come. Jerry-----Mother Lode Gem and Mineral Society of California
  15. Today is my Geezer Birthday........,seventy......thanks