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  1. Great way to start off 2016 Bill!!!!
  2. Great spot and great day out with the family!!!
  3. That cool. Thanks for sharing Tom!
  4. Says the guy posting on a forum :-) (FYI I totally understand) Thanks for the likes guys!
  5. Polaris requested that we make "racer" pages so we could post our Polaris racing and recreation activities separate from our personal pages. I don't know if they care how many people "like" our pages. But it couldn't hurt. So please give my page a "LIKE" Please share if you know anyone who would also like to follow along. https://www.facebook.com/BlakeRZRracer1919?ref=hl Thank You!
  6. That's a cool find, thanks for sharing
  7. Sorry Adam its blue.
  8. I found a gold panning pan on Hwy 74 (near Morristown, AZ) Mile marker 16.5. Its pretty beat up, But I would sure hate it if someone lost their "Lucky Pan" Hit me up and get it back.
  9. Thanks all for the birthday wishes! It was a good one.
  10. Sorry for your loss Dave. There is nothing I can say that will make it better, but I know your pain. :-(
  11. Way to go Tom!!!!
  12. Hope you had a good Birthday BD!
  13. Bill knows how to keep the fire burning! Always look forward to his reads.