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  1. Looking foward to seeing you 2 later this year be safe good luck with the Sawbones.
  2. The Dems will call that "SISSYFUSS" !!!!
  3. I see yer dinks are getting LARGER !!! Congrats on the take !
  4. Fishing supplies could be from some sort of snare type traps years ago.
  5. Only if Patrick brings his broom an mop !!!
  6. Is there an approximate head count going to this outing ???
  7. 4th pic down looks like a boxin glove !
  8. Rick you will probably be better off going to Whites website and getting it all from the horses mouth. You may have to submit an email with your question.
  9. Good Stuff, hope all is well with you.
  10. Next time your going to the area get ahold of me , if possible I would meet up. Oatman is a great place to see and the drive down past Goldroad mine is very scenic.
  11. Happy Birthday and many more to you.
  12. Very nice Mitch and Lu, what are you shooting with these days the 5000 still ?
  13. AYE, Cheaper than a "colonoscopy" !!!!!!!
  14. We're in, just got a permit last night.
  15. Stay Safe !