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  1. Man you a drywashin tornado !! Congrats.
  2. Best of Luck on the work being done Ron, hope to see you at Bills Outing.
  3. Wow, u can tell my biological clock is out of wack !! I'm just seeing this 21st of the month !! AND yer all right I'm older than "dirt" now ! Thank You all.
  4. Very Nice AND it looks like "eggs" were the main around camp !
  5. AYE, was that the one with the "sheetrock" dashboard ?
  6. I have a brand new O.E.M factory drive belt for Polaris vehicles Part # is 3211133 will fit numerous years and models Will sell for $75.00 it was purchased as a spare and never used. Call Frank C. 928 303 8474 ALSO : A Trailerable heavy duty cover as new condition for various Polaris Ranger years models. This is a sweet cover excellent cond. $150.00
  7. THANK YOU Ahorton10
  8. Looks like good fishin bait to me.
  9. Well went to the site it looks like 20 bucks for 2 me an my gal which includes atv usage. PROBLEM IS they say on the site no permit will be issued or mailed to you. you must print it out, well thats horseshit I don't have a printer anymore. Did I miss something here ???? Is there some other way ???? I do not like modern times .
  10. Then I'd have to handle that nasty 5 cent piece again !
  11. O.K. without getn nasty an callin me a dufus, somebody just a quick explantion of this "permit" bull for campin. So I know what we have to do to come an stay for 2 or 3 days ??? Thanks.
  12. Don't fergit to take off yer "Elephant" sign.
  13. Fan Tas Tic FIND !!!! Hook up a lil multimeter to it an start touchin all sides/gold U B sayin OOOOOOUUU LA LA after that ! Beautiful piece Congrats an GO BACK an see ifn thars eeny famly left round those parts.
  14. Thanks for the pics an write up looks like a great adventure!
  15. A solid gold finding rig for sure!