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  1. When you 2 get together , its time for the scales ! Congrats.
  2. Nice beepin, I like to use the Nuggetbusters when I don't have Black Widows around. Good stuff.
  3. Homefire, Sonny and I just brought 2 new members into the world of detecting gold ,meteorites ,etc. ! Next thing ya know, they'll find their 1st nuggets an they'll be wanting P.I. 's !!!!
  4. Uncle Marvin says no !
  5. Oh No no fair, ya can't keep a "specked" "sunbaker" when yer holdin a detector in yer hands. Have to put it back ! Congrats !
  6. Sonny , just spoke to you, hold these till 10 am please I'm waitin for reply from the boys . thanks '
  7. Good Stuff, keep on beepin !
  8. Nice beepin
  9. Happy BElated Birthday from Frank an Teri !
  10. Nice Beepin !!
  11. Another Birthday Wish to Bill Enjoy !
  12. I noticed Paleface an Bill share the same Birthday !! I already wished Bill a Great one, and seeing Jim Smaller's avatar on the birthday list kinda "shook me up abit " Jim really gave me a boost in learning the ropes prospecting an meteorite hunting. I shared some of his last days with him. Spending time with others, sharing some knowledge to help get them started is a trait I liked about Jim and I try to keep it going where I can. These were just a few words meant to resurrect a good ol boy, R.I.P. Paleface.
  13. Rick P.M'D you.
  14. Try some "rhino liner" ! Like for the truck beds.
  15. Clean the inside and tube with a mixture of lemon and water strong on the lemon juice.