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  1. Maybe Rhyolite mixture.
  2. Have a great Bday AJ.
  3. Wheel NICE !! thanks for the nugget fix. AAaaaH. I'm better now fer awhile.
  4. Dolan Dave is correct, "Meteorites" ,.. Apparently a couple pieces have been recovered so far.
  5. Hapy Birthday Blake, its NUGGET TIME !!!!
  6. Its been some time since a worthwhile "find" turned up under my coil. However a slight reversal of fortune provided a nice chunky perfect half grammer yesterday ! No meteorites which seemed strange as they are the "usual". Not swingin as much as I'd like but at least it's productive. Boots on the ground is the only way to nail those biguns.
  7. Wishin you a belated Happy Birthday Bill, haven't been keepn up with things missed this.
  8. yup great guy he was untimely death. I believe it was this last year as I spoke to his wife then.
  9. Wasn't too far back I pulled a 590 grammer out of Gold Basin. There still out there, like Jay said gotta put the time in /and/or GET LUCKY !!! Think outside the box to find the prizes !!!
  10. Great pic.
  11. Expose some of the interior an take it to a quality jewerler he'll tell you if silver etc. It has the shape of a "sharks tooth".
  12. Its a Birthday remembrance for Kelly R.I.P.
  13. Sure is I saw a 20 plus oz piece from there.
  14. Hapy Birthday
  15. Very Good Mitch, but I'm going to start charging you ROYALTIES on Uncle Marvin !!!!!!